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A Complete Tutorial on Hosted Exchange Server Attachment Downloader

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 17th, 2022
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Overview: Downloading hundreds of attachments from a Hosted Exchange Server can be challenging considering the security and data properties. How can I save attachments from Hosted Exchange Server emails? It is a common question of many corporate organizations. Solve this problem using the best Hosted Exchange Server attachment downloader tool.

If you have been hosting an on-cloud Exchange service for your business and need to know the reliable method for Hosted Exchange to save attachments to a folder, you may need this guide.
Here, we will get to know about a professional solution for downloading the bulk of Hosted Exchange Server attachments at once with all properties maintained. Also, we will share the complete step-by-step tutorial to extract attachments from Hosted Exchange Server emails along. So, stay connected!

Hosted Exchange Server Attachment Downloading Challenges

Microsoft Exchange Server has always been an upper hand to satisfy the corporate culture and business needs. Also, many like to host the Exchange Service for other useful features like unlimited mailbox size and other impressive features.

If talk about the attachments send and receive by Hosted Exchange Server, the service provide support for common file extension such as wav, .txt, .oft, .msg, .tif, .tsv, .mp3, .midi, .text, .mdb, .jpg, .gif, .xps, .html, .tga, and more.
The cloud based service also put limitation on certain attachment extension like bat, .cmd, .crt, .exe, .hlp, .inf, .ins, .jse, .ink, .mdb, .reg, .ms[cipt], .scr, and many other.

As mentioned above, the user query to download multiple attachments from Hosted Exchange Server to folder is a common one, one such example is highlighted below:

I am a Hosted Exchange Server admin trying to download multiple attachments to a folder on my desktop PC. I was facing many issues managing the large attachment file size and decided to take a backup in one place. However, I tried downloading a couple of attachments from Hosted Exchange Server, but it wasn’t easy. After the trial of many solutions, my query is unresolved. So, I request the IT experts to suggest me a proficient solution.

The best and most secure solution for Hosted Exchange to save attachments to the folder is Hosted Exchange Server Attachments Downloader tool. Also, it is an efficient and effective way to extract multiple attachments from Hosted Exchange server irrespective of file extension and size.

A Standard Solution – Hosted Exchange Server Attachment Download Toolkit

Users can quickly launch the automatic RecoveryTools Email Attachment Extractor. It has a simple-to-use interface and provides a straightforward method to save attachments from Hosted Exchange Server emails locally. Also, the utility also comes with helpful filter options to extract Hosted Exchange Server attachments of specific time using filters like date range, to, from, and subject. After entering the Exchange Hosted Server credentials’ credentials, the user can extract attachments from any mailbox without any loss.
Get the Free download link from here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Start Free Trial Now: The software comes with a demo edition to test and try the application functionality. Easily download the demo edition on your system. Also, it allows extracting 25 attachments from each Hosted Exchange Server folder with all properties. Switch to the pro edition of the software to save bulk attachments from Hosted Exchange Server to a folder without any complaints.

5 Major Steps for Hosted Exchange Save Attachments to Folder

So, below are the simple steps to use Hosted Exchange Server attachment downloader. Following you can extract multiple attachments from Hosted Exchange Server mailboxes.

  1. Open the application and choose Hosted Exchange Server as email source.
  2. Now, enter the Hosted Exchange Server login details. Users can also use the Batch Mode to download multiple Hosted Exchange account attachments at once. Then, press the Login button.
  3. Now, the software begins to upload mailboxes from Hosted Exchange Server. After that, mark the checkbox of the required folder to download the attachment.
  4. Go to the destination path and specify a required location to save the resultant files.
  5. Now, go to the Filter Option and choose the Use Selective export settings for extracting attachments. Mark the checkbox of the selected extension and manually enter the attachment file extension.

After the above steps, go to the Backup slide and hit the Backup button at the bottom. The process to download attachments from Hosted Exchange Server locally started. Also, it will finish sometime, depending on the number of attachments.

At last, the software opens the specified location by the user to save the results file. So, here are all your attachments downloaded from Hosted Exchange Server.

Top 5 features to save attachments from Hosted Exchange Server Emails Software:

  • Keep all the attachment properties: 

This best software to save Hosted Exchange Server email attachments locally is developed with the high-tech algorithm. Also, it retains all the properties of the attachment file during the process.

  • Save all type of attachment files to folder:

Also, the software has no limitation on attachment file extensions. It allows downloading Hosted Exchange Server attachments from all files.

  • Powerful to Download attachment from bulk accounts:

The utility provides a Batch Mode function that allows the user to download email attachments from multiple accounts. To use the batch mode, upload a .csv file of user account credentials. The software maintains the originality of data completely.

  • Selective extraction of Hosted Exchange Server attachment:

In the Filter Option, there is a selective export setting option. It helps sort email attachments on various filters such as date range, to, from, and subject.

  • Freedom to save attachments in the respective folder:

Also, it is an advanced option of the Hosted Exchange Server attachment extraction toolkit. Also, it provides the freedom to save the email attachments in default folders like inbox, sent, draft, and more.

Know Working of Hosted Exchange Server Attachment Tool

I have explained the best way to download hosted Exchange Server attachment file. You can understand the complete process by just following these simple steps:

  • Launch the Hosted Exchange Attachment backup tool on your PC.save email attachments from hostgator
  • Select the Hosted Exchange Server option from the list of email sources.hosted exchange server email attachment downloader
  • This toolkit provides two ways to load data i.e., single account backup or multiple email account backup using its Batch Mode.
  • Now, all of your Hosted Exchange Server mailbox items started loading in the utility panel. Choose only the required folders from here.download email attachments from hostgator
  • Select the Output file location to store the resultant attachment files.change location
  • Now, the utility provides users many advanced filter settings to extract attachments from selective Hosted Exchange Server emails.backup hostgator email attachments
  • Click on the Backup button to start the Hosted Exchange Server email attachment download process.analyze hostgator email attachment download process
  • Now, the utility will directly open the destination folder location from where you can get all the attachment files.access resultant files

Final Words

The above blog post walks you through a complete and professional solution to download attachments from Hosted Exchange Server to folder. It is a straightforward and quick process for IT experts and non-technical users. Also, if you want to take a trial of the software, download the demo edition.