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How to Migrate Emails from Exchange to G Suite Account ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 14-01-2022 ~ Exchange Server ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you want to know how to migrate Exchange emails to G Suite account ? In this article, we get to know about how to transfer emails from Exchange to G Suite account. One can easily migrate Exchange to G Suite account instantly & quickly in terms of its speed & accuracy. Read this article to know more.

Microsoft Exchange Server is known as a cooperative undertaking mail server, which is created by Microsoft Corporation. Exchange Server gives different kinds of facilities to the clients like email, contacts, calendars, tasks, information stockpiling, and so on.

Microsoft Exchange Server utilizes the exclusive convention named MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface). Just as it likewise upholds POP3, IMAP, SMTP conventions to arrange email accounts.

Google Workspace for Business or G Suite always provides modern technology with Business innovation ideas as well as technical upgrades. Due to these amazing advantages of the G Suite, a large number of users move their businesses to Google Workspace accounts.

From an extensive stretch of time, a large number of users are looking for a way to transfer emails from Exchange Server like 2019, Exchange 2016, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2002, etc. to G Suite account.

Reasons to Move Exchange Server to G Suite Account

  • Swifter Platform than Exchange Server: At the point when we talk about the speed and user-friendly of the email application, then, at that point, G Suite will be much ahead in advances. In G Suite, one can get to records, reports, send/get/see emails quicker.
  • Improved Integrity: The clients can open and alter records without introducing any outer application and straightforwardly from their messages.
  • Better Mobility: In G Suite, it isn’t fundamental to have a PC system to partake in the elements and advantages. The explanation is, it runs on an internet browser and doesn’t need any establishment.
  • Costing: MS Exchange Server requires weighty support charges as it is an enormous scope email server while Google Workspace administrations are accessible liberated from cost or on less estimating.
  • Suitability: Exchange Server is well reasonable for finishing the business email prerequisite for different clients while G Suite is best for a single home and corporate people.

Advance Utility – Exchange to G Suite Migration Tool

This Exchange to G Suite migration software is very easy for technical users as well as normal non-technical users – RecoveryTools Exchange Migrator. The program comes under guarantee with a simple transitional process. You can easily transfer all the details of your Exchange Server Webmail account such as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, notes, etc. to G Suite account. The software supports an on-premise Exchange or Hosted Excahnge Server to G Suite Migration.

This utility maintains the originality of the Exchange Server mailbox items during the transfer process. During the migration, the users are advised to log in using Exchange Server mailbox items of both Hosted Exchange or on-Premise Exchange Server to G Suite accounts. Users can upload/export or move their emails & labels as well provides the option to save emails in default folders.

Free Download Exchange to G Suite Migration Toolkit:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Migrate Exchange to G Suite (Google Workspace)

  1. First you need to get this utility on your PC.
  2. Put all the details of your Exchange Server.
  3. Mark on the required information or folders.
  4. Choose G Suite and put your account information.
  5. Start the process of Exchange to G Suite Migration.

How to Move from Exchange Server to G Suite Account ?

  1. Install & Run Exchange to G Suite Migration software & then choose Hosted Exchange Server or Exchange Server options from the list of the Email Source account.
  2. Now, enter the details of your email account and password in the user interface panel. One can also choose the I an Admin option to log in with your Administrator account.
  3. The utility will instantly start analyzing the mailbox data and show it into the interface panel.
  4. Users can choose only required mailbox items & then select Gmail or G Suite option from the 29+ Select Saving list.migrate exchange to g suite
  5. The software performs the Exchange to G Suite migration options as well Use Advanced Settings for Selective backup on the basis of To, Date Range, Subject, or From As well the software also needed to input G Suite account as well Password.migrate exchange 2010 to g suite
  6. Enter account login credentials of resultant G Suite account like Email Id & Password. Users can Save Messages in the default folders option to change the destination file path.exchange to gmail migration
  7. Click on the Backup button to start the migration process & analyze the live conversion process.Microsoft exchange to gmail
  8. After the conversion process is finished click on the OK button to exit from here.import exchange to gmail
  9. The program will generate a log report which includes all the information. how to transfer contacts from exchange to gmail

How to Migrate Emails from Exchange to G Suite Account ?

From above we can easily analyze that it proves to be a perfect choice for the transfer of contacts from Exchange to G Suite account. We can understand the working of the solution step-by-step in a simple procedure. By default, the utility allows migrating all the emails, contacts, calendars, into a Google Workspace account. The software also enables them to perform the selective items from Exchange mailbox to Google Workspace account. The utility also displays all the details like messages & mailbox folders converted during the Exchange to G Suite account.

In the above video tutorial, a user can learn how can a user migrate Microsoft Exchange to G Suite account. Watch more to learn the complete process.

Hosted Exchange to Google Workspace Migration Tool – Top Features & Benefits:

  • The Exchange to Google Workspace migration utility enables the users to directly migrate Exchange Server mailbox items into G Suite account. One only needed to provide account login credentials of source Exchange account like Email Id & Password.
  • Users can migrate multiple Exchange Server user data to G Suite account by login with an administrator account. This option allows them to login using an Exchange Server administrator account that helps them import more than one Exchange user’s to G Suite account from cloud to cloud. The program will automatically enable an Exchange user’s mailbox data to a G Suite account.
  • The utility offers various Advanced Filters Settings to perform the selective conversion of Exchange to Google Workspace mailbox items. One can apply these filters on the basis of receiver email address, Date Range, Subject of the message, or Senders email address. The software also asks the users to Request for More Features
  • This amazing utility maintains the on-disk System Folder Structure Hierarchy of Exchange Server Webmail mailbox items like Inbox, Journals, Drafts, Junk Emails, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Calendars, Contacts during the Exchange Server to G Suite migration process.
  • This software enables users to transfer Exchange Server mailbox data to a Google Workspace account. This can be done by enabling the option to select Save Messages in the default folder option which will help them save the mailbox items that are there.
  • The Exchange Server to Google Workspace migration toolkit generates a SavingLog report which will include all the important information like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Selected Source, Folder Path, Items Converted, Destination Path & the Status of the process.
  • The software provides an Easy to Use & simplified User Interface makes it a perfect choice for the users to perform Exchange Server to G Suite Migration.

The Verge:

In this article, we get to know about how can a user migrate Exchange to Google Workspace account. A large number of users are looking for a way to move Exchange Server Emails or Contacts to G Suite account. Free Download the toolkit which allows the users to export 25 emails from each folder. After that, you can easily purchase the proper license of this toolkit to activate the software. For more information, contact us via email or chat.