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What is an NST File? How Do You Open NST File in Outlook Account?

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Published On May 29th, 2024
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What is an NST File?: An NST file is another file type of Outlook and it’s similar to an OST file to store group data. All Outlook users know about OST and PST format, but most don’t know what is an NST file and how to open NST file in Outlook. Don’t worry, here we will explain all the information about Outlook NST files and how users can access them.

Many users worldwide love to use Microsoft Outlook Accounts. MS Outlook accounts are among the most sought-after for personal and professional reasons. People who use Outlook are aware of PST and OST storage formats.

For example, PST storage formats belong to the Personal Storage Table, and OST stands for Offline Storage Table. Apart from this, you should also be aware of one more storage format that is getting popular rapidly. One file format that is becoming popular these days is the NST file format.

If we talk about the Outlook NST file, it is created in Outlook 365 format. This file format is also famous by other names such as Group Storage Table and Office 365 Group Storage File. The NST file format structure is similar to the OST file. This post will discuss everything about the Outlook NST file and how you can open NST file in Outlook.

What is an NST File in Outlook 365?

An NST file is created in Outlook 365, an extension of the Outlook 365 account. They are stored on a local machine whenever we make them in Outlook 365. An NST file has the NST extension. Regarding the location of the NST file, it is found in Microsoft Windows XP. Windows and MAC are compatible platforms for the NST files.

Outlook NST File Locations:

  • Microsoft Windows XP is as follows: C:\Documents and Settings\%user_name%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\
  • The users can also find NST files in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 11: C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\

If a user finds an orphaned NST file in the backend of the local system and wants to access mailbox data, it becomes a hectic situation. Remember that the created init can access an NST file only to do this profile.

How Can I Open NST File in Outlook?

Now that you know what is an NST file is, consider how to open it in Outlook. So, if you are looking forward to open NST file in Outlook, there is no manual process to perform this task. Therefore, the only way to do this is to count on a professional solution. Counting on an intelligent yet professional solution is the best way to perform this task.

Professional Way to Import NST File in Outlook All Versions

To convert your NST file extension, you can use Recovery Tools OST Converter Tool. This professional tool can easily convert your NST file format to 30+ saving formats. This outstanding tool helps you to open NST file in Outlook by converting it.

When this conversion occurs, you will quickly get the resultant files in the desired folder. At the same time, the hierarchy of this file format is stored during this conversion.

Key Features of the Professional Software

  • The software preserves the folder hierarchy during the conversion process.
  • The outstanding software utility will help you to convert your NST files with attachments easily.
  • This software helps users to import NST file in Outlook accounts in bulk at once without having any limitations.
  • You can quickly load the data from the configured profile.
  • The outstanding software can easily convert orphaned or corrupted files to NST format.
  • This tool supports all types of NST files and export compatible resultant files into all editions of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous versions.

Simple Steps to Open NST File in Outlook

  1. Download and run the tool.
  2. Import single and multiple NST files.
  3. Check the needed folders/sub-folders.
  4. Select the saving type as PST.
  5. Apply the filters and select path.
  6. Click on the Convert icon to open NST.

Why Should You Import NST File in Outlook?

  1. Stores Mailbox Data on the Local System

    Users should first create and then open NST file in Outlook. The NST file format stores mailbox data on the local system.

  2. Explores Mailbox Data without Internet

    Users who create NST files in Outlook can also explore their mailbox data without the Internet.

  3. NST Files are Encrypted

    NST files are entirely encrypted. Therefore, if users create NST files, they will be much more secure than the other files.

  4. Reduces the Amount of Data

    The creation of an Outlook .nst file has several benefits. These files reduce the amount of data transferred between Outlook and the server.
    These are some of the benefits of creating and opening .nst Outlook files.

  5. Easy to Access Your Mailbox Data

    Suppose your system’s server is down. Don’t worry; even in this case, you can easily access your mailbox data.

Commonly Asked Queries by Users

  • Q 1: What are NST files used for?

    Ans: NST format used to store group data of Office 365 in Outlook.

  • Q 2: Is it safe to delete OST and NST files?

    Ans: Yes, it is safe to delete OST and NST files, but keeping a backup of your data is more important. Because after deleting your file, you might lose your already saved data locally.

  • Q 3: How do I repair an NST file?

    Ans: If you want to repair an NST file, then you should use our RecoveryTools OST File Repair Tool, which also supports NST files.

  • Q 4: Can I Open NST File in Outlook directly?

    Ans: No, there is no direct method to open NST file in Outlook, you must convert it into PST format.

  • Q 5: Does this tool export UNICODE PST file?

    Ans: Yes, Our solution exports only UNICODE PST files for all the latest versions of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

The Nutshell:

This post has taught you what is an NST file and Outlook NST files and OST and PST files are also gaining tremendous popularity. Despite their immense popularity, users must know about the NST file Out what is an NST file looks like. However, whenever users need to open NST file in Outlook, they should use professional software, as it helps them stand out in the current tech scenario.