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How to Convert Windows Live Mail to PDF? Best Ways

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 28th, 2024
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“Hello there, I was using Windows Live Mail for a long-time, However, since WLM has been officially discontinued, I have been experiencing a slew of issues. After all this time, my WLM account became corrupted yesterday, and now have to save the data as an Adobe PDF file for future use. However, I am unable to access my important emails. Please suggest being a perfect solution to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.”

When Microsoft shut down Windows Live Mail in 2012, many people began saving their data to other email clients. Many users have considered converting their files as an Adobe PDF in such a case. Because PDF format may be accessed from any device and any location without difficulty and also it is used in legal issues. Are you also one of them, who is looking for a solution to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF? If yes, then don’t worry, you are on the right page.

But they do not know how to go about doing so. We have the most up-to-date strategies to help users in overcoming their problems. In this write-up, we will show you one of the best and easiest solutions to export Windows Live Mail to PDF. By using the appropriate solutions. Let’s take a look at the user query and see what problems users are experiencing.

User Query 1: “Hello there, when WLM has been terminated, so that time, I exported all of my Windows Live Mail data. But now I require access to the data. So, I’d like to open that info in an Adobe PDF document for the future. Please suggest a perfect solution to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.”
User Query 2: “I have some important emails in Windows Live Mail, but now I need those important emails. But the problem is Windows Live Mail is corrupted. I tried to open those emails manually, but I got some errors in the WLM account. So could anyone suggest to be the best solution which can easily convert data from corrupted WLM accounts?”

How to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF Manually?

Important Note: We all know that Windows Live Mail has shut down their services. But still there are some Windows Vista and XP users, who are using Windows Live Mail. So, this method is for them.

  1. Open your Windows Live Mail.
  2. Select the required email, and drag and drop it on desktop.
  3. It will save as .eml format.
  4. Select the exported file >> right click >> Open With >> MS Word.
  5. Your exported file will open in MS Word.
  6. Click on the File >> Save As >> Save as Type >> PDF Format.
  7. Browse the location as per your choice.
  8. Hit the Save icon to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.

Why Manual Method is not Good?

  • Windows Live Mail is not working in latest Windows including 11, 10, 8, 7, etc (except Vista and XP)
  • Users have to follow the whole same process again and again for each email.
  • There is not batch conversion available.
  • Also, there is no advanced filters for selective conversion.

Best and Advanced Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter

The most popular solution to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF is RecoveryTools Windows Live Mail Converter Wizard. This software is one of the best and most highly rated utilities that allow users to perform multiple operations at once.

Users from both technical as well as novice backgrounds can utilize this software without facing any kind of size issues or any difficulty. It is possible for users to convert not only single but multiple or even unlimited numbers of Windows Live Mail files directly to the PDF format without facing any kind of data loss issues.

Moreover, the software will not impose any kind of size restrictions and work according to the needs and demands of the users. It also supports multiple other formats to export the data such as Windows Live Mail to Gmail, Windows Live Mail to PST, Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Mail, etc., and multiple other formats.

Also, the software loads the WLM data automatically from the default storage location of the account. Just download the utility for free of cost to convert your files into PDF.

Quick Steps to Convert Windows Live Mail to PDF

  • Step 1: After installation, upload WLM data files.
  • Step 2: Check the box of needed folders.
  • Step 3: Choose PDF as saving type.
  • Step 4: Enable the needed advanced modes.
  • Step 5: Click on the Browse icon to select path.
  • Step 6: Hit on the Next button to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.

Working Steps to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF in Bulk

  1. Download Windows Live Mail to PDF converter tool using given buttons, and install and run it.

    Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter Tool

  2. After that, upload the needed single or multiple Windows Live Mail data files and folders using Select Files and Select Folders options and click on the Next icon.

    data files and folders

  3. Next, you will get your all available folders and subfolders on the panel, and select the required data files and click on the Next button.

    all available folders

  4. Click on the Select Saving Option and choose PDF format from the list.

    Select Saving Option

  5. Go to Filter Options tab and check the advanced filter for selective Windows Live Mail to PDF conversion.

    selective Windows Live Mail to PDF conversion

  6. Check the File Naming Option to manage your converted emails.

    File Naming Option

  7. Windows Live Mail to PDF converter will choose desktop location, you can use Browse button to select other path.

    desktop location

  8. Lastly, click on the Convert or Next button to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF format.

    convert Windows Live Mail to PDF format

  9. At last, a confirmation message will show and click on the OK icon.

    confirmation message

Why Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter Tool?

  • The utility has the ability to convert multiple files or folders at once without any kind of file size restrictions.
  • Users can easily load WLM data by using the appropriate option – Convert Configured Windows Live Mail data (if installed) or by selecting files or folders directly from the location.
  • A complete preview of all the WLM files will be displayed on the panel. You can select the required number of files or folders from there.
  • This Windows Live Mail EML to PDF Converter provides 25+ saving formats to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF. Moreover, users can choose the saving option and can store the resultant data in a specific location.
  • Multiple “File Naming options” will be given to manage the data by using Subject, Date, File Name, From, and multiple other intents.
  • Data Consistency will be maintained throughout the conversion process and there will not be any kind of loss of data.
  • It can work on all the editions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS versions.
Please Read Me: The demo version of the Windows Live Mail to PDF converter is provided for free so that you can get an idea for how the software operates. However, there are certain limitations to the free edition, such as the fact that users can only convert 25 emails from each WLM folder. As a result, acquire the pro version to convert an unlimited amount of data.

Final Words

Finally, in this write-up, we covered every detail of how to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF using both the free and professional way. We had tried our 100% to provide you with the best solution without facing any size restrictions and no data loss. Study the entire blog till the end and observe which solution suits you best and works far better as compared to others. It is up to you to choose the needed solution.