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Why is My PDF Page Size Too Large? Complete Information

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Are you also dealing with the frustration of the PDF page size too large an issue? If yes, then don’t worry, you are on the right page. here we are going to explain all the information with step by step guide to solve the PDF file size too big issue.

We all know that a PDF file contains unlimited elements, such as images, font, text, signature, scripts, etc, which makes the file size big. Due to the large size of PDF files, users have to face numerous problems such as:

  • Difficulty in Sharing: If you want to share PDF documents with others, then definitely you will face problems during the sharing process.
  • Storage Space: If the PDF files are containing high-resolution images, Text, scripts, etc, which makes the file big, then it will take up a lot of unnecessary storage space.
  • Printing Challenges: Printing large PDF files can be problematic, especially if you have limited printer memory or if the printer does not support handling large file sizes efficiently. This can result in slow print speeds, printer errors, or incomplete printouts.

These problems are not enough users face other problems also due to PDF page size too large an issue. Before wasting time, let’s jump into the process.

Methods to Solve PDF File Size is Too Large Issue

Here we are going to use two expert solutions, and both solutions are paid. First, we will use adobe acrobat to accomplish this task, and then we will use a professional solution to resolve the PDF file size too big issue.

Method 1: Solve PDF Page Size Too Large Issue with Adobe

  1. Open Adobe on your system.
  2. Upload the large PDF file, which is too big.
  3. And click on the File >> Reduce File Size option.

    PDF file size too large

  4. Select the location as per your choice.
  5. And save the file on the selected location.

And your PDF page size too large a problem resolved. We all know that Adobe Acrobat is the right and safest way to manage your PDF files. However, because of the high price, not all users can afford the software. So, it is better to use another solution, that is pocket friendly and comes with advanced features.

Method 2: Why is My PDF Page Size Too Large? Professionally

One of the best and highly suggested software is the RecoveryTools PDF Manager Tool. The software comes with amazing and advanced features and filters, which makes it more powerful and different from the other brand’s software.

It can easily and effortlessly, reduce the file size without losing any information or elements from the file. This software provides end number of advanced features, such as you can remove all images from PDF, fonts, scripts, etc.

Some of the more advanced features of this tool are mentioned below with working steps for PDF file size too big:

Steps to Resolve Why is My PDF File Size Too Big Problem

  1. Download and launch the software and read the instructions.

    Install the software

  2. Click on the Select Files and Select Folders option to upload PDF files.

    upload PDF files

  3. All the documents will show on the panel, and check the required files and folders and click on the Next button.

    All the documents will show

  4. The software will choose a desktop location by default; you can select the required location using the Browse button.

    desktop location by default

  5. Enable the “Optimize, Compress, or Reduce PDF File Size” option.

    manage your PDF file

  6. Click on the Start button to begin the live process to resolve the “PDF page size too large” issue.

    PDF page size too large

  7. After the process, a confirmation message will appear, and click on the OK button.

    confirmation message

Prime Features of the Software

  • The software can compress any size of large PDF files without any limitations.
  • Also, users can easily organize their PDF files in bulk without having file size limitations.
  • Dual options allow users to add single or multiple PDF files using Select Files to upload single PDF files and Select Folder to upload folder that contains multiple PDF files.
  • Also, users can check or uncheck the required files and folders from the software panel, to select only the required documents and save time.4
  • Users can select the desired location to save the resultant data as per their needs.

Time to Say Goodbye

In this blog, we have resolved the PDF page size too large issue using manual methods and expert solutions. First, we have used the Adobe Acrobat Pro version, which is not pocket friendly for all users. So, you should another expert tool, that comes with highly advanced features in low cost than adobe acrobat. We have tried to provide all the information; hope you find the article helpful.