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How to Import Contacts from Excel to Outlook 2016, 2011 for Mac?

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In this article learn how can a user import contacts from Excel to Outlook 2016 for Mac in easy steps. There are large number of users who wants to migrate Excel (XLS, XLSX) files to Outlook for Mac 2011 or latest 2016. We have to split the whole process in major two parts i.e. first convert Excel to VCF files & then change vCard to OLM files. It will help the users to move Address Book from Excel file to Outlook for Mac 2016 account.


Free Download Excel to Outlook 2016 for Mac Toolkit:

The free trial version of this utility will enable the users to export only first 10 contacts from Excel to Outlook 2016 for Mac program. In case if you want to migrate unlimited Contacts from Excel XLSX file then you have to first purchase the proper license. Contact data stored in a database or spreadsheet is not so easily to import into Outlook for mac.

In the database or spreadsheet program i.e. Excel, export the contacts or save them into a single XLS / XLSX file. You must make sure that the columns must have meaningful headers as do not needed to correspond precisely to the fields used in Outlook for Mac Address book. By default, the software will provide option for the users to manually Map columns to the fields during the conversion process.

We all know that Outlook for Mac comes up with various versions & editions including Outlook 2019 for Mac, Outlook 2016 for Mac as well Outlook 2011 for Mac. Moving Excel Address Book into Outlook for Mac is a very intelligent decision. But it is not so easy to perform the conversion of Excel mailboxes to OLM file. Once you can easily import Excel Address Book to vCard files & then change the vCard files to OLM file supportable in Outlook for Mac.

How to Import Excel to Outlook 2016 for Mac Program?

The whole process can be divided into major two parts like as displayed below:

  1. Convert Excel Address Book (XLS, XLSX) to vCard/VCF Files
  2. Change vCard File to Outlook for Mac (OLM) files
  3. Import Obtained OLM Files into Outlook 2016 for Mac

Part A: Obtain Excel Contacts as supported VCF files

  1. Install & Run the tool to import Excel XLS, XLSX database files.
  2. The software will ask the users to choose Excel Spreadsheet in the application panel. Select the XLS / XLSX Excel database file which you want to import into Outlook for Mac.
  3. Use the application to manually Map Contacts Field with vCard files according to your requirements.
  4. Select the destination path to save the resultant vCard / VCF files. It will also ask the users to Save all Contacts in One VCF file.excel to vcard
  5. The software will also choose the vCard encoding for the users. Set vCard Encoding as Default, ASCII, UTF-8, UNICODE, UTF-32, or UTF-7 Encoding. Once your setup all these options click on Convert button to start process.

Within few seconds, the software will complete the whole conversion process depending upon your Excel file size. After conversion process finished successfully the software will directly open the default destination folders from where you can access VCF files.

Part B: Change vCard files to Outlook for Mac supported OLM Files

  1. We all know that Outlook for Mac program use OLM for Import/Export Hence, we will learn here how to change VCF files to Outlook for Mac OLM Files. First, download the utility from given below:
  2. Install & Run vCard to OLM Wizard in your PC.
  3. The software will ask the users to browse vCard files from source location.
  4. Choose the obtained VCF files and then click on Open button to continue.
  5. Select all the required VCF files with complete folder hierarchy
  6. The utility will ask the users to setup Excel Contacts to OLM files.
  7. One can save the resultant OLM files at the user desired path.import contacts from excel to outlook 2016 for mac
  8. After the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit.vcard to olm
  9. Access the resultant OLM files once the conversion process finished successfully.

Part C: Import OLM into Outlook 2016 for Mac Program

  1. Run Outlook 2016 for Mac in your Machine.
  2. From Tools tab of Mac Outlook, choose Import option here
  3. Select Outlook for Mac Archive file (.olm) & continue.
  4. Browse for the source OLM file in your PC & choose Import
  5. The resultant Contacts will start appearing in People section of your Navigation bar.
  6. The Excel Contacts to Outlook 2016 for Mac migration process finished successfully.

As from above we can easily conclude that it has become very easier for the users to browse the contacts from Excel (XLS, XLSX) files to Outlook 2016 for Mac program.

FAQ’s about Excel Contacts to Outlook for Mac Migration Program:

Que: How can I map my Excel columns with Outlook Fields?

Ans: You certainly do not need to worry about it. The toolkit will ask the users to manually map fields of Excel database file to Outlook fields.

Que: is this utility offers any file size limitation to its users?

Ans: No, there is no file size limitation offered by this toolkit. However, during trial it only export first 10 contacts from user directory.

Que: Do I needed to have Excel Program installed in PC for the working of the software?

Ans: No, you did not need to have Microsoft Excel program in your system for the working of this utility.

Que: Can I try & check the working of this software before making any purchases?

Ans: Yes, you can free download & try the trial version of this toolkit with a limitation of conversion of 10 contacts.

The Verge: This is a best place to deal with the various queries of a user regarding migration of Excel Contacts to Outlook for Mac program. We have provided a state-of-the-art solution to import Excel Address Book & Contacts details to Outlook 2016 for Mac program. The software will also come up in package of programs requiring to transfer contacts. You can try the software & the understand its working without making changes in its original content.

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