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How to Download Attachments from PDF File ? – Complete Solution

Karen Chard ~ Published: 10-02-2020 ~ PDF ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Hi! I am looking for a solution to download attachments from PDF files. I have multiple PDF files containing attachments of different file formats. Some are images, some are Word documents, audio. I want a utility that can download all these attachment files from PDF document. Please suggest me a good PDF attachment extractor.

Do you also want an efficient solution to download attachments from PDF file ? If yes, then read the following blog and find the best possible way to download attachments with exact formatting. In this write-up, we have explained a proper way to download attachments from a portable document format file.

There are many different solutions available online to save PDF attachments. But, not every solution makes sure to protect your files and data from any data loss. PDF Attachment Extractor is a useful tool that allows you to download PDF attachments along with exact formatting without any data loss. Also, the utility can download attachments of all types and file formats. Before we discuss more the utility, go through the steps for how to download attachments from a PDF file in batch.

How to Download PDF Attachments ? – Stepwise Solution

Follow the steps given below to save multiple attachments from a PDF document:

1. Firstly, download and install the utility on your Windows PC.

2. After that, from Select Files or Select Folders options, add .pdf files.


3. Now, select folders to save attachments from PDF files. Click on Next.


4. After that, select the Destination Path to save downloaded attachments.


5. Finally, click on the Convert button to download PDF attachments.


Solution to Download Attachments from PDF

The utility is a professional approach. With the help of this software solution, you can save multiple attachments from PDF files of any format. The tool supports to download all type of attachments. Also, there is no limitation for the size of the attachment file you wish to download. It is supported by all versions of the Windows Operating System.

Also, there is a free demo version available for the tool to download attachments from PDF files. But, it allows to convert only the first 5 attachments and extracts 1 attachment from each PDF. For unlimited conversion, you can go with the licensed edition of this tool.


Utility to Save PDF Attachments – Important Features

1. The utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. So, you can install it easily on any Windows PC.

2. Dual Mode allows adding multiple files or folders containing .pdf files to download files in batch. So, you can add any number of files or folders with Select Files or Select Folders options.

3. The tool allows to choose the destination path for saving the output files at the desired location.

4. After adding PDF files/folders, the utility displays the number of attachments found in front of each PDF file. So, from here you can check the number of attachments a pdf file contains.

5. Also, the tool allows to choose from the added folders to download PDF attachments.

6. The software downloads all the attachment files without disturbing their original formatting. Also, it can extract all types of PDF attachments easily.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have suggested a professional solution to download attachments from PDF file with exact formatting. Also, the utility has a number of features for a quick and error-free process. Using this software, you can download attachments in bulk without facing any difficulty. Also, there is a free demo version available for this tool to experience the working.