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How to Save Apple Mail as PDF on Mac ? – Apple Mail Save Email as PDF

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 08-10-2021 ~ Apple Mail , Mac MBOX ~ 4 Minutes Reading
Hi! I am a Mac user. I have been using Apple Mail for a long time. There are some Apple Mail emails stored in my local storage. I want to save Apple Mail as PDF on Mac for some legal purposes. Is there any solution for this? Please suggest me some automated utility for Apple Mail save email as PDF.

A few days ago, our support team received a query for how to save Apple Mail as PDF on a Mac machine. So, we have provided a complete solution for Apple Mail save as PDF in MacBook with attachments. Read the whole write-up and find the best solution.

There are many different solutions available to save Apple Mail emails to PDF document in Mac machine. Out of all the possible solutions, here we have mentioned the most appropriate way to save Apple Mail files to PDF format in Apple computers. MBOX to PDF for Mac tool is an easy to use software. Moreover, it allows to save multiple Apple Mail emails to required PDF format together. Also, it has a number of advanced features that make the process quick and simple. So, let us first know the steps for Apple Mail save as PDF.

Apple Mail Save Email as PDF on Mac – Complete Steps

Follow the steps given below to save Apple Mail as PDF in Macintosh:

1. Firstly, download, install and run the tool on any Mac OS machine.


2. Secondly, from Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) options, add Apple Mail emails.


3. After that, choose from the added files to save as PDF. Click on Next.


4. After that, select the saving option as PDF to save Apple Mail as PDF.


5. Now, choose the Destination Path and File Naming Option.


6. Lastly, click on Export for Apple Mail save emails as PDF.

mbox as pdf

So, within some time, all your selected Apple Mail files will get saved in PDF document format along with attachments.

Note: Also read how to convert MBOX emails to PDF on Mac.

Solution to Save Apple Mail as PDF on MacBook

Apple Mail to PDF saving tool is an appropriate way to save multiple Apple Mail emails to the required PDF Adobe format on any Mac OS system. Also, it offers many advantages that make the process simple and time-saving. The solution for Apple Mail save emails as PDF does not require the installation of any external software or utility.

Also, there is a DEMO version available for this Apple Mail save as PDF software for Mac. But, the limitation of this demo version is that it allows to convert only 25 files per folder. So, for limitless conversions, you can buy the licensed version of the utility.

Apple Mail Save as PDF Tool – Features & Benefits

1. The utility to save Apple Mail emails as PDF is a multi-featured solution. It allows to save multiple files together in just a single click.

2. With this solution, all the Apple emails are saved along with attachments. So, while saving Apple Mail to PDF documents, all the attachments will also be saved along with emails.

3. The utility can to save Apple Mail as PDF on Mac be installed on all different Mac machines. It is supported by all Mac OS versions.

4. If you have added unwanted files/folders and want to remove them, you can click the file and click the Remove button. If you want to remove all added files, click the Remove All button.

5. Also, the Apple Mail Save to PDF utility maintains the entire folder structure and original formatting when saving mailbox files to PDF on a Macintosh computer.

6. If you have problems saving Apple Mail to PDF, you can always contact the support team. Moreover, online customer support is available at all times to answer your questions.

Closing Words

In the above write-up, we have explained a complete solution to save Apple Mail as PDF along with attachments on the Mac machine. This tool allows us to quickly save all files in the required PDF format while maintaining the original formatting of Apple Mail emails. Also, you can try the trial version of the tool for better understanding.