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How to Export Tutanota Emails with Attachments? Step-By-Step Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 10th, 2024
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What are the ways to export Tutanota emails? Is it possible or does Tuta itself provide features to export the emails? Are the same questions running in your mind? Well this is what we are here for, not to waste your time but to suggest to you the top-notch methods through which you can easily backup Tutanota emails all at once. Seems impossible? Let’s try!

First of all, what is Tutanota? So the users who have just got an account on Tutanota and are not aware of all its features then let’s learn about it first before we begin to export Tutanota emails.

Understanding Tutanota and Its Features

A Germany based safe and secure email service that focuses on providing end to end encryption to the users along with both free and paid plans, that’s what Tutanota is, now known as Tuta! Additionally this email service mainly prioritizes privacy and security.

Following are some features of Tutanota:

  • As discussed above Tuta Provides end-to-end encryption to your emails and attachments, ensuring only the recipient can read the messages.
  • To add the extra layer of security, Tutanota also offers two-factor authentication.
  • Apart from encrypting emails, Tutanota also encrypts contacts and calendars.
  • Tutanota email service supports TLS with PFS, DKIM, DMARC, DNSSEC, and MTA-STS.
  • Additional features of Tutan include, free ads, custom domain, mobile apps, etc.

How to Export Tutanota Emails One-by-One?

  1. Simply open the Tuta, enter your details to login your account.
  2. Open the Mailbox and select the emails you want to export.
  3. Click on the Download icon and all your Tutanota emails will be exported in a Zip file.
  4. Extract the zip file and save Tuta emails wherever you want.

This is how you can backup Tutanota emails in case you need just a few of them.

How to Backup Tutanota with All the Emails?

The direct method to instantly export Tutanota emails and attachments all within a seconds, you can try the RecoveryTools Email Backup Software. All you need to do is just enter your Tuta login credentials along with IMAP details, backup Tutanota emails only with the chosen folder at your desired path in any format you want.

features to export Tutanota emails in bulk

Which is the Right Approach to Download Tutanota Emails?

Here is the comparison between Manual and Advanced Method:

Differences Manual Tutanota Backup Tool
Bulk Export Export Tutanota emails one by one Download all Tuta emails at once
Time Management Finding the important emails and downloading manually consumes time Automated advanced technical values and save time
Featuress Manual approach has no feature which adds ease to download Tutanota emails. The Tutanota backup tool is developed with features like select folders, save Tuta emails in multiple formats, choose desired path, enter IMAP details, etc.

Why Should We Export Tutanota Emails?

  • This is the best way to backup Tutanota emails and safeguard important ones for future need.
  • Users who are switching from Tutanota account to another email service can migrate the downloaded emails easily.
  • Share the Tutanota emails with someone who is not active on the Tutanota email account.
  • Export Tutanota emails for reporting, researching, investigation or legal purposes.
  • Free up space in the Tutanota account by downloading the Tutanota emails and saving them locally.


So we hope now you may not have any problem to export Tutanota emails, after all we have explained to you the easiest methods. Hence, you should definitely try out the given advanced approach to backup Tutanota emails with attachments in bulk even within a seconds. The tool does not ask for your efforts and help you until you successfully download all your Tutanota emails.

Questions That Might be Helpful For You

Q 1: What is Tutanota?

Tuta is an email service that strongly focuses on privacy and security and allows users to encrypt emails, contacts and calendars.

Q 2: How do I export all emails from Tutanota?

  1. Download the RecoveryTools Tutanota Backup Tool.
  2. Select IMAP in Email Source.
  3. Enter Tutanota email, password and IMAP details.
  4. Choose a path and a saving option.
  5. Hit start to backup Tutanota emails all at once.

Q 3: What are the disadvantages of Tutanota?

The major drawback of Tutanota is, it supports limited customers only.

Q 4: Is Tutanota a Free Email service?

Tutanota comes up with both free and subscription based plans.