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How to Migrate Emails from Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail (Google Mail) Account ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On May 17th, 2022
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Summary: – Want to migrate Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail account? No Worries, in this article we will explain the step-by-step guide to perform this migration task in brief. As we know, there is no manual method available to transfer Windows 10 mail to Gmail. So, you need to go with an alternative solution which I am going to explain to you in this post.


Is there any solution to migrate windows 10 mail app to Gmail? After many searches I am unable to find the perfect solution for this procedure.

This query is not just the issue of one user, there are many who were searching solution for the same issue.

In this modern time, we need a faster, reliable, and secure email platform where we can easily communicate with others. Users want advanced and smart features in their email client application that’s by they need to convert their email client to another. Recently I noticed a lot of queries related to Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Migration. So, we will cover this topic in the post.

Windows 10 Mail App is a default Windows 10 email application provides by Microsoft. The main advantage of this app is to send emails, received emails, read news feeds, and stay connected to the web, etc. Windows 10 Mail App is a dedicated mail client to provide a complete email solution to the regular Windows user. But this app also has its limitations. Gmail is an online email client that can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Therefore, lots of users want to move emails from Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail.

Find the free trial version of the Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Migration tool from here. It allows you to export 25 emails per folder to Google Mail Account directly.


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In this article, we will discus the process to import emails from Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail account. Here, we use RecoveryTools Windows 10 Mail App Migrator automatic solution to export Mail App Emails to Google Mail.

How to Migrate Windows 10 Mail to Gmail ?

Follow some simple steps for accomplishing this task:

  1. Run the program on your windows Operating System.
  2. Select Windows 10 Mail data with auto & manual mode.
  3. Mark only required email folders to migrate into Gmail account.
  4. Choose Gmail saving option and enter account credentials.
  5. Hit on next button to import Windows 10 Mail to Gmail (Google Mail).

Reasons to Transfer Windows 10 Mail App Mailboxes to Gmail (Google Mail)

There are many reasons to import Windows 10 Mail to Gmail. The benefits of this migration are explained in the following points:

  • Windows 10 Mail App is a single user-based desktop application. So, at the office, home, and business need a webmail-based email client to access from anywhere.
  • Gmail can access from any location in the world with an Internet connection.
  • Gmail has a great deal of free storage space, so much more than you can get if you were using a client program for your email.
  • Google Mail is a low cost, zero maintenance, and free cloud storage that means your email, documents, and events are always available anywhere.

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Import Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail (Google Mail) – Complete Process

User have to follow below – mentioned simple steps for quickly performing this task:

    1. First of all, launch the Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail Migrator on your Windows machine. Read all the instructions before proceeding.

      install windows 10 mail migrator

    2. After that, choose Windows 10 Mail App data with auto-locate and manual dual selection options.

      auto locate and manual selection option

    3. Thereafter, select the desired files or folders and hit on the Next tab again.

      select desired files or folders

    4. After that, choose the Gmail file saving option in the list of file saving options.

      select gmail saving option

    5. Then, you can select the advance filter options to migrate selected Windows 10 Mail App data to Gmail.

      advance filter option

    6. After that, you need to enter your Gmail account Credentials in the user interface panel..install windows 10 mail migrator
    7. Now, click on the next button to start transfer Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Process.

      migrate windows 10 mail to gmail live migration process

    8. Finally, the process to convert Windows 11 mail app to Gmail is completed. The tool will give a completion message. Click on OK to end the task.

      migrate windows 10 mail to gmail process completed

Features and Benefits of Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Transfer Tool

Auto-Detect App Mailbox Data: – Above mentioned application allows you to automatically search the configured profile data. That means you don’t need to locate the Windows 10 Mail app data from the default location.

100% Secure Interface Panel: – Security is one of the main concerns for all the users. Therefore, the software provides a 100% secure interface that never stores user credentials in the user interface caches.

Batch Mailbox Conversion: – Using the auto and manual mode, you can easily select the multiple Windows 10 Mail App profile mailboxes at once. The software supports the batch conversion of multiple Windows 10 Mail configured profiles.

Dual Manual Selection Options: – The program comes with dual manual selection options to choose multiple profiles data. These options are very useful when you don’t have Windows 11 Mail App installation. You can manually select Windows 10 Mail *.vol files in batch using these options.

Preserves Email Folder Hierarchy: – During the migration process, the software keeps the folder hierarchy structure. So, you will get the same copy of Windows 10 Mail app folders in your Gmail account.

Migrate Windows 10 Mail Address Book:– Windows 10 Mail to Gmail Migration utility provides separate options to extract Windows 10 Mail Address book data with standard formats.

Windows Compatible Solution: – The software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc.

Frequently Asked Queries

How much time the tool will take to migrate Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail account ?

The software performs a very fast migration process. But while migrating from offline to online, it all depends on your Internet Speed and Computer Performance.

Can I install this application on Windows Server 2016 ?

Yes, the software supports Windows Server editions including Server 2016 variants.

Does the software allow me to extract Windows 10 Mail Calendar to Standard format ?

Yes, you can extract Windows 10 Mail Calendar for Gmail using this application.

Do I need an internet connection to import Windows 10 Mail to Gmail ?

Yes, if you want to import Windows 10 Mail to Gmail, then you need an internet connection.


In the above article, we have discussed the way to migrate Windows 10 Mail app to Gmail account. If you are also wanted to know the process to import emails from Windows 10 Mail App to Gmail, then this article is for you. Here, we used RecoveryTools solution to migrate data from 10 Mail App to Gmail. The software comes with a free trial edition for checking the efficacy before purchase. If you have any further queries regarding migrate windows 11 mail to Gmail then, chat with us on support.