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Guide to Migrate Verizon.net to AOL Mail Account

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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In this article, you will learn the process of how to switch Verizon email to AOL Mail account. Users can easily migrate your Verizon.net Email to AOL Mail. You are only asked to enter the credentials of your account to successfully perform Verizon.net Mail moving to AOL Mail.

First, let’s have a quick talk about Verizon Mail and AOL Mail account. Why users are planning to make a move of their folder items (email, attachments, and more) from Verizon to AOL account.

Well, we all know that Verizon Mail has retirement their email services. So, if you are one of @verizon.net email account users, then you can access your mail by AOL or Yahoo Platforms. But you cannot migrate your email from Verizon to the AOL Mail account.

“I am searching about the method for switching of Verizon.Net emails to AOL Mail or Yahoo Mail. Unfortunately, I have not found any solutions to do so. I have an @verizon.net email account but I will get my webmail from https://verizon.yahoo.com/. Does anyone know how to migrate Verizon Email to AOL account?

There are lots of users who want to migrate their mailbox data from Verizon to their other email accounts.

Powerful Tool to Migrate Verizon Emails to AOL Mail

A user can easily migrate Verizon emails to AOL Mail account using RecoveryTools Email Backup Software. This application allows the users to import Verizon to AOL or other email accounts directly. The software provides a direct way to import Verizon.net emails to AOL Mail Account. It will ask the users to enter only the account login credentials of their account.

Free download the trial edition of this software.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Free Trial Limitation: The trial edition of Verizon to AOL Mail Migration tool will enable the users to export only first 25 emails from Verizon.NET to AOL Mail. It is very important for a user to first activate this software to perform complete migration of Verizon email to AOL Mail account.

Quick Steps to Export Verizon.Net to AOL Mail:

  1. Launch the software & load Verizon.Net credentials.
  2. Choose only the required mailbox folder items.
  3. Now select the IMAP option from here.
  4. Setup Verizon.net to AOL migration options.
  5. Finally, click on Backup button to start process.

Highlighted Features of Verizon to AOL Mail Migration Software

  • 100% Secure & Reliable Program

RecoveryTools Verizon Migration to AOL provides a secure environment for exporting Verizon emails to an AOL account. It gives users accurate results and doesn’t make any changes to the original formatting. Our software makes it easy to move email from Verizon to an AOL Mail account.

  • Simple & Robust GUI

This software is developed with advanced algorithms to achieve migration. It is the best application for beginners. So, users can easily migrate emails from Verizon to AOL Mail with no additional effort.

  • Standalone Verizon to AOL Migration Tool

This is a completely standalone, standalone tool for migrating email from Verizon to AOL Server. You don’t need to install any additional apps or plugins to migrate Verizon Email to an AOL account.

  • Export Selective Data with Filters Settings

RecoveryTools Verizon.Net to AOL Mail migration Tool offers several filter options to export only necessary emails. You can choose any filter option, such as: Export data by date range, subject, email address, to, cc, bcc, etc.

  • Integrity of Emails Remains Intact

During the migration process, the software keeps the properties of the email. The software retains all metadata including attachments, Internet email headers, hyperlinks, images, and other elements.

  • Ideal software for both Mac & Windows

The software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows & Server editions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 etc. Both for 32-bit – as well as for 64-bit editions of the operating system.

Learn how to Migrate Verizon.Net to AOL Mail Account

  • First, launch the software on your Windows machine and choose your desired Verizon Mail providers.
  1. Verizon Mail (AOL Users)
  2. Verizon Mail (Yahoo Users)
  • This program will provide users dual ways to load data. if you want to migrate multiple Verizon Mail accounts in a single process, then choose Batch mode. The software also provides advance option to connect account with proxy server.
  • Enter your Verizon Mail account credentials in the user interface.
  • Select only the required email folders from the list which you want to migrate from Verizon to AOL Mail.
  • Choose the IMAP format from the list of saving options.
  • Setup Verizon.Net migration to AOL Mail options in its panel like Save messages in default folder, use advance mode, or change language option.
  • So, enter the credentials of your AOL Mail account in the program.
  • Finally, click on the Backup button to instantly start Verizon.net to AOL migration process. So, users can preview the live conversion process in its panel.

Frequently Asked Queries:

How do I test the software before I invest my money in it?

The company offers a trial version of this utility that will allow you to migrate 25 emails per folder to one AOL account. So, you can download the demo version by clicking the download button above.

Can I use this utility to migrate the selected Verizon email account to AOL?

Yes, the software only allows you to migrate selected Verizon emails with multiple advanced filters to an AOL account.

Will the software work on a Windows Server 2019 computer?

Yes, the software supports all Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 etc.

Can I transfer multiple Verizon email accounts to AOL in the same process?

Yes, the software has a batch option to migrate multiple Verizon email accounts to one AOL account in one operation.

Concluding Remarks:

Are you planning to migrate your Verizon.net emails to AOL Mail account? If yes, then here in the above article, I had explained the best solution for a user to quickly export Verizon data to AOL account. It will only ask the users to enter the login credentials of source Verizon.net account & destination AOL Mail account.