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How to Convert Exports from Google eDiscovery Mailbox Tool ?

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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Summary: Ready to convert exports from Google eDiscovery mailbox tool, but don’t know where to begin from? Read this entire blog to get an exact solution for the same.

In this era of modernized innovation, Google has offered the best services regarding all the issues asked by the end-users. Google provides users with various cloud-based services such as Google Mail, Google Vault, and Google Takeout.

Google Vault – an eDiscovery service specifically available to Google Workspace clients was declared on March 8, 2012. Utilizing Google Vault, the clients can discover, archive, import, send out, and retails emails of an organization.

Google Vault has an entrancing feature of eDiscovery, with which the clients can look for explicit words or emails.

As a rule, for utilizing Business mails alongside Outlook, the clients need to export Google Vault to Outlook PST format. In spite of the fact that the processing is easy, does Google Vault gives the facility to export archived messages to the local PC in an immediate way? The appropriate response is Yes!

The file that you get subsequent to exporting Google Vault is an MBOX document. Numerous clients don’t have the foggiest idea of how to deal with these files and view MBOX information. Some even have their interests over getting to the document in their email client, for example, Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, and so forth.

To determine the solution, we consumed our mid-night oil and came with the best possible answer for this.

How to Export Data from Google Vault ?

After you distinguish and gather the information relevant to your Google Workspace eDiscovery project with search, you can export it for additional examination. e

Note: To look for and export messages, your Google Workspace administrator should allocate you Manage Matters, Manage Searches, and Manage Exports advantages.

Begin the Export of Google eDiscovery Mailbox Tool-

This step-by-step method is for new Vault (vault.google.com).

Log in to https://vault.google.com, open the emails you need to export from, and look for the data.

Then, Snap-on the Export.

Thereafter, enter a name for the export process.


In the event that your company has a data region policy then choose the data region for the export processing.

Now, Set service-specific export choices:

  1. For Gmail, you can incorporate or reject the content of confidential mode emails. If you avoid exclude confidential mode message content, your export only incorporates the message metadata.
  2. For messages, pick the configuration for message content files, PST or MBOX.
  3. For things in Drive, decide to incorporate access level information for accounts with indirect access in the metadata record.

Hit on the Export.

To survey the status of an export, click Exports. At the point when the export process is finished, the Status section has a green checkmark and the Download button is empowered.

Download your exported information instantly. Export documents are accessible for 15 days after you begin the export, and afterward, they’re consequently erased.

Now, the question arises of how to open and view the contents of exported MBOX messages. The answer is given in the next section of the blog.

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Convert Exports from Google eDiscovery Mailbox Tool Effortlessly

Users should download the Google Vault Migration Tool, which is a highly recommended tool in the market for Google Vault data. The software has an end number of advanced features and filters, that make the tool more usable and user-friendly for all technical and non-technical users.

This tool is compatible with all file formats exported from Google Vault including PST, ZIP, and MBOX. Also, users can download the tool on any Windows OS including late Windows 11.

The software has the ability to bulk convert exports from Google eDiscovery mailbox tool into a series of file formats. To know more about the software, visit the mentioned page or read the complete working steps and features.

Steps to Convert Exports from Google eDiscovery Mailbox Tool

  1. Download and install the software on your system.

    install the software

  2. Upload exported files using Select Files and Select Folder options.

    Upload exported files

  3. All the folders will show on the screen and check the required folders and subfolders.

    all the folders will show

  4. Hit one of the Select Saving Options and choose the required format.

    Select Saving Options

  5. Click on the Filters Option tab and apply the required advanced filters and features.

    Filters Option

  6. Lastly, select the location to save your resultant data using the Browse button.

    select the location

  7. And hit the Convert button to convert exports from Google eDiscovery mailbox tool.

    convert exports from Google eDiscovery mailbox tool

Why Should Users Choose Expert Tool Over Manual Methods?

  • The software provides dual options to upload single or multiple files and folders using Select Files and Select Folders options.
  • This utility supports all types of file formats exported from Google Vault including PST, MBOX, and Zip file.
  • Also, users can easily Convert Exports from Google eDiscovery Mailbox Tool in bulk without having any file size limitations.
  • The software supports original folder hierarchy and email components including email header and body etc.
  • The advanced filter option provides users to multiple filters including Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc, so that users can easily convert desired emails.

Client’s Concern

Let’s see a simple user query to know what the actual user wants to know.

“I have attempted numerous applications that Google Offers like Gmail and Google Takeout. Yesterday, I was reading about Google eDiscovery mailbox tool and Google Vault. The paid-add caught all my consideration and I went insane over it. Without deferring for a second I got it and stalled out in an important issue. I need to know how I can export messages from the Google eDiscovery mailbox tool. Also, I need to convert exported Google eDiscovery mailbox tool messages to PST format. If anyone knows the answer please help me. All the leads will be valued! Much obliged In Advance!”


This article describes a simple and effective method to convert exports from Google eDiscovery mailbox tool. The users who lack in a technical domain can surely implement this procedure without any external help. This whole solution is simple and is useful for all corporate users. Please connect to our technical support team if you are facing any queries.