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Way to Wipe SSD Before Selling It to Another Person

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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Introduction: This blog is beneficial to those who are seeking for information on how to wipe SSD before selling it. So, if you seem to be one of them, keep an eye on things.

Let us begin this blog post by referencing a user inquiry that was taken from a prominent forum website:

Hello, I’m looking to sell my SSD (MX500), however I’m well aware that simply formatting the SSD is not enough. The individual to whom I am selling my SSD is someone I am not familiar with. As a result, I must clean my SSD before selling it to ensure that he cannot recover my data. Is there anyone out there that knows of a solution that can complete this work for me?

As previously said, there are a large number of users that are required to do this activity. As a result, we will address this question in further detail in this post. So, let’s understand everything in detail.

What is SSD?

An SSD is one of the finest improvements you can make to your PC. Since big capacity SSDs have become more affordable, they’ve become less of a trade-off between disk space, cost and speed.

As with other types of flash memory, an SSD has a limited number of write operations, which creates a problem if you wish to wipe the solid-state drive. Using a regular tool might cause harm to the SSD, shortening its life.

As a result, it is critical to carefully clean your SSD disk. Now, the question is how to erase it safely.

How to Wipe SSD Before Selling ? Methods

There are two recommended solutions, which we will discuss below. Decide on the approach that is most suited for your particular circumstance.

Method 1 – SSD Clean

The ATA Secure Erase command can be used in the first way. By using this command, all of your SSD’s blocks are returned to a “clean memory state,” which is what the name implies. There is no overwriting with the ATA Secure Erase command, unlike the TRIM command. Only the flash memory blocks of the SSD are affected by the voltage surge. With this operation, the SSD is declared “clean” and all accessible blocks are reset.

Method 2 – Using the Trusted Software

The ATA Secure Erase command may not be sufficient in some cases. It’s especially important if you want complete peace of mind that your SSD won’t be harmed during the wiping process and that your data will be permanently lost. Professional file erasure software, such as Data Wipe Software, can help with this. In order to ensure that the data on your SSD cannot be retrieved, this application employs secure erasure techniques.

RecoveryTools staff has considerable expertise dealing with a variety of different types of storage devices, including SSDs and data scenarios. Our program has been approved by the many professionals. It assures that you receive a premium price for your SSD if you decide to sell it. Our software secures your SSD and your privacy in general.

Therefore, download the SSD cleansing program and begin erasing your SSD disk.

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Step by Step Working Process to Wipe SSD Before Selling  

You just have to follow the simple steps given below:

  • To begin, users must download and install Secure data erasure on their Windows operating system.
  • Then, choose the “Select” button and go to the folder where your files are located, then click “Next.”
  • If the selected folder has subfolders (or files at a lower level of the folder hierarchy), the whole folder structure will be displayed here.
  • Following that, users must select which files should be permanently deleted.
  • Now, from a selection of more than 20 possibilities, pick a needed overwriting Standard.
  • A pop–up box will display on the screen upon the completion of the activity. To confirm, click OK.

Time to Wrap Up

SSDs are a relatively new technology, and there are several concerns about their maintenance and use. Unsafe data cleaning procedures, on the other hand, might cause harm to the SSD. If you want to resale your SSD, you need take further care to guarantee that the drive is safely cleaned.

A suggested tool for this purpose is mentioned above, which wipes your SSD using powerful erasure algorithms. Additionally, it assures that any data recovery program is unable to access the data on your disk. Therefore, do not pass up this opportunity and get this amazing software immediately.

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