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How to Move from Google Workspace to ProtonMail Account ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 23rd, 2022
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This technical write-up explains how to migrate emails from Google Workspace to ProtonMail account directly. If you are one of those who are facing issues while transferring G Suite to ProtonMail, then read this post. In this article, I will provide an immediate solution to solve all these types of issues. So, read this post to know better.

Google Workspace (G Suite) is one of the popular enterprise collaboration suites. It offers to create a business email address with your domain name. Google Workspace allows you to manage your emails, calendars, contacts, video meetings, to-do-list, conferences, and much more.

Workspace by Google is also known as an enhanced and ad-free version of the Gmail account. But the security level of this platform is much better than the normal email service. But Google Workspace does not provide an end-to-end encryption email service. That’s why many users of G Suite want to switch to the ProtonMail service.

ProtonMail is an easy-to-use highly encrypted email service. It offers end-to-end email encryption technology which was recently used by Whatsapp. That means your email information is preserved from source to destination. Due to its popularity, many businesses want to move from their existing platform to the ProtonMail account.

Hi, currently my organization is working with Google Workspace services. But, recently much of our email information was stolen from our database. That’s why we planned to move into ProtonMail service. And will move our important data into it. Especially that which emails are coming from a particular email address.

However, the problem is we don’t know how to migrate Google Workspace to ProtonMail account. Does anyone know that? We want to do this without any interruptions.

Google Workspace to ProtonMail Migration

I have looked on the internet and found many solutions which promise us to do this task without any hassle. But actually, in the conclusion, I didn’t find any perfect way to migrate G Suite to ProtonMail account. Therefore, our team developed RecoveryTools Google Workspace Migration Tool.

This product offers a straightforward way to migrate Google Workspace to ProtonMail account. Just provides login credentials of Google Workspace and ProtonMail to easily transfer emails. The toolkit also enables the users to migrate selected G Suite emails to ProtonMail account easily. You can also get the complete original copy of your Google Workspace email in ProtonMail account.

Free Download the Solution for Your Windows and Mac Computers:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: The free version of this program allows you to test this application freely. It only offers to migrate 25 emails from per folders of Google Workspace mailbox to ProtonMail. For complete migation, you need to purchase this application.

5 Simple Steps to Migrate Google Workspace to ProtonMail

  1. First of all, you need to install this program.
  2. Now, put your G Suite account credentials.
  3. Select required folders after complete the analysis.
  4. Select IMAP option and enter ProtonMail details.
  5. Run transfer process of Google Workspace to ProtonMail.

How to Migrate G Suite (Google Workspace) to ProtonMail Account ?

First, you need to download the utility and install it on your computer.

start google workspace migration tool

If you want to migrate the number of user mailboxes from G Suite to ProtonMail, then you can select the additional batch mode option.

choose batch option

Also, you can choose another option called “Use Proxy”. It allows you to connect your Google Workspace account through a proxy server.

select proxy option

If you want to migrate only a single Google Workspace account data, then you can directly enter your account credentials.

enter account g suite details

After that, the application start examine and shows all the folders inside the user interface panel. Here, you can select the required email folders from the list.

choose folders

Thereafter, you need to select the IMAP option in the file saving options list.

select imap option

Now, you need to required ProtonMail IMAP settings and App password details. For this, we need to install ProtonMail Bridge on your computer.

start protonmail bridge

Here, you need to login with your general ProtonMail username and password details.

enter credentials

In the next window, click on the “Mailbox Configuration” option.

open settings

Here, you can see the IMAP Host Address and it’s Port No. With username and password.

get imap settings

Copy all the details into the software interface panel.

enter protonmail account details

You can also apply filter options on basis of subject, date range, email addresses, etc.

filter options

Now finally, press on the next button to get-go to the migration process.

migration procedure

When all is done, the software will generate log report of your migration process.

finish migration process

Amazing Features of Google Workspace to ProtonMail Migration Tool

  • Better Process Where Security Comes First: Because ProtonMail is preserve user privacy that’s why we need a solution that works for user security. That’s the reason we developed a safe and secure platform. Where you can easily do email migration process without any issues. There are no hidden phishing issues in the user panel and its process.
  • Uninterrupted Batch Migration Process: Another great advantage of this application supports Bulk G Suite to ProtonMail account migration process. Mean’s you can do batch mailbox migration from multiple Google Workspace account to ProtonMail easily. Simply use a CSV file to list all your G Suite account credentials and upload them to the panel.
  • Completely Standalone Migration: The solution works in standalone environments without requiring any plugins. It only requires Google Workspace and ProtonMail account credentials. Also, the solution provides a simplified working interface panel. Where non-techie users easily work and understand without any issues.
  • Selective Migration with Email Filters: A huge number of users only want to move selected emails from Google Workspace to ProtonMail account. That’s why the product offers several email filter options to migrate only selective emails by the range of date, subject, to, cc, bcc, etc.
  • Metadata & Properties Preserved: If you are concerned about your email properties and their elements during the process. So don’t worry now. The software preserved all email metadata and properties. So that, there is no change in the email elements and their properties.
  • Windows & Mac Supportable: One of the best things about this application supports all editions of Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating systems. You can use it on your all latest Windows and its updated version. As well it also works with Windows 11 x64 bit of Windows editions.

Final Words

In this tech-guided solution, we have explained a detailed analysis of how a user can migrate G Suite to ProtonMail account. The RecoveryTools team understands the user’s needs and requirements. Hence they create a best-in-class product. You can try this product for free. Also, it not only offers you to migrate from G Suite to ProtonMail. But it supports a large number of savings options. I hope you understand the process, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.