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How to Import OLM to Apple Mail? – Two Easy Ways

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 24-01-2023 ~ How To ~ 6 Minutes Reading

import olm to mac mail

Overview: Are you looking for a solution to import OLM to Apple Mail client? If so, then read this post completely. In this article, we discuss a perfect way to import data. There is a large number of users who want to import multiple files along with all the data items but didn’t get better results.

OLM file is an archive file created when a user export data from Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019 or 2021 for Mac. It stores emails, messages, tasks, notes, and contacts in the address book, events, and reminders in Calendars, Journals, etc. Apple Mail is by default email client for macOS, iOS or watchOS, etc.

It comes free without making any subscription as well allowing various types of protocols for sending and receiving email messages like SMTP, POP3, Exchange, IMAP, etc. Therefore, a large number of users are looking for a way to import from Mac Outlook OLM to Mac Mail client.

There are multiple reasons why users are thinking to import their data to an Apple Mail account. Furthermore, we will discuss two solutions- one is a manual solution and another one is a professional solution.

Reasons to Import OLM to Apple Mail

Moving back to Mac Mail from Outlook for Mac 2011

“After using Outlook for Mac 2011 for about three months, I’m actually considering going back to Mac Mail.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to move my current/saved e-mails from Outlook for Mac back to Mail? Outlook for Mac only offers one export option – to either PST or OLM – nothing to export to MBOX format.

– James William – New York

I have been using the mac for a long time, earlier I used Entourage as my email client, then came Outlook 2011 for MacOS, and now it’s Outlook 2016 for Mac. Due to some official guidelines I now need to switch over to Apple Mail. This includes transferring my database from Outlook 2016 Mac to Apple Mail.

As I am completely unaware of this process, I am looking for some help in terms of what I need to do to migrate to Apple Mail. A simple and faster approach will be more preferable.

– Duke Potter – California

Manual Solution to Import OLM File to Mac Mail

Follow the steps to import the data to Apple Mail:

  • Run Outlook on your macOS machine. Choose the required mailbox that you want to import.
  • Click on the mailbox and drag and drop it on the desktop to save them into MBOX.
  • Then, repeat the steps until all your mailboxes are converted into MBOX.
  • Then, run Apple Mail >> Select File >> Import Mailboxes.
  • Choose MBOX files from the system and load them.
  • Wait for minutes, and you can see the files imported into Apple Mail. 

Limitations of this Method:

  1. It will consume more time as you have to repeat the drag & drop steps again and again.
  2. You must have Outlook for Mac installed on your system.
  3. You cannot import a selective amount of the data.

Solution By Experts – Import OLM into Apple Mail

One such application is RecoveryTools OLM Migrator Software which gives the direct option for the users to import files. The tool is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface. Thus it can be used by all novice as well as technical users. Also, it has the ability to import an unlimited number of files without any size limitations and without any kind of issue.

Moreover, this software supports multiple other formats such as OLM to PDF, OLM to MSG, OLM to PST, OLM to CSV, OLM to EML, import OLM to Gmail, import OLM to Office 365, OLM to Exchange Server, OLM to vCard, import OLM to Thunderbird, and others. While importing a large amount of data, the hierarchy of all the files and folders is maintained throughout the process.

Users need to convert OLM to MBOX first, and then import the resultant files into Mac Mail.

Just Download the mentioned OLM to Apple Mail tool for free of cost and start the process.

Download the Solution Now:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Import OLM File to Apple Mail

  1. Launch the solution on your computer.
  2. Select the required OLM file with desired options.
  3. Choose the required email folders from the list.
  4. Select the MBOX in the saving options.
  5. Get the resultant files.
  6. From Apple Mail, import those files instantly.

How do I import OLM file to Mac Mail? Step-By-Step Guide 

  • Firstly, install & Run the mentioned software and load OLM Files using dual ways.

add olm files to the panel

  • Select only the required mailbox folders that you want to import.

select the required olm files

  • Then, choose MBOX format from the file saving option and enter the destination path where you want to store your data.

choose mbox to import olm to mac mail

  • Click on the Convert button & analyze the conversion process.

import olm to apple mail

  • After successful conversion access the resultant MBOX files.

view output files

  • Run Apple Mail / Mac Mail & from the File menu, and click Import Mailboxes…

select import mailboxes to move olm to apple mail

  • It will display options to import data. Choose Other from here.

choose others from the list

  • It will ask to import data from different platforms. Choose the other option.

mac outlook to apple mail

  • After that, you will be asked for the location of one or more files in MBOX format or a folder containing them. Select the folder having resultant files and click on Continue.

olm to mac mail

Hence, you will receive all your mailbox items in Apple Mail instantly just by following the above steps.

Benefits of using tool to import OLM to Mac Mail:

  1. The utility provides a flexible GUI that can be used by all the users present on the Internet.
  2. Maintains the hierarchy of all the files and folders and the entire data structure throughout the process.
  3.  This software allows you to convert Mac OLM emails along with including attachments in the original format.
  4. Supports all kinds of OLM files whether they are orphaned or from different versions of Outlook for Mac.
  5. Preserves the Data Integrity and maintains images, attachments, headers, and other metadata elements.
  6. Advanced Filter Option to locate some particular email from different intents.
  7. Offers Selective Conversion of data according to the needs and requirements of the users.
  8. There will be no file size limitations while moving Microsoft Outlook for Mac OLM to Mac Mail Account
  9. Also, it is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
  10. Does not require any kind of extra installation throughout the conversion process. Work without the need for any kind of technical guidance.


In this article, we have explained the complete process to import OLM to Apple Mail client. If you want to know the procedure and learn how to import the data to Mac Mail, then read this post and get the solution now. You can use any of the approaches mentioned above as per your requirements. Nevertheless, I recommend you use the second-mentioned solution to import OLM file to Mac Mail as soon as possible with 100% accuracy.