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How Apple Mail Export Messages Along With Attachments?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 13-10-2022 ~ How To ~ 5 Minutes Reading

In this article, we will know – how Apple Mail exports messages along with attachments and other mailbox data items.

Apple Mail, a well-known email client has been used by all users for sending and receiving emails and storing their account data on the Mac OS system. A lot of users always think to export their mailbox data with attachments so that they can preserve their data for future purposes.

Although, there is also a manual solution present that allows users to export Apple Mail messages directly to the MBOX format. And, another professional solution is available to export the data into multiple other formats. Let us discuss both solutions.

Method 1: How does Apple Mail Export Messages Manually?

For the Apple Mail export mailbox with attachments, perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Apple Mail in your system.
  • Choose the desired folder that you want to export and click on the Export button mentioned.
  • Select Mailbox / Archive Mailbox from the tab.
  • Then, choose the destination location where you want to store exported data.
  • Get the .mbox file to the terminal windows and click on Next.

Hence, you will receive the resultant MBOX file in the destination location.

Method 2: Manually Export Mac Mail Mailbox to MBOX

One another manual solution is available that allows users to export only the selective number of Apple Mail messages. Just follow these instructions:

  • Open Mac Mail, and select required email messages.
  • Go to File Menu >> Save As.
  • Enter the destination location and file name.
  • Select Raw message source in the format menu and Save.
  • Rename the file with the .mbox extension.

Hence, you will get the resultant Apple Mail messages in the form of MBOX format.

Note: The main limitation of using both manual solutions is that you can export the Mac Mail messages only in the form of MBOX file format.

Method 3: Professional Solution for Apple Mail Export Messages

Using the highly professional tool, RecoveryTools Apple Mail Migrator, it is possible for users to easily export mailbox along with attachments. This mentioned software utility has been developed with a wide technological algorithm that can be easily utilized by all users whether they are technical or novice users.

Moreover, this mentioned tool offers a wide variety of features and has the ability to handle a large amount of data. While exporting a bulk number of data, it will maintain the original email meta properties. Moreover, it will export the bulk data with maintaining the hierarchy of all the files and folders. The main advantage of using this solution is that you can easily do an Apple Mail export mailbox with attachments whether they are normal or embedded. Also, users can export the data into 15+ file formats according to their convenience.

Just Download the mentioned tool for free of cost and start the process.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step By Step Guide to Export Apple Mail Messages

  • Run the mentioned tool in your existing system to start exporting the data. Upload the needed number of files or folders.

upload apple mail data

  • Select the required number of Mac Mail files or folders from the bulk data.

select apple mail data

  • Then, choose the file saving option from the list of options.

choose file saving option

  • Enter the destination location where you want to store the exported email messages.

apple mail export messages

  • Click on Next to start the process and Next. In just a couple of minutes, you can see the finally exported message on the screen.

final message apple mail export mailbox with attachments

Hence, go to the destination location and easily get the resultant mailbox file there.

Features of the Mentioned Export Tool

  • Bulk Export Messages

The utility has the ability to export an unlimited number of messages along with other data items. Moreover, while exporting the entire mailbox, it will not impose any kind of size limitations and restrictions.

  • Export Mailbox with Attachments

When users are exporting Mac Mail mailbox, they also include attachments along with them whether they are normal or embedded. This is one of the great advantages of using this tool.

  • Supports to Export into Other Formats

Moreover, this software also exports the data into other multiple others such as Apple Mail to PDF, Apple Mail to CSV, Apple Mail to PST, Apple Mail to HTML, DOC, and other formats.

  • Preserves Email Properties

Apart from that, it will maintain the hierarchy of all the data items throughout the process and will not lead to any kind of loss of data. The data will be present in original email formatting while maintaining the system folders.

In Conclusion

Hence, we had tried our 100% to provide you with the solution for Apple Mail export messages. Both the solutions are convenient to use and provide you the better and desired results. Moreover, if you will continue with the first 2 methods then you will get the resultant files only in the MBOX format. So, we recommend you continue with the second-mentioned solution and export the Mac Mail mailbox with attachments in multiple other formats.