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How to Export Horde Email to Outlook – Two All-inclusive Methods

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On March 25th, 2023
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Are you looking to export Horde email to Outlook?

If so, then you have come to the right platform!

Horde email application is a free web-based email client application available in c-panel software. Horde email application users can easily send/receive emails and organize items like calendars, tasks, address book, notes, contacts etc.

The user query regarding the export from Horde email to Outlook has been captured as below:

user query for horde to pst

Solutions: How to Export Horde Email to Outlook

There are two scenarios here:

  1. Export Horde Emails & Convert to PST
  2. Export On-Premises Server Mailbox to Outlook

The first solution is for normal users to get the job done in 2 steps. While the second solution is for enterprises to export server data from Horde to Outlook. So, choose as per your requirements.

I. Export Horde Emails & Convert to PST

This solution states that Horde emails can be definitely exported into Outlook with the two steps and they are:

  1. Export Horde Webmail data in MBOX file to your local machine.
  2. Convert Horde emails into PST format which can be imported into Outlook email application.

Let us begin with the first phase in which Horde emails need to be exported in MBOX format.

Phase 1:

The following are the required steps to export Horde emails into MBOX format locally:

  • Firstly, you need to open the c-panel webmail by entering the website or IP address or webmail in the browser.
  • A new window will get opened for entering the login credentials. You can choose ‘Control Panel’ to enter the admin credentials for Horde email account.

open cpanel

  • Select ‘Webmail’ to enter the individual user credentials for Horde email account.

open webmail

  • Once the credentials have been entered then, you can click on ‘Login’ button.
  • Once you have been logged in then, you will be directed to the main page of the horde web mail. Here, move towards the left navigation, right click on ‘Inbox’ folder and select ‘Export’ as an option from the drop-down list.

export horde emails

  • After clicking on ‘Export’ option, a new window will get opened where you have two options as ‘Download into a MBOX file’ and ‘Download into a MBOX file (Zip compressed). The option can be chosen as per your choice.

choose export format

If the second option ‘Download into a MBOX file (Zip compressed) is chosen then, the zip file will have to be extracted using WinRar tool. Then, the folder can be opened and the files can be accessed.

The question that comes to te mind is that how long will it take to download all the emails from Horde into MBOX format?

The answer is that it depends completely upon the size of the mailboxes. If there are a number of files stored in the mailbox then, it will take time to download them into MBOX format. However, if less number of files are stored in it then, less amount of time to save them in MBOX format.

The next phase to export Horde email to Outlook is given below.

Phase 2:

The second step is using the MBOX to PST Converter tool to convert your Horde emails into PST format in order to import them into Outlook email application.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

  • Open the software on your system.

start horde export tool

  • Click Select files and choose the Horde MBOX files that you downloaded earlier.

select horde mbox file

  • Once the files are loaded in the software, make sure to check them all and move to the next window.

check the loaded files

  • Here, select PST from the list of given options.

select outlook pst

  • Finally, click the Convert button to start the process.

start the export process

Now that you have the PST file with all the Horde emails inside, it’s time to import this file in Outlook (click to move to the relevant section).

II. Export On-Premises Server Mailbox to Outlook

Horde Mail Migrator allows you to migrate horde on-premises mail server mailboxes to Outlook. It has 25+ migration options along with PST format. Other advanced features include email filters, batch export, naming convention, etc.

Download the free demo version of this Horde to Outlook Converter here:

Download for Windows Purchase Now

As for the complete working process to export Horde email to Outlook, watch them in the following video:

Once you have the PST file, import them in Outlook by following the steps in the next section.

Import PST Containing Horde Email to Outlook

After converting Horde mail to PST, the following are the steps to import PST files into Outlook email application:

  1. Open the Outlook email application.
  2. Go to ‘File’ tab, select ‘Open & Export’ and then click on ‘Import/Export’.
  3. In the ‘Import and Export Wizard’, choose an action as ‘Import from another program or file’ and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  4. Select the file type to import from as ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  5. Browse for the PST file to be imported and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  6. Select the folder to import from as ‘Outlook Data File’, choose the option as ‘Import items into the same folder in’ and from the drop down arrow, choose the Outlook email id and click on ‘Finish’ button.
  7. All the PST files are now imported into Outlook account. You can open and check them.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, a brief on Horde email application, user query, the methods and steps to export horde email to Outlook have been discussed. There is no single manual method but the trusted and reliable automated methods which gives the best results in just few simple steps fill this void magnificiently.