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How to Remove Macro from PowerPoint with Certified Software?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Has a macro virus attacked you via Microsoft PowerPoint, causing damage to your program or vital files? Continue reading to discover more about macro viruses, how they function, and how to remove macro from PowerPoint using the most amazing software.

System infections that are spread through the use of Microsoft Office macro instructions are referred to collectively under the term Macro Malware. This name is also known as Microsoft Office Macro Virus or simply Macro Virus.

Cybercriminals send out hundreds of fake emails including statements enticing users to open attached files. Criminals frequently pretend as workers of well-known businesses, banks, or government institutions and offer attachments as bills, invoices, or other vital papers.

Are the files in your PowerPoint presentation infected with the Macro virus? You’ve been looking for a trustworthy way to get rid of Macro in PowerPoint, but you haven’t discovered it yet, have you? No worries. In the following paragraphs, we will describe the approach that has shown to be the most successful in completing this assignment.

How to Remove Macro from PowerPoint?

In order to delete the macro virus from PowerPoint, there are both manual and professional removal options available. Because the manual solution is free, there is no question that it has a great many restrictions, such as

  • This manual way is not good for your data if you have a lot of PowerPoint files with Macro code.
  • Perhaps you lost data during the deletion procedure.
  • It is time-consuming to erase Macro PowerPoint.
  • To remove macros from PowerPoint files, you require technical knowledge.

The aforementioned issues are some of the most typical disadvantages of the manual technique. You are able to pursue the manual way if you find that it meets your requirements. If you have thousands of PowerPoint files that are contaminate, it is strongly recommend that you invest in expert software.

Expert Software to Remove Macro Virus from PowerPoint Files

When it comes to removing macros from PowerPoint, VBA Macro Remover Wizard is the best option available. It is common knowledge that a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) project may save several macros. Because this macro remover is able to remove all macros from a VBA project, you will be able to effortlessly delete macros from all inserted projects at once. In addition to this, it provides you the ability to delete particular VBA projects by letting you check or uncheck them. This toolkit is an effective method for removing macros from Word documents, remove macro from Excel Sheets and it comes with all the necessary components.

Additionally, there are fewer processes require. To remove Macro from PowerPoint, just follow a few straightforward steps.

Step by Step Process to Remove Macro from PPT

Download the application on your Windows compatible machine.

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Select Files or Folders to load your files and click on next button.


Now, select VBA projects from the location drop-down menu.


At this time, software analyses VBA projects in the background while PowerPoint files are insert.

Once all of the data has been uploaded to the program panel, delete any macros from the needed projects by selecting them.


After finishing that, turn on the option to Remove VBA code.


The next step is to select a location to store the final output data before selecting the option to save the document.

After eliminating the macro code and saving the files in TXT format, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects may now be viewed.

Look At the Eye-Catching Features of the Application

  • To get remove of Macro in PowerPoint, this is the most effective, trustworthy, and speedy technique.
  • PowerPoint files and folders may be loaded into this program using any of two different methods.
  • Additionally, the program enables you to examine the necessary files in accordance with the requirements.
  • This powerful toolbox allows you to eliminate macros from one or multiple VBA project documents. To delete macros from PowerPoint, choose a single or more VBA projects, based on your needs.
  • This amazing software is completely Windows compatible. You can run it on Windows 11, 10, and all the earlier versions.
  • Also, the application allows you to choose the Destination Path where you need to save the resultant output.
  • The software ensures you that it will safely and instantly remove macro from PowerPoint.

The Final Words

In today’s guide, we cover the topic how to remove Macro from PowerPoint. When using the program described above, it just takes a few minutes to get rid of the Macro virus that has infected many PowerPoint files. Additionally, a trial version of the program may be downloaded for free. You may evaluate the functionality of the software and its features by using the freebie.