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How to Migrate Mailboxes from Bluehost to Office 365 Account ?

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Explanation: Are you a user of Bluehost webmail account or host a domain by Bluehost service and looking to migrate mailboxes from Bluehost of Office 365 ? If is it so, then here you get an easy solution to migrate email from Bluehost to Office 365. Read the entire article to learn how to export Bluehost mailbox emails directly to Microsoft 365 account.

Organizations regularly have their own sites and email servers with their service provider. This is a profitable plan and is often more reasonable than using a separate subscription. Apart from website hosting facility, organizations also buy office suite and webmail plans from their organization which is included in their hosting plans.

Bluehost is a web hosting organization claimed by Endurance International Group. Also, Bluehost is one of the leading email and domain hosting services including a webmail solution for some small and medium organizations that utilization to maintain their business tasks.

However, as organizations develop, they need more complete cloud-based efficiency & productivity solutions like Office 365.

Reasons to Migrate Email from Bluehost to Office 365

Bluehost service can be useful for small independent ventures and solo entrepreneurs. However, it has a number of constraints that partially limit adaptability and unbreakable quality.

Assuming that you are using a normal web convenience plan by Bluehost, you can’t send more than 500 messages in an hour, and the mailing arrangement of more than 900 email IDs is disrupted during peak hours.

On the opposite side, Microsoft developed Office 365 suite which is a cloud-based plan that gives you access to large-organization grade security. And it provides all collaboration & productivity tools such as word, excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook 365, etc. Also, Microsoft Teams ensures more than 99.9% uptime on business mail service.

Requirements of Bluehost to Office 365 Migration Process

  • A valid Office 365 account or subscription.
  • Bluehost Webmail access through IMAP.
  • And, RecoveryTools Bluehost Solution.

A Perfect Solution to Migrate Mailboxes to Bluehost to Office 365

There are many methods and solutions available in the market, which are basic and simple, but also have disadvantages. That’s why Here at RecoveryTools Lab, we developed an all-in-one solution RecoveryTools Bluehost Backup Tool. Also, this application directly move from Bluehost to Office 365 account. It has provided many several filter options for the selective email migration process. Also, use this solution on your Windows as well as Mac computers.

Download from Here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: You can use our solution at free of cost in trial mode. Also, the demo version of this application migrate only few emails from Bluehost to Office 365 account.

Learn Steps to Migrate Emails from Bluehost to Microsoft 365

  1. Launch the solution on your workstation.
  2. Now, select Bluehost option and enter credentials.
  3. Pick only the desired Bluehost email folders.
  4. Now, choose Office 365 option in file saving options.
  5. Click on the next to migrate Bluehost to Office 365.

How to Migrate Mailboxes from Bluehost to Microsoft 365 ?

  • Download the Bluehost to Office 365 tool on any Windows or Mac platform.

  • Now, select the Bluehost option from the email source list. Enter the Bluehost credentials (Email address & Password).

  • Select more advance options – Batch option or Proxy Server login.

  • Mark the email folders you want to import into your Microsoft 365 account.

  • Now, pick the Office 365 option in the list of file saving options.

  • Choose selective email migration filters if required.

  • Now, enter the details of your Microsoft 365 account in the user interface.

  • When all is finished, press the next button to start Bluehost to Office 365 migration.

Top Advantages Bluehost to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool

The Bluehost to Office 365 migration is an extremely easy-to-understand application without requiring any high-level specialized information. Also, this program gives a huge number of advantages to its clients. Some are mentioned in below:

  • Bluehost to Office 365 migration tool upholds the user to numerous Bluehost user mailboxes to Office 365 account.
  • Also, this program gives permission to its users to migrate all mailboxes emails from Bluehost to Office 365 account directly.
  • The solution for the Bluehost to Office 365 migration process will only require the user account credentials only.
  • Also, it is a completely independent method to migrate from Bluehost account to Office 365 without any third-party installation.
  • A user can choose the Proxy Server option to log in with your Bluehost account by a proxy server location.
  • Also, you can choose the batch option which allows you to move multiple mailboxes from Bluehost to Office 365 account.
  • The utility will maintain the on-disk System Folder Hierarchy of mailboxes during the migration from Bluehost to Office 365 account.
  • Also, it will reserve all email elements including attachments, to, cc, bcc, from, subject, images, etc.
  • While the migration of Bluehost to Microsoft 365 process, the software did not make any changes to the original components of email mailboxes.
  • Also, it supports all editions of Microsoft Windows as well as Mac operating systems.

Common Asked User Problems

How Do I backup Bluehost emails in Microsoft 365 account ?

If you want to take backup of Bluehost emails to O365 account, then download Bluehost to Microsoft 365 Email Software and follow the simple procedure as discussed below: –

  1. Launch the solution and choose Bluehost.
  2. Now, enter your account credential details first.
  3. Mark the email folders which you want to migrate.
  4. Now, select Office 365 option enter the required details.
  5. Click on the next to migrate Bluehost emails to O365.

Does it work on my Windows Server 2016 machine ?

Sure, this solution is compatible with all the latest windows machines. (Including Server OS). You can easily install this solution on your Server 2016 machine.

Hi, I am getting an error message “Error Authenticating”. How do I resolve it ?

In this situation, there might be two potential errors. The first is to check or recheck your entered email address or password. Otherwise, create an App password.

Does it migrate Bluehost emails to Microsoft 365 on my Mac computer ?

Yes, the software is available for the Mac edition. Also, you can use it on your Mac computer without any issues.

Final Words

In this blog, we have deliberated the best way to migrate mailboxes from Bluehost to Office 365 accounts. If you have a similar problem, you can read the solution and get a proper solution. Also, the solution allows you to download and migrate Bluehost emails to Office 365 without any alteration of data. For more information related to Bluehost to Office 365 migration. Please. Contact. US. Thank you for reading.