How to Permanently Delete AOL Emails in Bulk ?

Karen Chard | March 5th, 2021 | Email Cleaner

delete aol emails in bulk mode

In this article, you will learn how to delete AOL emails in Bulk mode. I will explain here the step-by-step process to mass delete AOL emails permanently. Deletion of AOL emails can be done in multiple ways but I will discuss here only the fastest way to clean AOL emails & folders.

AOL continues to decline. I have never imagined that I have to face such problems while using AOL Mail. I need to contact some of my groups by email and my AOL email address is now trying to deny me access to my contacts.

When I try to delete email groups, I have to delete them twice. I don’t know what went wrong with AOL, but using my AOL email will be frustrating. AOL needs to do better. I’m having service issues so; I want to delete my AOL account and switch to Gmail.

I want to permanently delete my AOL email account. Before removing an account, I want to clean my AOL Inbox so that none of my data remains on its server. Kindly suggest me a solution to erase AOL mail folders as soon as possible.

Direct Solution:

Yes, you can mass delete AOL emails & folders with professional Email Cleaner Software. The utility will permanently delete all the emails from your AOL account. It also provides advanced filter settings that can be applied to delete only specific AOL emails.

Free download the trial from the below button:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: The demo edition of the AOL Email Cleaner application will allow the users to delete only the first 25 emails from the AOL email account. If you want to permanently delete unlimited AOL mail folders, you need to first activate the software by purchasing its license key.

5 Steps to Delete AOL Mail Folders:

  • Run software & enter AOL login credentials.
  • Choose all required AOL mailbox folders to delete.
  • Apply filter settings to mass delete specific emails.
  • Separate option available to delete AOL attachments.
  • Start AOL deletion process & analyze progress directly.

Amazing Features of AOL Email Eraser Software

The AOL email eraser application provides unlimited benefits to its users. The software will provide users the option to delete AOL emails in bulk mode. Users can apply the filter settings to delete only certain AOL emails on the basis of Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc.

Apart from it, the software will also provide users a separate option to delete Email attachments from the AOL account. All types of attachment files are supported by this toolkit to empty your mailbox including Text files, Word documents, PDF files, Zip Archive, etc.

Some of the highlighted features of this amazing solution are listed below:

  • This AOL Email deletion program works in a fully independent environment. You didn’t need to have any third-party email client installation in your system.
  • A user can load AOL mailbox items in the application just by entering the account login credentials directly.
  • The application will permanently delete emails from your AOL account. It will empty your AOL Inbox folder so that there will remain no data on its server. Once you delete the emails, you cannot retrieve them back as they are no longer available on the server. So, before emptying your AOL mailbox, make sure to backup AOL emails on a hard drive.
  • Users can apply the filter settings on the basis of Date Range to delete the emails sent or received between a certain time period.
  • One can use this software on all Microsoft Windows OS devices including Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

These are only a few benefits of this software. There are many more which can also make their place in the list.


Wow! What an interesting solution to delete AOL emails in batch mode. This toolkit will list all the AOL mailbox folders in its left pane, from where a user can choose only the required AOL mail folder to remove emails. I really like to say thanks to its developers for providing such a powerful & state-of-the-art software.

It was a very difficult task for a non-techie user like me to mass delete AOL emails permanently. Luckily, your software helped me a lot to perform this task in a very simplified manner. I only needed to enter the credentials of the AOL email account & the rest of the task is handled by this application. Incredible solution.

I really enjoy the simple working interface of this software. It really helped me a lot in emptying my AOL mailbox just in few minutes. This software allows me to easily rid-off off all the unwanted emails from my AOL account. It deletes all the AOL mail folder emails permanently. I can also delete only the attachments inserted with AOL emails to free up space using this software. Kudos to the team.

Remove AOL Emails in Bulk – Recent Queries

How can I delete AOL emails for free?

Follow these steps to manually delete AOL emails in bulk mode:

  • Login into the AOL account.
  • Select the My Account option to open the Account Settings page.
  • Click on Manage my Subscriptions link in service options.
  • Now click on the Cancel button to terminate the service.
  • As soon as you click on the Cancel button, your AOL email account will be canceled immediately.

Even though you have deleted your AOL email account from your end, the emails stored on your mailboxes will remain on the server for a few more days. So, it will be a better choice than you first empty your mailbox manually before deleting your account.

Can I only delete the emails received from one of my juniors?

Well Yes, the software will provide an option to apply filter settings on the basis of emails received from any specific user. Just enter the email address of your junior in the From section & all the emails will get deleted from your AOL mailbox.

I want to empty the AOL mail storage by deleting only the attachment files. Does your application help me to do so?

Yes, you will surely feel yourself on the list of fortune 500 once you get the Pro edition of your application. It really helped the users in managing their AOL server storage by providing an option to delete only attachment files with the emails.

Can I use your application on my Microsoft Windows 10 PC?

Sure, this toolkit can be used on all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows including Win 10.

Closing Remarks:

The above article lists a perfect solution of how can a user mass delete AOL emails permanently. Users can clean their AOL Inbox by removing only specific emails from the mailbox. The utility is very easy to use & you do not need to have any advanced technical knowledge to use the software.