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How to Convert TXT / TEXT to HTML in Bulk? Best Ways for Instant Solution

Published By Jamie Kaler 
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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Summary: Are you searching how to convert TXT to HTML in bulk? This article has explained the top 4 methods to convert TEXT to HTML in manual ways and with a quick and direct solution. So be ready for the most convenient methods to change your plain TEXT into web format in a hassle-free manner with the help of this step-by-step guide.

Saving TEXT or TXT files as HTML, not only transforms the TEXT formatting but also is a strategic way to upgrade TEXT into Web. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is known to be the most crucial format. This language is used to format and structure website’s content. TXT or TEXT files on the other hand are the common plain TEXT format which are compatible but have several drawbacks such as Lack of Formatting, No Multimedia Integration, Limited Interactivity, No Styling, Difficulty in Handling Complex Data, etc.

In this article we have explained 4 easy methods to convert TXT to HTML in bulk for every user if they do not have technical knowledge. We have also mentioned a few benefits and reasons to change TEXT as html. Start reading…

Why Convert TXT to HTML?

  • With HTML you’re able to make your TEXT visually attractive by adding colors and different fonts within organized structures.
  • Using HTML, you can attach images, videos and other multimedia elements into your content to make it more engaging and interesting.
  • By converting TEXT to html, you can add clickable links that allow readers easy navigation through different site areas or external websites.
  • HTML allows you to work with responsive designs, which means that your information looks proper not just on desktops but also tablets and phones.
  • Proper use of HTML helps search engine robots to understand your content in a better way, so people are more likely to find your information online.
  • If you convert TXT to HTML, you can also include enhanced features such as forms or interactivity items to make your content more dynamic and interactive.
  • These were the most common reasons for changing TXT files in HTML format, but yet there are so many more, it totally depends on the user’s need.

Top Methods to Convert TEXT to HTML

People often look for ways to save TEXT as HTML that’s why companies like Microsoft and Google have already developed in-built features to do this task manually. Hence professionals find manual methods monotonous, so they always utilize direct tools. Below you can find the top 4 most convenient methods to instantly convert TXT to HTML through both manual and professional methods.

Method 1: Change TEXT as HTML in MS Word

  1. Navigate to the .txt file location on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the TEXT file and Click Open With.
  3. Select MS Word from the available options.
  4. After opening the .text file in Word document, go to File tab.
  5. Click Save As option then tap on Save as type to open the list.
  6. Find and choose *.html, rename your file, choose a path then Click Save.

Method 2: Convert TXT as HTML in Google Docs

  1. Just like the above step, open the TEXT file with Google Docs
  2. Click on File tab then place your cursor on Download option’s arrow.
  3. From the small dialogue box, Select Web Page (.html, zipped).
  4. Just after clicking on this option, your .txt file will be downloaded in HTML format.

Method 3: Save TEXT as HTML by Adding HTML Tags

This manual approach required writing HTML code manually in each sentence to convert TXT to html. While this method gives complete control over the resulting HTML code, yet it is quite time-consuming and requires proper knowledge of HTML syntax. This approach to convert TEXT to HTML is applicable for a short TEXT but not for lengthy .text documents.

Example Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Converted HTML Document</title>
<p>This is a sample TEXT converted from a TXT file to HTML.</p>

Note: Above we discussed 3 manual ways to convert TXT to HTML format. Hence methods are full of challenges that professionals never recommend. Each manual method is time consuming, too technical and frustrating. There are some online converters available in the market, but they are not safe at all. For a secure and convenient option, you should use verified tools used by experts.

Method 4: Convert TEXT to HTML in Bulk With Direct Software

The most advanced and instant way to change TEXT as HTML is by taking help of modern applications. RecoveryTools TXT Converter is the software especially built to convert TXT/ TEXT files into multiple file formats without letting users worry about the file size. To overcome frustrating challenges of manual method, try the tool for an instant result. This is the modern way to change file type from TXT to HTML used by professionals, rather than wasting time in manual methods.

Now, you might be aware of the intuitive functionalities of the tool. Here, we will head to discover the steps to run the software:-

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How to Save TEXT File as HTML With Secure Software?

  1. Download and open the tool on your computer then Hit Next button.Convert TXT to HTML in bulk
  2. Choose any option from Select Files or Select Folders, and import the appropriate .txt files.select file or folder
  3. Check the boxes to convert only the required TXT folders, then Hit Next.check folders
  4. On the next screen, select a saving option. Simply click on the arrow and Select HTML to convert TXT to HTML directly. select HTML
  5. You can also choose a Path where you want to save the result.choose path
  6. Lastly, hit the Convert button to initiate the task and instantly download TXT as HTML.

Why Use the Tools to Convert TXT to HTML?

  1. Using the tool to convert your TEXT files can help you in several ways. Read it’s features to understand the benefits:
  2. Convert multiple TXT files to HTML at once without worrying about the size limit.
  3. Apart from saving TEXT files in HTML format, change TEXT files in 15 more file extensions.
  4. Convert only the specific TXT folders based on your needs.
  5. Save time and effort by completing the task in just a few clicks.
  6. Try free version of the software, before purchasing.


This article covered top 4 methods to convert TXT to HTML, like using MS Word, Google Docs, HTML tags and the special tool, to help you complete this task effortlessly. Software discussed in the article offers the best and secure way to instantly convert TEXT to HTML in bulk. The decision to save TEXT as HTML can help you to upgrade your TEXT for the web. Moreover, HTML also makes your content look better and more engaging, while TXT lacks these features and is in plain TEXT format.


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