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How to Convert EML to Maildir? Direct Way

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 29th, 2023
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Do you want to know how to convert EML to Maildir? We have the solution! Generally most of the professionals and individuals are working with EML files nowadays. EML is a standard format for several emails clients for strong information. In this article we have explained the easiest way to change EML to Maildir. Read the complete guide.

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Why to Convert EML to Maildir?

  • Maildir is a safe and secure file format. There are less chances of getting these files corrupted.
  • For each new email, Maildir creates just one single file. It keeps the data in a well organized manner.
  • Sharing and accessing Maildir files across different platforms or systems is easy. Plus, if you convert EML to Maildir you can avail advanced message filtration systems in its file extension.
  • It is very beneficial to import EML to Maildir as Maildir files fit best for forensic analysis of data files and sniffing out possible cybercrimes.
  • Maildir makes it easy to delete, find, or get back all your email data. However Maildir can manage multiple emails smoothly and flexibly.

How to Change EML to Maildir? 100% Accurate Solution

If you’ve got multiple EML files and you want to convert EML to Maildir format hassle-free, try out the RecoveryTools EML Converter. It’s a professional tool designed to smoothly import EML to Maildir, along with attachments and all information. The whole process is really quick and easy, and you don’t need to worry about data or security.

This application is highly protracted and has been awarded by huge well reputed companies. This is the 100% reliable application to change EML to Maildir while maintaining all the important stuff. Let us guide you through the simple steps to use the tool to convert EML files to Maildir.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Convert EML to Maildir

We have provided you the best solution to instantly change EML files to Maildir. Here we will explain steps to use this solution to change multiple EML files to Maildir. Follow the steps give below:

  1. First you need to download the application mentioned above. You can directly tap on the download button and install it on your pc. After installing you will see an interface like this. Hit Next button to convert EML to Maildir.
    convert eml to maildir
  2. On the next page, you will have to upload the EML files you want to convert to Maildir. For this simply choose any option from Select folder or Select File.
    import EML files
  3. Once done uploading your EML files, you can specify only the required data or file you want to convert. Check the boxes to select required folders.check required folders
  4. After specifying required folders, move to the select saving option. The software offers multiple saving options to save EML files. To change EML to Maildir, choose Maildir from the list.
    select Maildir
  5. Now this is the last step, Hit the Convert button available at the button of the page to begin the process of converting EML files Maildir.convert eml to maildir

How to Change EML to Maildir for Free?

The mentioned tool also allows you to import EML to Maildir for free. The tool offers a trial version to the user who wants to test the tool before purchasing it. Simply hit the download button and install it on your computer. With the free of the software you can import the first 25 email files from each folder without paying any amount. Once you are satisfied with the software you can purchase its licensed version to import unlimited EML files into multiple file formats.

Why Choose the Software to Convert EML to Maildir?

The tool offers the best features to change EML to Maildir. Here are some of the highlighted feature:

  • It has an easy, straightforward and professional interface that suits both professionals and beginners.
  • It works all by itself, making it easy for you to import EML to Maildir hassle-free.
  • All the important email details are kept safe during the conversion process.
  • This software is super safe, and anyone can use it without losing any email data when you convert EML file to Maildir.
  • You can import a bunch of EML files to Maildir all in one go without any confusion and frustration.
  • Your email folders stay just as they were before exporting. The software doesn’t mess up the structure while you convert EML to Maildir.
  • You get to decide where the results are saved. The software lets you pick the location that suits you best.
  • Whether your files are large or small, this software doesn’t put any limits on the size or number of emails you can convert.
  • It supports all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, even the server editions. So, no matter what Windows or Mac you’re using.


If you were tired of searching for a reliable and straightforward solution to convert EML to Maildir, this technical guide might definitely have helped you. Using the above solution you can instantly change EML to Maildir with attachments in bulk without doing any effort. We have explained the easiest process to quickly import EML to Maildir for both beginners and experts.