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How to Convert MBOX to CSV Format in Batch? Complete Solutions

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Published On March 18th, 2024
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Are you one of those who are searching for a solution to convert MBOX to CSV file format? If yes! Then you have reached the right place. In this blog, we are going to explain an expert solution to convert emails on Mac or Windows. This will help you manage your email data from different email clients in a comma-separated values file.

If we talk about what is the popular email saving format for local computers, most people will say – MBOX. This mailbox format is the most common format supported by many email clients, webmail, and email services globally. Google also allows you to export Gmail data as an MBOX file.

Like MBOX, CSV is also a computer file. It is used for database purposes and spreadsheet programs. CSV is also known as Comma Separated Values. However, many users want to convert emails from MBOX files to CSV files. Because CSV files can easily open with many applications where they can easily manage their emails.

This article explains the best way to convert MBOX to CSV files. With the help of this users can export mailbox files extracted from email clients like Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Apple Mail etc. in CSV formats.

As we all know CSV files are simple text files for database tables supported by many applications including MS Outlook. Because of this the user can see and read his data very easily. This blog highlights the need and various techniques to convert MBOX to CSV files. Let’s start the article

What are the Reasons for Exporting MBOX Files to CSV?

  • CSV allows you to quickly extract email metadata such as sender, recipient, date, subject, and possible content into a format suitable for examination in spreadsheets or data analysis software.
  • CSV files are widely supported across operating systems and apps, making your email data accessible from a variety of devices and programs.
  • Share email data with colleagues or third parties in the familiar and popular CSV format, eliminating compatibility difficulties.
  • Clean and organize email data more effectively by utilizing the built-in functionality of spreadsheet software that natively supports CSV files.
  • Employ spreadsheet capability to filter and sort email data according to particular criteria to enable targeted analysis.
  • Create charts and visualizations of your email data using the CSV format to get more in-depth information.
  • Because CSV files are organized, sophisticated users will find it simpler to incorporate email data into programs or scripts for additional analysis or automation.

#1: Convert MBOX to CSV Files by Manual Method

  1. Open a Thunderbird account.
  2. Choose Tools >> ImportExportTools NG >> Import MBOX Files option.
  3. Select the “Import One or More MBOX Files” option.
  4. Find the MBOX file and click on the Open button.
  5. Right-click on the uploaded MBOX.
  6. Choose the ImportExportTools NG option.
  7. Select Export All Messages in Folder >> Spreadsheet (CSV) option.
  8. Browse the location to save the resultant file.

Note: If your MBOX file is already saved on your local system and you are thinking of using the manual solution, then you will have to follow the above-mentioned steps completely. If your MBOX file is already imported into Thunderbird, you can skip Step 1 to Step 4.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • Missing data, incorrect formatting, or inconsistencies can occur during the extraction process.
  • Manually extracting and formatting email data, especially for large MBOX files, can be very time-consuming and tedious.
  • Manual methods require some technical knowledge and comfort working with Thunderbird email clients, which can be intimidating for non-technical users.
  • Converting large MBOX files with numerous emails becomes cumbersome and impractical using manual techniques.
  • You have limited control over the specific data fields extracted and the format of the exported CSV file.
  • Customizing data extraction or formatting to suit your specific needs is difficult or impossible with manual methods.

#2: Export MBOX to CSV Format by Automatic Software

RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator is the most recommended software solution by technical experts to convert MBOX to CSV. It permits the conversion of multiple MBOX files into CSV format at the same time on Windows or Mac systems. Get the free trial version from here to try the software features.

The software has been created with highly advanced algorithms, which makes it the first choice of users and easy to use for all technical and non-technical users.

This utility allows you to export emails with exact formatting. The MBOX to CSV Converter software allows you to export all mailbox email items such as name, email to name, email, subject, message-id, date, body etc. in CSV formats.

You can download and use demo applications before purchasing the software key. The demo version of the MBOX to CSV converter tool allows you to export a few Mailbox email records to a CSV file. For more, purchase the software key.

Guide How to Use MBOX to CSV Converter? Complete Steps

  1. Download the MBOX to CSV converter software on your Mac and Windows Computer. Read all the instructions before starting the conversion process.

    MBOX to CSV converter

  2. Dual methods to load MBOX files from the source location. Click on the Select Files or Select Folders option to load files.

    Dual methods

  3. Select the mailbox items by enabling the checkbox in the explorer folder tree.

    enabling the checkbox

  4. Choose CSV file format from the list of Select Saving options.

    Select Saving options

  5. Click on the Filter Options to apply advanced filter options for selective MBOX to CSV conversion.

    advanced filter options

  6. Set up more conversion options including Destination Location. Click on the Folder icon to alter the path. Choose any of the desired Folders where the user wants to save resultant CSV files.

    Destination Location

  7. Click on the Convert button to convert MBOX to CSV and view the process in the application panel.

    convert MBOX to CSV

Some Key Features of Professional Software

  • Dual Selection Options: The software provides the option to choose multiple MBOX files at once. Intelligent software provides users with dual options to choose mailboxes by files or by folders. You can choose the required option according to user requirements.
  • Selective Email Conversion: The software Analyses the whole selected database before the conversion process begins. Here, you can choose the required email folders from the list easily.
  • Export All MBOX Email Details: The MBOX to CSV converter allows you to convert MBOX to CSV with all attachments. Also, the software extracts all MBOX email items such as Name, from Email to Name, to Email, Subject, Message-ID, Date, Body, etc.
  • Freedom to Choose any Location Path: The software gives the freedom to save converted files at the destination location path easily. Users can select any external and internal location path without any issues. The software creates a separate CSV file for each MBOX mailbox file.
  • Maintain MBOX Email Data in Tabular Form: The software maintains email data in CSV rows and columns & in tabular form. So, you can easily share all original MBOX email items such as email text, email subject, email addresses, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Secure & Consistent User Interface: The MBOX to CSV converter supports mailbox items of various email clients. Also, it provides a simple and Easy-to-use Product User Interface for all types of users. So, you can perform error-free and safest conversions with accurate results.
  • Supports all Microsoft Windows & Mac OS: The software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows as well as Mac operating systems. You can install this application on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, as well as Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc. As well as macOS X editions such as 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques. What are the primary benefits of exporting MBOX files to CSV format?

Ans. Extract and analyze email metadata such as sender, recipient, date, subject, etc. Transfer email data from MBOX archives to other systems utilizing CSV imports. Export specific emails or sets from MBOX archives for legal investigations or audits.

Ques. What are the two main methods for exporting MBOX to CSV?

Ans. First is RecoveryTools MBOX to CSV converter software and Second is built-in Mozilla Thunderbird (workaround).

Ques. What happens if my MBOX files contain emails in multiple languages?

Ans. Choose the above-mentioned software that supports Unicode encoding to accurately handle characters from various languages in the CSV output.

Ques. Is it possible to filter specific folders from the MBOX file before exporting to CSV?

Ans. The MBOX to CSV Converter software offers filtering functionalities based on criteria like sender, recipient, date, keywords etc.

Ques. Are there any free alternatives available for MBOX to CSV conversion?

Ans. Yes, firstly the manual method and secondly the professional software mentioned by us also gives you the option to convert MBOX to CSV for free with some limitations.


In this blog, we explained how to convert MBOX to CSV on Mac and Windows operating systems. In the above article, we have discussed both manual and professional solutions, you can use any method as per your need. If you are planning to meditate then use tried and tested professional equipment as the manual method results in a lot of inconveniences.

So the above-mentioned MBOX to CSV converter will help you to get the perfect result. With its simple GUI, this tool helps users to export all MBOX files to CSV format regardless of the origin (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail Mailbox file, etc.). This application is an advanced approach in terms of speed and accuracy as well as generating error-free results.