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How to Convert TXT to PST in Bulk? Best Solution

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Are you looking for a convenient method to convert TXT to PST? If yes, then start reading the article to find the most efficient solution to instantly convert TXT to PST file. We have explained the step-by-step procedure to convert multiple TXT files to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, start reading…

Microsoft Outlook is a popular desktop based email client that supports PST files to store its data. It is also a part of MS Office suite. Known for its robust features, Outlook provides comprehensive tools to manage emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. It has a user-friendly and simple interface with a variety of features. However, sometimes users need to convert TEXT to PST file, as TXT files are the most common file format which contains data in plain text with no formatting and styling. Therefore, this file format is not supported by Outlook.

This article has outlined the most powerful method to efficiently export multiple TXT files to PST Outlook, without facing any challenges. Although there is no manual way to do this task, there is a tool called TXT to PST converter that offers a direct way for TXT to PST file conversion in bulk at once without needing technical knowledge.

Why Convert TXT to PST?

  • If you have important text based information that you want to import Outlook, you can change it to PST.
  • Organizations may need to access their txt files through MS Outlook for professional purposes.
  • Data is text files are not safe, but can be protected by exporting to the most secure desktop based email client Outlook.
  • PST files save data in structured and well organized form, which are easy to read and understand.

Which is the Best Solution to Convert Multiple TXT files to PST?

RecoveryTools TXT Converter is the software specially built for convert TXT to PST file in bulk. This TXT to PST converter tool allows professionals and users to export multiple TEXT files to all the versions of Outlook while saving time. Read the features of this tool to know it’s capability.

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How to Convert TXT to PST in Bulk Effortlessly?

  1. Download and launch the TXT to PST Converter application on your Windows PC.Convert TXT to PST
  2. Within the application, you’ll see a dual option to upload your text files onto the software panel. You can either choose to select individual files or folder selection.select file or folder
  3. Once you’ve loaded your TXT data file into the application panel, the tool will display the number of files or folders you’ve chosen, providing a clear overview. Check required folders you need to export.check files
  4. After selecting the folders to convert TXT to PST, go to the saving option and select PST format from the list.Select PST
  5. During this step, you have the option to specify the destination path to save the PST files. Then Click on the “Convert” button to start.Convert TXT to PST
  6. The software will commence the conversion of your text files to the Outlook PST format. You can monitor and analyze the live conversion process within the application.
  7. To verify the results, navigate to the specified destination path and check the generated PST files.view data

After converting the TXT files to PST format, users can effortlessly import the exported PST file into the Microsoft Outlook application. This enables easy access and viewing of the originally formatted TXT file content.


This application is super easy to use and easily lets you convert TXT to PST in bulk. We also tried its free version which lets you move 25 emails from each folder without paying any amount. Once you see it working well, you can buy a license for the full conversion. The best part is, there’s no limit on file size, so you can move as much data as you want from TXT to Outlook without any problems.

Features of the Tool:

Here are some cool features of the Text to Outlook Converter app:

  • You can convert a bunch of TXT files into MS Outlook at once, without facing an error.
  • Save a large number of TXT files into PST format without worrying about file size limits.
  • It lets you convert TXT to PST along with emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc without losing any important info.
  • Pick the desired location where the converted data goes – it gives you the freedom to choose.
  • It is compatible with all the Outlook and Mac versions. Plus, there’s a free demo version you can try.


We explained the most powerful application to convert TXT to PST in bulk in just a few clicks. Download TXT to PST Converter to instantly convert TXT to PST file in bulk in a hassle-free manner without losing any data, and while maintaining the security.