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How to Migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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“Hey, I want to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird, because my Thunderbird email client is corrupted and I got some errors. So, I have to move my data from Thunderbird. and Mailbird is also installed on my pc. So, I want to import Thunderbird to Mailbird completely. I am seeking a solution which can export my huge Thunderbird data to Mailbird.”

“Hey, I am employed by a company where we send and receive emails using the Thunderbird email client. But, some staff, like myself, have been experiencing errors in Thunderbird since the beginning of the week. Our organization has decided to switch from Thunderbird to Mailbird. Because we purchased a small number of Mailbird licenses a few months ago. But we are unsure of how to complete this task. Our company is looking for a solution that will allow us to migrate all of our data from Thunderbird. I’m short on time, so if you could please suggest a fantastic solution, that would be great.”

Are you one of them who are facing some issues or you are looking for the same query like how to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird? If yes then you are in the right place.

In this write-up, I will show you the best and finest solution to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird.

But before starting the conversion to import Thunderbird to Mailbird, you must have some knowledge about both email clients. So below we are mentioned Thunderbird and Mailbird. That is why Mailbird is good than Mozilla Thunderbird email clients.


Mailbird is an attractive email service for Windows with an easy installation and UI. It easily interacts with lots of popular shows, like calendars and task trackers. The application does miss several advanced capabilities, including such message filter settings and complete search. It was established in 2012, has 200,000 users globally, and is accessible as a buy or membership.


Thunderbird looks like an antique app. Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, initially published it in 2004. This accessible application is intended to be practical rather than pretty. It looks great on Linux and Mac. Many issues have been fixed, and while it looks antiquated, it is packed with features. Thunderbird integrates well with other apps via plugins and standard protocols. The app has tabs chat, contacts, and calendar apps.

Why Do Users Prefer Mailbird than Thunderbird?

  • Mailbird has a Pro edition that includes Snooze emails. This will snooze the messages. Also, Thunderbird lacks this feature.
  • Thunderbird has a significant problem where clicking on email subject lines may bring up the erroneous email.
  • Mailbird offers a speed reader feature, which enables you to choose how fast you wish to read your mail which convinces users to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird.
  • Mailbird supports nearly every significant language spoken worldwide.
  • If an undesired message is sent, the user can instantly undo it.
  • Mailbird also allows for video conferencing and easy previewing of attachments.

How to Migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird?

Here we are going to mention the quickest and hassle-free software to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird is the RecoveryTools batch Thunderbird data migrator tool. Yes, this software comes with the best and amazing features like bulk and selected conversion, dual options to upload the data, and other features. These kinds of capabilities and features are mentioned below:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

The Capability of the Thunderbird to Mailbird Migrator

  • The software can load the automatic data from the default storage location or users can load the Thunderbird files and folders manually.
  • Also, users can import multiple emails from Thunderbird to Mailbird at one time without any hassle.
  • The Thunderbird to Mailbird importer is compatible with all kinds of Thunderbird versions like 91.0, 78.0, 68.0, 60.0, and previous versions.
  • During the conversion, the Thunderbird to Mailbird Converter retains all email attachments, properties, and email components, among other things.
  • The software comes with a user-friendly interface for all kinds of users and this wizard has a strong algorithm that converts all the data smoothly without any data loss.

How Does the Software Works?

Here we will show you steps to migrate from thunderbird to Mailbird. In step 1 we will export thunderbird data into Outlook PST file format and then in step 2, we will import that converted files into the Mailbird account.

Step 1: Export Data into Outlook PST File

  1. Download and run the software on your device to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird.

    run the software to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird

  2. Now the software will load the Thunderbird data automatically from the default storage location or users can upload the files and folders manually.

    software will load the Thunderbird data

  3. Next, all the data will appear on the screen.

    all the data will appear

  4. Now click on the “Select Saving Option” and choose the “PST” file format.

    select saving option

  5. Next, browse the saving location to save the file.

    browse the saving location

  6. And click on the “Next” icon to start the Thunderbird to Mailbird conversion.

    click on the “Next” icon

Now we will add the created PST file into Mailbird manually.

Step 2: Import Converted Files into Mailbird

  1. Now open the Mailbird pro account on your device.
  2. And click on the “Settings” icon from the menu tab.

    click on the “Settings” icon

  3. And then select the “Accounts” option and choose “Edit”.

    select “Accounts” option

  4. Next click on the “Import Messages”.

    click on the “Import Messages”

  5. Lastly, browse the converted PST file and press on the “Continue” icon to complete the procedure.

    browse the converted PST file


As you can see above, we mentioned every possible detail on how to migrate from Thunderbird to Mailbird by using decent and sophisticated software. this software comes with amazing which are mentioned above. Also, this software offers a demo version for free, so download the software and see how does the software works. hope you like the article.