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How to Create Email Account without Phone Number – No Verification

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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Are you looking to create an Email Account without a Phone Number? You may feel lucky, but yes there are many email accounts services that do not require a Phone number verification process to create an account.

List of Top Email Services Requiring No Phone Number Verification

I will list here the top 6 email services that will not require a Phone Number.

A). GMX Mail:

With GMX, you can sign up to receive emails without a phone number. This gives two secure ways to contact you (by email or SMS) if you need to reset your password. If you save your mobile number as an option to reset your password, GMX will not use it to contact you for any other reason or to share that information with anyone.

Compared to other regular email clients, GMX Mail has extensive and unique features. The software uses the GMX email system. The tools are available for personal use and for small and medium-sized companies. Users can communicate professionally with their customers. You can log in to your GMX account on any computer or device as long as the software is installed on these platforms.

B). ProtonMail:

ProtonMail is one of the best free webmail services to manage your service. You certainly do not need a mobile number to verify the account. ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure messaging service. It offers end-to-end encryption and many other security features to keep your communications private. Even the company that stores your email address cannot read it.

Protonmail protects the contents of your email from unwanted recipients. And because ProtonMail encrypts your data, not even those who work for ProtonMail will see your email addresses. That way, you can be sure that no one is checking your inbox or eavesdropping on your emails. Therefore, make sure that they are not read by third parties.

C). Mail.com:

Mail.com is another powerful email service that works without any phone number. Thanks to the innovative website system, mail.com offers solutions for individuals and small and medium-sized companies. As an Internet Service Provider, you can access mail.com from any computer on the Internet.

Mail.com is a very professional mail service with anti-virus protection. Mail.com offers a portal where users can receive news from all over the world in various fields such as education, entertainment, sports, politics, science, etc.

D). Tutanota:

Tutanota is one of the world’s most secured email services to be used for respecting a user’s privacy. Focus on the important things. Tutanota’s lightness and simplicity combined with an exceptional level of safety facilitate a fast and organized workflow. Send emails correctly without interrupting ads, privately and securely.

Save time and money: Tutanota stores all encrypted emails in Germany. We enable your business to use the cloud (availability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, automatic backup) without compromising security. With Tutanota you have your data, no one else has access to it. Protect your business email today with Tutanota.

E). Yandex Mail:

Yandex.Mail offers a rich, complete and useful messaging tool with powerful web access, mobile applications, POP and IMAP access, and unlimited storage. Free, relax. Businesses can use this messaging service. While the search function is not without integrated operators and complex filters, Yandex.Mail supports folders and tabs for sorting messages.

In addition to rich text formatting options, Yandex.Mail includes templates for smart cards. You can also save emails created as templates. There is also an integrated translator that automatically converts the messages you write to other languages. Integration with Yandex.Disk allows you to send larger files without literally merging them. The files can be viewed directly on Yandex.Mail.

F). TempInbox:

TempInbox is a free temporary messaging service that allows you to send one-time spam to a temporary address that is destroyed after 5 days. It is not necessary to verify the phone number to create a TempInbox account.

A TempInbox is a mailbox that is link to a temporary e-mail address. You can read all temporary email addresses in the TempInbox. It is imperative to use the temporary box, as we have a clear and user-friendly interface on all devices. You can save and download received attachments or save all incoming emails.

In all these above email services, a user certainly does not need to provide a phone number to verify your account. I have listed all major services that are available as of now. There are many remnants left including Mailnesia, Mailinator, OpenMailbox, Guerrilla Mail, Inbox.lv, Email on Deck, etc. which can  part of this list.


I have listed all the email services that do no requires Phone number verification. If you want to create an email account without a Phone number, you should try any one of these. You can also keep a backup of all these mail services using a powerful Email Backup Wizard software. The application supports all webmail services available at present time to save emails locally.