RecoveryTools MBOX to Zimbra Converter

#1 Utility to Convert MBOX to TGZ Format for Importing MBOX Emails to Zimbra with 100% Data Accuracy

  • Import MBOX to Zimbra Client Along with All MBOX Email Attachments.
  • Convert MBOX to TGZ Format for All Zimbra Platform Including Zimbra Desktop.
  • Convert MBOX to Zimbra Client Format while Keeping All Original Email Properties.
  • Batch Convert MBOX Files to Zimbra Format to Import Mailbox to Zimbra Client.
  • Simultaneously Perform Corrupted & Normal MBOX to Zimbra Conversion Process.
  • Created Zimbra Supported TGZ Archive Files at User Desired File Storage Location.
  • Secures Data from Any Loss and Preserves Folder Structure and Hierarchy of All the Emails.
  • Option to Convert Selectively MBOX Emails to Zimbra Mail Client Format Instantly.
  • No File Size Limitation Offered by the Program During MBOX to Zimbra Conversion Process.
  • Easy User Interface and Simplified Working Process Makes It A Perfect Choice.
  • MBOX to Zimbra Converter Works on All Microsoft Windows & Server Variants.
  • Get 25+ Common File Formats Including Zimbra with Licensed Edition of MBOX Migrator Tool.

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Importing MBOX to Zimbra cannot be done manually. Therefore, you need to use MBOX to Zimbra Converter to access MBOX emails in Zimbra Clients. The software converts MBOX files to TGZ format for importing MBOX emails to Zimbra Desktop. MBOX to Zimbra Converter by RecoveryTools will enable its users to efficiently export MBOX messages to Zimbra TGZ format. The complete process of extracting MBOX emails to Zimbra TGZ format is divided into few steps: -

Launch and Select MBOX with Dual Mode

Download the MBOX to Zimbra Converter on your Windows machine. Launch the software and read all the instructions. After that, choose the MBOX files with dual selection options. The select files option allows you to choose selective MBOX files. Another Select Folder option allows you to load all MBOX files from a folder or Sub-folder to the user interface.

Recheck MBOX Files and Select Saving Option

After selecting MBOX files, the software will allow you to recheck the selected files in the user interface. Here, you can select the required MBOX files easily. Thereafter, click on the next button to select the File saving options. Here, you need to choose the required Zimbra file saving option from the list of file saving options.

Advanced Options to Convert MBOX to Zimbra

After choosing the Zimbra file saving option to convert MBOX files to Zimbra format. You can select the additional options including advanced filter and destination location. One can easily save converted data at any location on your Computer. The advance setting options allow you to convert selected MBOX emails to Zimbra format.

Get Output TGZ Files at Your Location

After all set, you need to press the Next option to start MBOX to Zimbra Conversion process. Once the process is completed successfully the software will open your selected location automatically. However, you can easily import MBOX to Zimbra client because Zimbra supports TGZ format. Therefore, many professional users say that it is one of the best utility.


MBOX to Zimbra Converter is an expert solution by RecoveryTools company. Worldwide, it has been recognized as a user’s favourite utility to migrate MBOX to Zimbra account. It is a professionally tested MBOX to Zimbra conversion tool that permits users to import MBOX to Zimbra mailboxes in a direct manner. Throughout the MBOX email migration to Zimbra process, there will be no harm to the email properties. Also, the entire original folder hierarchy of MBOX emails remains intact during the processing. One can launch the tool to export MBOX to Zimbra on any Windows Operating System. Moreover, for those users who have huge chunks of MBOX mailboxes can easily convert MBOX mailboxes to Zimbra in batch mode. This bulk conversion can be carried out in a single processing.

The MBOX to Zimbra Converter tool gives accurate results after the migration process. It is incorporated with one of the best features that enables users to perform a swift and hassle-free migration of MBOX emails to Zimbra. It comes with a well-interactive and easy to understand Graphical User Interface. Therefore, who lacks in technical skills can even use this MBOX to Zimbra conversion utility with great ease. Also, the professional users can direct import MBOX emails to Zimbra account.

This expert team of MBOX to Zimbra Converter software has given exceptional concern to the speed of migration. While doing bulk email conversion of MBOX emails to Zimbra, the conversion speed is too fast and the utility gives instant results. Our valuable customers always applaud the MBOX to Zimbra conversion speed.


Batch Import MBOX Files into Zimbra Mail Client

The utility is designed to batch convert MBOX files to Zimbra supported TGZ format at a single process. One can import multiple MBOX files to Zimbra in bulk without getting any error message. The utility asks the users to load MBOX files/folders in the application panel and the user can choose all MBOX files from a folder or selective MBOX files manually by enabling check/uncheck to select MBOX file items.

Completely Independent Application to Work

While importing MBOX to Zimbra, the software doesn't require any third-party application, plugins, or utility to convert MBOX to Zimbra TGZ format. The utility is designed with such algorithms that enable it to work in a completely independent environment. No requirement for the installation of Zimbra Desktop is required to convert MBOX file to Zimbra TGZ file format.

All MBOX Items Converted into Zimbra TGZ File

MBOX to Zimbra Migration Tool allows its users to perform conversion of all MBOX email client exported MBOX to Zimbra format. One can convert all emails with attachments from MBOX file to Zimbra TGZ format without any issues. The software provides a completely secure interface panel to convert MBOX to Zimbra format.

Preserves All MBOX Emails Metadata & Properties

All the email properties are preserved while MBOX to Zimbra migration. The tool retains email integrity as well as Meta attributes like To, Cc, From, Subject, Date, etc. All the formatting is kept exact and original during this MBOX to Zimbra TGZ file conversion. The attachment files embedded with the emails are converted without making any loss during the process.

Easy & Simple Working User Interface

The utility is designed for all such users that are looking for the solution to import MBOX to Zimbra conversion in easy steps. There is no requirement for any external expert’s advice to work with the tool as this single panel utility provides a simple user interface. Simple download, install, and run the MBOX to Zimbra software to perform the conversion.

Save Resultant Data at User Location

RecoveryTools MBOX to Zimbra Converter provides an option to change and choose any destination location to save resultant data at the user desired location path. The default path for the resultant Zimbra TGZ file is at the user’s Desktop but it can also be altered through the panel of this MBOX to Zimbra Converter tool.

Support All MBOX Files from Various Platforms

MBOX to Zimbra Migration utility supports MBOX file created by any email client application from any cross-platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, email clients, webmail, etc. One can easily convert MBOX to Zimbra and access emails from the various platform on Zimbra such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mac Mail, Pocomail, Evolution, Opera Mail, Eudora, Google Takeout, etc.

Compatible with All Microsoft Windows OS

The tool is specially designed for Windows users so that one can simply and easily export MBOX file to Zimbra TGZ format from any available Windows device. During the conversion, the software ensures to keep the on-disk folder hierarchy completely the same as it was before the conversion. The software supports Win-10, Win-8.1, Win-8, Win-7, Windows Server-2019, Win-2016, Win-2012, etc.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 25 items from every folder.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools MBOX to Zimbra Converter.

Learn How to Convert MBOX to TGZ for Zimbra - Video Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the given steps to convert MBOX emails to Zimbra formats: -

  • Step 1: Run the utility on Windows-based computer.
  • Step 2: Select MBOX files with dual selection options.
  • Step 3: Choose the require Zimbra Option from the list.
  • Step 4: Set destination location path to save resultant data.
  • Step 5: Click on the next to convert MBOX to Zimbra format.

Yes, the software work on all editions of Microsoft Windows including Server editions.

Yes, the software supports all MBOX files created by any MBOX platform. So, you can convert PocoMail MBOX to Zimbra without any issues.

Yes, as the utility is designed in such a way that there is no need for the Zimbra installation. One can perform MBOX to TGZ migration even if in case you did not have any Zimbra Desktop installed.

No, the software work only Windows computer. But if you need a Mac variant please contact us on live support chat.

Nope, one can convert unlimited number of MBOX files of any size with this utility. The software does not have any size limitations and is tested up to 5TB of MBOX file by experts to successfully import into Zimbra.

Sure, the utility supports all type of MBOX mailbox files and import them to Zimbra Desktop or Webmail Server.

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RecoveryTools MBOX to Zimbra Converter Verified Purchase Reviews