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How to Export Yahoo Mail to PST File? Complete Solutions

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Rollins Duke
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Published On February 20th, 2024
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Are you one of those who are looking for a solution to export Yahoo Mail to PST format? And want to transfer Yahoo Mail to Outlook accounts? If yes, then read this article. Here, we will explain the entire process of exporting large amounts of data without facing any kind of size limitations and technical issues.

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email service providers in the world. Yahoo Mail is a free (ad-supported) email service that offers 1 TB of free storage space. In this world of cutting-edge innovation, email is important in communicating with others.

However, there are many reasons why a user needs to export their email data to their local computer. However, Yahoo Mail does not allow you to export Yahoo Mail to PST format. A lot of users are searching the same query and this query is at its peak nowadays. Therefore today we have come up with this article, here you will get all the information related to this query. let’s start

Why Do Users Need to Export Yahoo to PST Files?

  • Offline Access: PST files store data locally, allowing you to view emails, contacts, etc. even without the internet.
  • Backup & Security: Creates a local copy of your data, independent of Yahoo, protecting against account issues or service outages.
  • Platform Migration: Switching to Outlook? PST exports ensure a smooth transition with all your important emails.
  • Storage Management: Free up Yahoo storage space by keeping older emails offline in PST format.
  • Organization & Sharing: PST files offer better organization options and easier sharing with colleagues or family.
  • Future Recovery: Having a local PST backup can help recover lost emails if needed.

Top Two Ways to Export Yahoo Mail to PST File

To export Yahoo emails to PST, two methods have been mentioned in this article, the first method is manual and the second is an automatic tool. To use the first manual method, you must have the Outlook application configured on your system before you can use this method. If the Outlook application is not configured in your system then do not worry there is a solution for that also. Then you have to move towards our second solution which is professional software. Now let us know the process of both these methods step by step.

Method 1: Yahoo Export to PST File by Manually 

We have divided this method into two phases in the first phase we will configure the Yahoo account in the MS Outlook application and then in the second phase we will export the PST from Yahoo.

Phase 1: Configure Yahoo Account in MS Outlook

  1. Firstly, Open Yahoo Mail and then click Settings.
  2. Then, turn on the Enable IMAP option and third-party access to send OTP.
  3. After that, open the MS Outlook application on your system.
  4. Now, click the File tab and then tap the Add Account option.
  5. Enter the Yahoo email address and then click Connect.
  6. Finally, enter the account’s password and click Connect.

Now, your Yahoo mail account is successfully configured in the MS Outlook email application. Let’s move into the second phase.

Phase 2: Export PST File from Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Now, click the File tab on the top menu.
  2. After that, click the Open and Export option.
  3. Thereafter, click the Import/Export option.
  4. Choose the Export to a File option and tap Next.
  5. Now, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
  6. Select your Yahoo mail account and tap Next.
  7. Now, choose the desired location of the output file.
  8. Finally, click Finish, then enter your account password.

Now your Yahoo emails have been successfully exported to PST. You can use this method whenever you have the Outlook application configured in your system. If Outlook application is not configured in your system then move to the second solution.

Method 2: Export Yahoo Folders to PST File by Automatic Tool

If you do not want to get stuck in hectic tasks like manual solutions and also want to avoid data loss, then you should use professional tools. In this section, we are going to introduce one of the best methods to export Yahoo Mail to PST. If you are one of those who want to complete the process effectively, then first download RecoveryTools Yahoo Mail Backup Tool. In the section below, we will explain the complete process of exporting entire Yahoo Mail folders to PST files.

But before that, you need to download the mentioned utility which is free to download. The software is available for Mac and Windows computers and you can download the correct version from the buttons below. Moreover, the mentioned utility also has the facility to export the data in multiple formats. It can easily export Yahoo to iCloud and many other platforms.

Learn How to Use Automatic Tool? Complete Guide

  1. First, download the mentioned Export Tool on your computer. After that, install and run this utility on your Windows Computer.
    Export Tool
  2. Thereafter, enter your Yahoo Mail account details in the software panel to connect with your account.
    account details
  3. After that, select email folders from the list to which you want to export Yahoo mail to PST.
    email folders
  4. Thereafter, select the PST option in the list of file-saving options.
    PST option
  5. Now enable the advanced settings from Filter Options to download Yahoo mail to PST selectively.
    Filter Options
  6. After that, choose the required destination location path to save the resultant data at the use location.
  7. Thereafter, click on the Next button to start the exporting process.
    export Yahoo mail to PST

Prime Benefits & Features Of Automated Solution

  • Batch Email Conversion: With the help of a smart wizard, the users can easily export Yahoo Mail to PST format in batch mode. In this way, you can save your time for migrating multiple emails in a single process.
  • No External Installation: The software is built with powerful advanced algorithms. It does not require any kind of extra installation and also does not need much technical knowledge to work on.
  • Preserve Folder Structure: You can export the Yahoo mail folders without experiencing any change in the original structure of mailboxes. This in turn makes the navigation of emails much simpler.
  • Keeps Intact the Key Elements: The automated solution assures that it maintains email properties throughout the processing. The key elements of Yahoo Mail like ‘to’, ‘Cc’, ‘Bcc’, ‘From’, ‘hyperlinks’, ‘Unicode texts’, ‘embedded images’, and ‘formatting’, and all layouts remain the same.
  • Faster and Accurate Results: You can export Yahoo mail to PST format in bulk without facing any kind of issues. Also, it works fast and will provide desired results with 100% accuracy.
  • Data Filter Options: The most beneficial thing with this utility is that now you can manage some selective emails in one go. Yes, with the advanced filter options, you can conveniently save Yahoo Mail to PST. It offers you data filter options like ‘to’, ‘from’, ‘subject’, and ‘email address.

FAQ to Export Yahoo Mail to PST

Ques. Do I need Microsoft Outlook to export Yahoo to PST?

Ans. Yes, the manual method requires Outlook. Automatic tools may offer alternative export formats.

Ques. What are the limitations of the manual method?

  • Can be complex for non-technical users.
  • Limited filtering options for selecting specific emails.
  • May have size limitations on exported data.

Ques. What should I consider when choosing a professional tool?

  • Features: Filter options, data selection, conversion speed, etc.
  • Cost: Free vs. paid versions and their features.
  • Security: Encryption, data protection measures, etc.
  • Ease of use: Interface and instructions for beginners.

Ques. Can I export individual email folders?

Ans. Both methods allow selecting specific folders or applying filters for targeted exports.

Ques. Where should I save the exported PST file?

Ans. Choose a secure location with enough storage space. Consider external hard drives or cloud storage for redundancy.

Ques. Can I import the PST file back into Yahoo Mail later?

Ans. No, PST is an Outlook format specifically for local storage and access.


In the above article, we have explained all the possible methods to export Yahoo Mail to PST format. In which the first method is manual and the second method is the automatic tool. Both methods are quite suitable, you can use any one method as per your need.

If you are interested in exporting the data immediately then continue with the second mentioned solution. In the second solution, we have mentioned a professional tool which is recommended even by experts. However, there is no direct possible way to export PST to Yahoo Mail folders. Therefore, we suggest you continue with the second solution and get better results without facing any kind of restriction.