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How to Import EML to Zimbra? Automated Method

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 28th, 2023
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Are you searching for import EML to Zimbra? We understand it is challenging because Zimbra generates TGZ files and does not support EML, for this users need to convert EML to TGZ. However, in the article we have provided the best method to instantly import EML files to Zimbra account. Also we have read about some common challenges users face while EML to Zimbra cnversion. So make sure you don’t miss any important information.

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Overview of EML and TGZ File Formats

EML stands for electronic mail which contains emails, attachments, sender, recipient, and other details. You can open EML files in different email apps like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Gmail.

So why to import EML to Zimbra? TGZ stands for Tar GZip which is an archive file format that helps to compress and store multiple files in a single file. Zimbra application generates its files in TGZ format. However when a user needs to convert EML to TGZ, it becomes challenging for them because of the compatibility.

Challenges Users Face to Import EML to Zimbra

There are several challenges users face when they convert EML to TGZ. Here are some common of them:

  • The most common challenge faced by the user is compatibility issues. EML is not a universal supported file format, on the other hand Zimbra supports TGZ. For this users need to EML to TGZ conversion.
  • Large EML files might take longer to process, and there could be restrictions on the maximum file size for importing into Zimbra.
  • Some information in EML files may not transfer accurately, resulting in missing information about senders, recipients, or other details.
  • Certain types of attachments in EML files might not be supported by Zimbra, causing problems during EML to Zimbra conversion.
  • Users may face issues if they don’t have the necessary permissions to import multiple EML files to Zimbra.
  • Slow or unreliable network connections can interrupt the process to convert EML files to Zimbra TGZ, causing incomplete or failed transfers.
  • Using outdated software versions for either EML files or Zimbra can result in incompatibility issues during the export.

Direct Solution to Convert EML to TGZ

Try using the RecoveryTool EML Converter. It has a special feature that lets you easily change EML files to TGZ format, and you can choose Zimbra as the format to save it in. Professionals recommend this EML to Zimbra converter as they are already using it to import EML to Zimbra. Using just a single tool, users can import their EML files to multiple email applications while using advanced functions. We have also explained the features of the software below that are beneficial to convert EML to TGZ.

The EML to Zimbra converter is also available with a free demo version where users can just download and import first 25 EML file/ per folder to Zimbra account for free.

How to Import EML to Zimbra in Bulk?

  1. Start by downloading the EML to TGZ Converter and installing it on your computer. Hit Next to convert EML to TGZ. Import EML to Zimbra
  2. Open the software and utilize the dual options to upload your EML files, allowing you to convert them to TGZ. import eml fles
  3. Preview all your EML files and check only the folders you wish to export to Zimbra.select folders
  4. Go to the Save Options and choose Zimbra to import EML files to Zimbra account. select Zimbra
  5. Click the Browse button to pick the location where you want to Import EML to Zimbra.Import EML to Zimbra

Features of EML to Zimbra Converter:

  1. This EML to Zimbra TGZ Converter makes it easy to import lots of EML files to Zimbra all at once, saving you time. You can transfer as multiple emails without any size or quantity limits.
  2. It works with EML files from various email programs like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and more.
  3. You can convert EML to TGZ and keep all attachments like documents, images, presentations, and more.
  4. The EML to TGZ Converter imports all information available in your email such as sender, recipient, links, images, attachments, etc.
  5. When you import EML to Zimbra, it maintains the original formatting of the software and makes it look simplified.
  6. The tool makes a TGZ file that is compatible with all versions of Zimbra Desktop, Server, and Web Client without causing any problems.
  7. You can combine multiple EML files into one TGZ file without losing any info, and the text in your emails.
  8. After converting, you can save your new TGZ files on your desktop, or you can choose a different path wherever you prefer.
  9. This converter works well with both Windows and Mac.


We hope the article helped you to import EML to Zimbra. We have provided a step-by-step complete guide to easily convert EML to TGZ in the direct. All you have to do is, just install EML to Zimbra converter in your Windows or Mac and follow the steps explained in the article. You can also read about the features of the software. If you are interested to know more about the software, visit its official page