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How do I Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Without Outlook ?

Christian Stewart ~ Modified: 23-06-2021 ~ Office 365 ~ 8 Minutes Reading

export office 365 mailboxes to pst

Looking for a solution to export Office 365 mailbox to PST without Outlook installation? But facing different hurdles while googling for the same……

Yeah! It’s time to take a deep breath and feel relax. Today we are here with an article to tell you about the best method to bulk export Office 365 mailbox to PST. Although there exists a solution to export mailbox from O365 to PST using eDiscovery, this solution demands expert knowledge.

A person who knows each and every technical detail of the Exchange Online platform can perform this task. Well, we are now going, to begin with, an explanation of both the available approaches. Later on, we will discuss more regarding migrating mailboxes from Office 365 to PST.

Quick Solution:

Email Backup Software is a perfect solution to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST files. You can directly migrate emails, contacts & calendars of Office 365 to the O365 account by entering your username & password.

Free download the trial from the below button:

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Trial Limitation: The free trial edition will allow users to export only the first 25 emails from O365 mailboxes to PST file. Purchase the license to migrate unlimited mailboxes.

Method 1: Quick Way to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST

The solution provides a secured and safe environment to customers for migrating mailboxes from Office 365 to PST. It includes the use of an easy-to-use program named – Office 365 to PST export tool. No chances of data breaches, content leakage, information manipulation, etc., are there while exporting PST from Office 365.

The following steps provide in-depth knowledge on how to bulk export Office 365 to PST without any hassles.

1. Download the installation file of Office 365 to the PST export tool. Install it completely on your PC and launch it.

export email from office 365 to pst

2. From the list of ‘Email Source’, select the Office 365 option to begin with the first phase of exporting PST from Office 365.

Choose Office 365

3. Enter the email id and password of the Exchange Online account. The tenant needs to be the one whose mailboxes you wish to export in Outlook PST format.

Enter the login credentials

4. Click on the Login button to allow the app to enter into the source account and fetch mailboxes from it. The data fetching takes place only for exporting purposes. The application automatically erases the fetched content after the entire procedure completed.

Authenticate the user

5. All mailboxes of the Exchange Online account will load on the preview panel of the software. Here begins the second phase of the process to export email from Office 365 to PST. You have to check the checkboxes of all those mailboxes, which you wish to export in PST format.

choose the email folders

6. Although the product displays ‘PST’ as the default saving option still for the safe side, you can re-select it from the menu.

Select PST as saving option

7. Software automatically displays the default path to save the resultant PST file. If you wish to change it, use the Change option.

Enter destination path

8. Finally, click on the Backup button to initiate the procedure.
Start to export email from office 365 to pst

This procedure hardly involves only 8 steps to be carried away to migrate mailboxes from Office 365 to PST. No supportive applications are required for accomplishing the task.

Method 2: Export Email From Office 365 to PST Using eDiscovery

This method aware users of the step-by-step process to use the eDiscovery option to export Office 365 mailbox to PST.

1. Sign-in into your MS Exchange Online admin portal and explore the navigation menu by clicking on the arrow. (As highlighted in the screenshot)

Sign in into Exchange admin portal

2. Hit on the Admin Center to explore the further list and pick the Exchange option from it.

Select Admin Center

3. A new tab gets launched where you have to use the admin roles option from ‘permissions’ fields.

Go to permissions

4. Now it’s time to provide a management role in EAC for using eDiscovery Management. This is done to create an environment for migrating mailboxes from Office 365 to PST. Click on Discovery Management to proceed.

provide management role

5. Click on the Edit symbol to append important roles in the Discovery Management role group.

Discovery Management role group

6. In the Roles, you have to add Mailbox Import Export, Legal Hold, and Mailbox search roles. By default, the ‘Mailbox Import Export’ role is not allotted hence, add it manually.

add Mailbox Import Export

7. In ‘Display Name List’, hit on Mailbox Import Export option >> Add >> OK.

select Mailbox Import Export

8. Go to the Members section and hit on Add symbol for adding your tenant to the member list. After adding the member, click on the Save button.

Go to Members section

9. Now you’ll be directed back to the EAC page where you have to click on the Compliance Management option. Click on Add icon for moving further with the process to export email from Office 365 to PST.

Compliance Management option

10. Here opens a new browser where you have to enter the required name and description in the required field. Click on Next to continue.

enter the required name and description

11. Now you will be prompted to select mailboxes for the search operation. Pick any one of your suitable search option.

search operation

12. Here you will see a ‘Public Folder’ that enables you to export data of public folders too. Click on Next to export Office 365 mailbxoes to PST.

Public Folder

13. Several filtering criteria will be displayed in front of you. Apply filters as per your required settings and click on Next

Apply filters

14. Click on the Finish button to save and update all the defined changes.

15. Once the saving procedure gets finished, you can see the ‘Estimated Succeeded’ status on the RHS of your screen.

Estimated Succeeded

16. Continue the process of exporting email from Office 365 to PST by clicking on the Download icon.

click on Download icon

17. Define the system location where you wish to save exported PST from Office 365 via the ‘Browse’ button. After this, hit on the Start button

Define the system location


Which One to Opt For?

A business person gets confused when he or she has to decide between third-party utility and eDiscovery option. This is considered the most difficult phase for users who want to export email from Office 365 to PST. In order to clear out this common problem, we are going to draw a comparison table.


Using Office 365 to PST Export Tool

Using eDiscovery Tool

It is available for free but, with a single limitation that it exports only 25 emails per folder from O365 to PST. You can eliminate this limitation easily by opting for the software’s PRO version.

This solution is available for free. Hidden charges might be there to use this inbuilt utility. The limitation of this method is that it requires an O365 expert to execute it.

Office 365 to PST export tool is easy-to-understand. Also, it enables a novice user to export mailbox from O365 to PST.

Migrating mailboxes from Office 365 to PST via eDiscovery isn’t simple to understand. It demands high knowledge.

Bulk export Office 365 mailbox to PST is carried away effortlessly in just 8 simple steps.

Exporting mailboxes from Office 365 to PST in bulk demands 17 technical steps to be carried away.

Features of Office 365 to PST Export Tool:

The above table explains the easiest and best approaches to backup O365 emails as PST files. Some of the main advantages of this advanced software are detailed below.

  • Download Copies of Emails:

The software will download the selected emails as a PST file from the cloud. Duplicate copies of emails and messages are generated and then backed up to an Outlook data file without losing the original content.

  • Preserve Email Meta Attributes:

This O365 to PST migration tool allows the user to backup emails with the correct email structure. All meta-properties including Subject, Date, To, Cc, Bcc, etc. will be preserved and original during the backup process.

  • Export Multiple Office 365 Mailboxes to PST:

This software also allows users to export mailbox data of multiple Office 365 accounts as a PST file. The user only needs to select the I am Admin option when starting the software. Enter your account details via a CSV file and automatically download the emails as a PST file.

  • Apply Filters for Specific Mailboxes:

Office 365 to PST Export software allows users to selectively back up items using multiple filters. Filters can range from the time period to the subject of the message, and so on. Simply select one of the filters and enter values ​​in the required fields to use them.

  • Export Office 365 Archives to PST:

The tool supports backup of all mailbox items and folders. The user can export Exchange Online mailboxes, archive mailboxes, shared mailboxes, and public folders to PST files.


In today’s post, we have provided a solution on how to export email from Office 365 to PST format. However, it is toughest for non-technical users to opt for an eDiscovery tool to migrate mailboxes from Office 365 to PST. Therefore, we had recommended an effective and efficient solution to export mailbox from O365 to PST tenant.
We had put our best in clearing out the common problem of bulk exporting Office 365 mailbox to PST. And we hope that we have successfully succeeded in it. In case you wish to get a simplified solution to any of your tech problems then, please let us know.