How Do I Import PST Files into Gmail – Open PST File in Gmail – Best Solution

Karen Chard | October 3rd, 2020 | Cloud Backup, How To


How do I import PST files into Gmail ? In this blog, we will get to know how can Gmail import Outlook PST files. We will also get to know about why does one needs to import PST files to Gmail and the procedure involved in this such import of PST files to Gmail. Gmail is very well -known to all of us and it can be assumed that most people have Gmail accounts. To solve this issue, you can use Outlook PST to Gmail Migrator Tool that will help users in importing PST files to Gmail. This tool will help them in migrating PST files to Gmail.

Why to Use PST Data Files to Gmail Importer Software?

This tool is helpful for users who want to import Outlook PST files to Gmail. In this tool user can directly import emails from PST to Gmail. This tool can be installed in multiple languages and can add large-sized PST files into Gmail account. It maintains all the attachments of PST files at the time of migration. It can also add PST to G Suite or google apps as well and supports all the editions of MS Outlook.

Eminent Features of this PST Import to Gmail Tool

Directly Upload PST to Gmail

This software has multiple features but one of the best features of this software is that it gives the facility to add PST file to Gmail directly without having any issue. Just download this software on every Windows Operating system, after that run the tool and provide you Gmail account credentials to migrate PST file to Gmail directly.

Dual Options to Choose Files

This tool has dual options to choose PST files or folder having PST files to load them in software panel. After selecting the PST files, it shows PST file information in software panel and after login user will be able for transferring email messages from PST to Gmail.

Transfer Emails in Bulk

If user have several PST files and he want to import them to Gmail to manage them in a single folder. After that choose whole folder having PST files to add multiple PST files to Gmail at once. This feature will save time and effort of user.

Maintains Folder Structure

A PST file contains multiple folders, emails, contacts, calendars, etc. This software maintains all folders and subfolders structure i.e. Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Junk Emails, etc. during importing emails from PST to Gmail.

Keep Email Components

This Software maintains all email components during the migration process like emails, attachments, email signatures, html links, folders, from, to, cc, subject, etc. By this user will be able to complete the process without any loss of information and without facing any hassle.

Multiple Installation Language

This tool gives the facility to install this application in multiple languages. After installation English will be the default language to perform the conversion. Many people have different requirements for conversion. This option is helpful for a lot of users because it will help to import according to their needs. It is a great feature of this tool because now users can use it in their language.

Import PST to G Suite

Many corporate users prefer to use G Suite over Gmail because G Suite provides the facility to access their business email IDs like support@yourwebsite[dot]com without email clients. Through this tool, it is possible to import PST files to G Suite.

Support ANSI and Unicode PST

This application supports both ANSI and Unicode PST files without showing any error message so users can easily transfer MS Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc. PST to G Suite or Gmail. They just have to download the tool without thinking about MS Outlook editions.

How to Open Outlook PST File in Gmail or G Suite ?

To migrate PST files into Gmail user, have to follow some simple instructions:

  1. Install PST to Gmail Import software on your Windows operating system
  2. Select PST files or folder which you have to import into Gmail.
  3. Now choose the files which you want to migrate, and click on the Next button to continue the process.
  4. Select Gmail as a saving option.
  5. Press on the tab to Backup to import PST files into Gmail.
  6. Then the software will complete the migration procedure within a few moments, after the entire procedure is completed, a window will display with “Successfully imported” message as well.
  7. Login to your Gmail account to read your imported PST files.

Demo limitation of this software

The free trial version of this software allows to export maximum 25 emails from each PST folder to Gmail or G Suite by providing account login details so first test the software by converting few emails and after satisfaction purchase its pro edition at an affordable price.

Bottom line

Importing Outlook PST files to Gmail will help in many ways. It is a user-friendly tool; a person doesn’t need any specific technical skills to work on it. This tool easily imports PST files to G Suite as well. By using this tool users will not face any issue in migrating PST files into Gmail.