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How to Export Emails from Mailbird to PST Format ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Overview: Are you looking for a solution to export Mailbird to PST format ? Or want to know how to extract Mailbird emails to PST file in batch ? If so, then your searches end’s here. In this article, we are going to explain the complete process to export Mailbird emails to PST file. This file can easily import on all Microsoft platforms.

Mailbird is a well-known desktop-based email program utilized by overall clients. In any case, subsequent to doing explore we found that there is a lot of clients looking for an answer for exporting Mailbird messages to PST file. So by thinking about the current situation, we chose to examine how to convert messages from Mailbird to PST format.

The PST file is one of the popular formats in the email world. People all over the use PST file to store Outlook email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and many more. It offers some valuable features to use. Moreover, it is a computer file format that doesn’t require any connectivity with servers or other platforms.

Hi, I was using Mailbird email client for the last few years. Recently I want to switch from Mailbird to Outlook email client. That’s why I am looking for a solution to export Mailbird to PST format. Does anyone know how to convert Mailbird Messages to PST file ? Please Help me!!!!!

You can have many different reasons for exporting Mailbird email messages to PST format. Thus, follow the itemized instructions to easily convert Mailbird emails to PST format effortlessly.

A Direct Way – Mailbird to PST Converter

RecoveryTools Mailbird Migrator is a special program, which gives the immediate solution to export Mailbird emails to PST files. Its basic and easy-to-use interface assists both parade and nonprofessional clients to effectively work with the device. It also provides an auto-detect option to choose Mailbird mailbox automatically.

Get the Product:

Download for Windows

Note: This is a trial edition of this application to only export a few messages from Mailbird to PST file. For more, you need to purchase the solution.

Steps to Export Mailbird Emails to PST Files

  1. Launch the solution on your computer.
  2. Select Mailbird mailbox with dual options.
  3. Choose the required mailbox folders easily.
  4. Select the PST option and set the location path.
  5. Start the process to export Mailbird to PST.

How to Export Messages from Mailbird to PST File ?

  • Launch the solution on your Windows and Windows Server computers.

  • Choose the Mailbird mailbox files or folders from the list.

  • Select the required email folders from the list.

  • Pick the PST file from the list of file saving options.

  • Choose the required destination location path to save resultant data easily.

  • Start the process to export Mailbird emails to PST file.

  • When the process is completed, click on the ok button.

Top Advantages of Mailbird to PST Converter Tool

  • 100% Safe and Instant:

The product export messages from Mailbird to PST for Outlook with attachments in no endeavors. Additionally, it guarantees no deficiency of any data and messages properties.

  • No Limitations – Complete Conversion:

The product doesn’t have any limitations to export Mailbird to PST format. It is fit to convert messages from Mailbird emails to PST for the MS Outlook application.

  • Autonomous Solution:

The product assists you to export messages from Mailbird configured mailbox to PST format. You can select the advance option to choose the automatic mailbox from the default location. Additionally, it offers Select File and Selects Folder choices to convert Mailbird to PST without a Mailbird email application.

  • Pick Desired Location:

The utility aids individuals to convert messages from Mailbird to a file PST the ideal location path. You can easily browse the destination location path to save the resultant location.

  • Keep up with all Attachments:

While converting Mailbird to PST file, the product guarantees to keep up with every one of the attachments in its local native file format.

  • Preserve the Mailbox Properties:

The product keeps up with all the properties related to the Mailbird mailbox information without making any sort of progress. Also, the solution keeps all messages properties such as email messages, attachments, internet header, etc.

  • Compatible with Windows:

The Mailbird to PST Converter allows you to export selected Mailbird folders to PST files on all Microsoft Operating systems. One can easily install the solution on all Microsoft Windows including Windows 11.


In the above article, we have explained the complete way to export Mailbird messages to PST files. If you have similar issues, then download the recommended solution. The previously mentioned programming arrangement permits the client to straightforwardly export emails from Mailbird to PST files. In addition, you can contact specialized help from the technical group.