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Batch Convert TXT to DOCX File [Manual & Expert Solution]

Published By Jamie Kaler 
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Published On February 7th, 2024
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Summary:- If you’re searching for embedding formatting in your text file, you certainly find nothing. Since the TXT file format is standard, it limits users to drafting it into minimal formatting. Therefore, convert TXT to DOCX; one of the go-to solutions to add uncommon styling to your simple text document. This article will briefly explain the free and automated solution for converting the Text file format into a .docx file. 

Undoubtedly, compared to plain file format, the formatted document looks more presentable yet intuitive to read and share. TXT file format is considered the simple and standard file format similar to your notebook. Features are absent as it is not compatible with or supports any kind of formatting. 

With this, there are several scenarios where converting the .txt file format is the mere choice for the users. On the other hand, the DOCX file document is one of the most popular saving text file formats. Hence, using this file format users can easily outline the text with more styling. Now, read the article to know the methods. 

What is the Need to Convert TXT File to DOCX?

Before delving to uncover the solution, let’s first quickly understand the reasons to convert TXT to DOCX. As we have already mentioned, TXT is the basic or unformatted text. This file format is commonly used among professionals for drafting plain text. 

However, when it comes to adding some text formatting then, this file format isn’t compatible to accept these styling. For the same, DOCX is a widely popular file format for editing, viewing, and designing text. Now, here are the advantages of opening the TXT document in DOCX:

  • Different Text Formatting

Since TXT files only retain ASCII characters or plain text. Therefore, converting the unformatting text to DOCX enables users to add formatting such as bold, italic, font size, font color, and even insert images.   

  • Maintain Text Structure 

Despite Text formatting, using .docx file format users can effectively maintain the text structure. As it adds richness to TXT by aligning the document. Further, it allows users to outline content with tables, paragraphs, bullets, etc. Hence, convert TXT file to DOCX; one of the go-to choices to improve the visualization of your text file. 

  • Wide Range of Compatibility

Besides the aforementioned benefits, opening the unformatted text document in a DOCX file helps to add a wide range of accessibility. Today, DOCX is considered the standard Word document for editing, reading, sharing, and formatting text without any complexities. 

In a nutshell, converting the TXT file format allows users to make their content look more readable and in a viewable structure. Now, let’s head to discover the methods to open text file format in .docx file extension. 

Expert Solution to Batch Convert TXT to DOCX 

Before uncovering the manual method, let’s first understand the secure and hassle-free expert solution. To bulk convert TXT file to DOCX, count on RecoveryTools TXT Converter; one of the go-to professionals recommended solutions. The resilient feature of this too includes batch conversion of unformatted text files into 15+ file extensions including DOCX. It offers an independent and intuitive users-centric interface to open the Text file into different yet popular file extensions. 

Besides this, the uniqueness of using this software allows users to view the live status of conversion and even choose the required saving path. Further, users can create an individual file for each text file using the top-notch advanced setting. 

Now, let’s move ahead to understand the steps. 

Steps to Open Text File in DOCX Without Losing TXT Formatting 

Here, we will add the quick steps to convert TXT to DOCX file format without changing or losing the formatting. So let’s start the step-by-step guidance:

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  1. To begin the process, run the software on your system and, then, Next.
    add files
  2. Add multiple files using the Select Files option > Next.
    click on the require boxes
  3. Now, click on the required options.
    select the DOCX file format
  4. In the Select Saving Option, click on DOCX file extension. 
  5. Also, choose the saving location via Destination Path >> Convert.
  6. With this, users can check the live status of conversion. 

Implementing these countable steps, users can quickly convert TXT file to DOCX with accuracy. After completing the conversion, check the file in the resultant saving path. 

How to Convert TXT to DOCX Using Free Solution?

Earlier, we highlighted the simple and automated steps to open text file in DOCX without any errors. Now, if you’re seeking to know the manual methods, then use the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Firstly, open your TXT file format in Notepad.
  • Now, copy (Ctrl+C) the unformatted text.
  • Open any Word document and paste (Ctrl + V) the content. 

With this, users can conveniently convert the Text file format into .docx. However, there is a major drawback to using these steps. As it is a simultaneous process that includes the feature of losing formatting. 

Also, when it comes to converting thousands of .txt files then, it is quite complex to perform. Therefore, use the aforementioned software as it is the best expert-suggested solution to convert TXT file to DOCX file extensions. 

Is the Online Text Converter to DOCX File Solution Safe?

Previously, we have explained the drawbacks of free solutions. Since the use of online Text converters is gaining popularity due to their seamless feature. However, using these solutions includes several disadvantages such as fear of security and unauthorized invention of third-party tools. 

In addition, these online services can even save confidential data once you convert TXT to DOCX file format. To eliminate this fear and error, run the above-mentioned tool on your computing system.

Also, learn methods to convert TXT to EML.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have talked about the advantages of converting the unformatted .txt file into .docx file extension. Further, we have listed both manual and automated solutions to convert TXT to DOCX. Since the free methods retain errors. Therefore, using the aforementioned expert method allows users to meticulously convert the text file into popular file extensions.