How to Extract Contacts & Calendars from The Bat to CSV, ICS Formats ?

Karen Chard | April 16th, 2020 | CSV, How To

Do you want to export contacts & calendars from The Bat! (TB) shareware email client? If your answer is yes then you can read this particular blog post. After reading this article anyone can easily extract The Bat contacts in CSV (Comma Separated-values). After extracting contacts in CSV file extension, you can use them with several email clients and services.

Export Contacts & Calendars from The Bat!

The Bat! Email Client users can manage their emails, contacts, calendars, etc. You can easily access The Bat! Address book by choosing Tools << Address Book option. The Bat! (TB) email client users can also save their calendars dated by selecting Tools << Scheduler option. Actually The Bat users can use the “Scheduler” option to manage their calendar information.

Export The Bat! Contacts in CSV (Comma Separated-Values)

1 – Start The Bat! TB email client and choose Tools << Address Book option as you can see in the desired screenshot.

Start The Bat! TB email client

2 – Now you can see all The Bat! Address Book Contacts.

The Bat! Address Book

3 – Choose File << Export To << Comma-Separated (Plain text).


4 – At, last you can save contacts.csv file at any selected destination path.

Export The Bat! Contacts in CSV

Manage The Bat! TB CSV & ICS Files

The BAT Migrator is an excellent software that has an isolated option to convert The Bat contacts and calendars in various standard formats. You can easily add The Bat exported contacts (*.csv) or calendars (*.ics) files in the software GUI. Users can use Select Files or Select Folders options for uploading The Bat contacts and calendars. This application is authorized to convert The Bat address book and calendars in PST, vCard, ICS formats.

Manage The Bat! TB CSV


After reading this blog post, all home and business users can easily export contacts & calendars from The Bat email client in commonly used file extensions. In this blog post, our team has described the technique to extract The Bat contacts in CSV file extension. It is a 100% free and manual technique and we have used real screenshots. So anyone can easily understand the explained method.