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How to Convert TXT to PNG Without Losing Text Formatting?

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Summary:- Searching for the methods to convert TXT to PNG then, you aren’t one. Since both text and PNG file formats are commonly popular among professionals. In this article, we will shed light on the advantages of changing the text or textual file format to a high-quality PNG image. Further, we will explain the best go-to solution to quickly change the file extensions.

These days, everyone’s job profile and even career includes hovering over the internet. Whether sending emails, reading documents, or sharing the data needs different file formats. Speaking about TXT or PNG file format, one of the widely popular file extensions used for various purposes. 

TXT or Textfile is a typical yet standard plain file format that includes electronic text. It is quite similar to writing on paper. This versatile file extension greatly relieves users for sharing text data and storing unformatted text. 

Often there are several limitations of this file format therefore, converting it into text enables users to access the information in digital images. Now, let’s dig into the solution and benefits of changing the file formats. 

Batch Convert Text File to PNG Using Expert Solution 

Changing the unformatted text document to PNG enables users to visualize the information and enhance the readability factor. Since the manual solutions are unclear and quite complex for users to perform. Therefore, use a top-notch RecoveryTools TXT Converter; one of the secure solutions to change one file extension to another. In addition, it is among the highly functional yet intuitive tools for professionals, businesses, and even individuals. 

The feature-rich character of this software includes batch convert TXT to PNG, secure conversion of notepad text in 15+ file formats, avoiding data loss, and live tracking the status. Yet another advantage of using this tool includes excellent GUI and provides settings to add sender emails. Most importantly, it enables users to preserve the textual information without losing the original formatting. With this, let’s move ahead to know the steps. 

Step-by-Step Guidance to Convert TXT to PNG File Extension 

Here follow the below-mentioned steps to change text document to PNG/ digital image. 

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  1. Run and start the aforementioned tool.
    add .txt file
  2. Add Text or Textual file via the Select Files option and then, Next.
    click on require boxes
  3. Here add the necessary checkboxes >> Next.
    choose PNG file format as saving option
  4. Now, select the PNG file extension from the Select Saving Option.
  5. In the same window, choose the saving path using the Destination Path.
  6. Lastly, click on the Convert box to begin the process of converting the TXT file format to PNG.

Undoubtedly, exercising these steps is user-friendly, simple, and quick. With this, users can conveniently change the Text file format to a transparent PNG image. Besides this, once the conversion process is completed, users can access the resultant file in the chosen destination.

Limitation of Online Solutions to Convert Text to PNG  

Often these days, users find it convenient to use online TXT files to PNG converters. The reason behind gaining popularity is the facility to just drag and drop the plain text file. Then, change it into any file extension. However, one of the major drawbacks of using these online solutions includes the possibility of a data breach as these services unleash the involvement of third-party tools. 

Yet another disadvantage of using these online converters includes the risk of security and stealing of confidential data. On the other hand, it is suggested to use the professional tool to eliminate these kinds of potential risks. Further, utilize the aforementioned software that enables users to quickly convert TXT to PNG file format. 

Need of Converting Text File to Transparent PNG Format 

Previously, we have explained the one-stop solution for changing textual documents to digital images or PNG file formats. Now, seeking to know the advantages of converting the TXT file extension into PNG file format. Here we are going to highlight its benefits briefly. 

  • High- Quality Digital Image

As we have already mentioned PNG is a widely popular yet high-quality compressed image solution. It enables users to visualize the data into a transparent and semi-transparent digital image. Therefore, convert text to PNG allows users to view the unformatted plain text information in an image. With this, users can further add it to a presentation, web page, or any document easily. 

  • Robust Security 

Often making chances and manipulating the TXT file is a simple and easiest task for anyone. To mitigate the risk of editing and exploiting the original information. Hence, converting the textual data into transparent images minimizes the fear of editing. Further, it significantly adds another intuitive layer of security against any anonymous activities.

  • Wide Range of Accessibility

 The reason behind looking to convert TXT to PNG file merely involves accessing the information in different platforms. Undoubtedly, there are several scenarios where users need to create a presentation or graphical representation of text. However, the TXT file format is supported by limited applications. Changing it into a digital image unfolds a wide range of accessibility with multiple devices. 

In a nutshell, these are the reasons behind converting the textual or unformatted plain text information to PNG. Significantly, PNG enables users to add more accessibility, security, and preserve the formatting of the original text. 

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Concluding Words

In this article, we have talked about the solution to convert TXT to PNG file extension. As we have already discussed, the free methods are complex and retain technical difficulties. However, using the aforementioned tools, users can promptly bulk change the .txt file format to a .png file. It is a safe yet resilient solution for users to flawlessly convert files.