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Convert TXT to MSG File Without Losing Text Formatting

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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TXT is short for Text file format commonly known as simple and unformatted text. In addition, this file format is popular among professionals for saving plain text information. Since other file formats support the information of text, attachments, inline images, etc. Text file format only contains text characters that come in human-readable format.

These days, the internet is constantly flourishing and adding more ease with the widespread use of emails. Therefore, users can’t send and receive emails in text documents. Hence, seeking the methods to convert TXT to MSG file format. In addition, converting the TXT file format to a standardized email-supported file format enables users to read, share, and store emails. Besides this, MSG file format refers to Message. Fortunately, this file format leverages users to save email messages with other mailbox information such as appointments, contacts, tasks, etc. 

The text file format isn’t supported by email clients. Therefore, in this article, we will elaborate on the best go-to methods to export TEXT documents to MSG file format.

Reasons to Export Text Document to MSG/ Message File Format

Before delving into the one-stop solution to convert the Text file format into a standard MSG file. Let’s first find out the quick reason behind saving the TXT information in other file formats i.e. MSG. The .msg file format is a single/ plain message file format supported by Microsoft Outlook. 

Since Outlook is one of the most proficient desktop-based email services. Compared to other email services, Microsoft Outlook is commonly popular among professionals for managing the abundance of data of emails. Moreover, this email client supports MSG file format as import and export of single emails via simply drag and drop with a mouse. 

Moreover, the MSG file format offers entire information stored in a single email such as subject, message body, contact address, attachments, etc. Besides this, convert TXT to MSG enables users to easily share and access text information without losing the formatting. 

Now, let’s quickly add the reasons to export Text file format to MSG file:-

  • Email Supported Format

Often there are several instances where users need to convert the textual content to standard email format. Exporting Text documents, especially in MSG file format enables users to easily import/ export emails in Microsoft Outlook. With this, users can seamlessly transmit information with other email services.

  • Drag & Drop in Microsoft Outlook 

We have already mentioned the .msg file format is supported by most distinguished email clients i.e. Outlook. In addition, export Text document to MSG leverages users to seamlessly access the unformatted text information in Microsoft Outlook. Further, users flawlessly can read, access, edit, and share the file with other email services. 

  • Quick Backup 

Undoubtedly, the accidental deletion of emails and textual information brings unfavorable conditions for users. For the same, the backup of these confidential data adds relief for professionals to not worry about these circumstances. Therefore, saving the textual document to MSG helps users create organized and email-supported backup files. 

In a nutshell, these are the common reasons to convert TXT to MSG file format. Hence, it is a robust alternative solution to access single and plain text information to Outlook-supported file formats such as MSG.

Additionally, users can view the original TXT file in MSG file format with just a drag-and-drop solution. Another advantage of the .msg file format, it helps users to errorlessly migrate email information with attachments to other email services. 

Method to Bulk Convert Text File Format to MSG

Earlier, we have explained the benefits of converting the Text document into MSG/ Message file format. Since the manual solutions are unclear and complex. Therefore, use the best RecoveryTools TXT Converter; one of the supreme solutions to export the .txt document file into 15+ most distinguished file formats including MSG. In addition, it is an optimum solution to batch convert the unformatted text/ notepad textual information into popular file extensions.

Besides this, the other intuitive functionality of this tool includes an excellent user-centric interface, error-less conversion, remote accessibility, and most importantly, preserving the text originality. Hence, users can easily flawlessly export Text document to MSG without the fear of data loss and breach practices. Interestingly, this tool enables professionals to choose the desired path to save the resultant file. With this, users can locally save the MSG file format in their operating system. 

Step-by-Step Guidance to Convert TXT to MSG File Format 

The aforementioned tool is well-designed for both Mac and Windows computing systems. Therefore, users download the software supported by their operating solutions. Now, let’s move ahead to learn the steps of this tailored tool:

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  1. Launch & Run the above-mentioned software.
    insert the file
  2. Insert the required textual file via Select File > Next.
    select the necessary boxes
  3. Click on the necessary checkboxes, you need to export > Next.
    click on MSG file format
  4. Using the Saving Option, click on MSG file format.
  5. In the same interface, browse the desired location of the final file using Destination Path.
  6. Now, click on Convert to start the process of file conversion. 

Fortunately, just in a few steps, users can export Text document to MSG file format regardless of any risk factor. Further, after the data conversion, users can check out the chosen path to find the resultant file.

Limitation of Converting TXT File to MSG Online

There are some online converting solutions available to convert the TXT/ textual file format into MSG file format. In addition, there are drawbacks to choosing these online converter services as they might retain the possibilities of data loss, security, and stealing practices. In other words, these proficient tools can preserve your confidential data without users’ permission. 

Instead of using the online converter, choosing the aforementioned tool supports errorless transmission without storing the information of users. Hence, it is safe, fast, and reliable to convert TXT to MSG file format. 

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the user’s requirements to convert TXT to MSG file format. MSG file format is an integrated file extension supported by  Microsoft Outlook. Converting the textual information into a single MSG file format enables users to save, access, and share text documents. Therefore, use the aforementioned software to quickly export the .txt file format to the .msg file extension.


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