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How to Move from Mailbird to Zimbra Desktop Client ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Overview: Are you tracking down a technique to move Mailbird messages to Zimbra client ? In the event that indeed, your inquiries end’s here. Because in this post, you will get a simple way to convert Mailbird *.DB files to Zimbra TGZ format. So, if you want to know the process, keep reading this article.

In this world, we need innovation in our email platform to meet the organization’s prerequisites. This is why many clients want to move from one platform to another. Today we will address one such explanation – Mailbird to Zimbra Conversion process.

Mailbird is one of the recommended email client applications for Windows and Server users. It provides all basic features which are provided by other email client applications. However, it was never active with the current development. That’s the reason a huge number of clients want to move from Mailbird to Zimbra Desktop.

Zimbra is one of the unique email client applications which is available for On-Premise or Cloud Server. It is a very powerful solution that’s why a huge number of organizations use this email client application in their communication. Zimbra allows you to easily manage user mailbox items such as messages, calendars, address books, notes, etc.

I have data from multiple email accounts stored in the Mailbird email program. But Mailbird doesn’t provide many of the sorting features that are present in other programs. So I want to move Mailbird to Zimbra Desktop. Does anyone know how can I do this? please help me!!!!

Best Solution: Mailbird to Zimbra Converter

RecoveryTools Mailbird Migrator Utility is one of the best solutions in the current online world. The product is planned with cutting-edge calculations to perform the simple transformation in an improved way. The application only required Mailbird database (*.db) files. Also, if you have Mailbird in your current machine, then it can automatically locate your mailbox files. The product also gives manual options to pick required Mailbird files easily.

Download the Solution:

Download for Windows

Demo: The trial version of the software will only enable the users to export only first 25 emails. If a user wants convert unlimited emails, then it is necessary to purchase the solution key.

Steps to Transfer Mailbird to Zimbra Desktop

  1. Get the solution on your computer.
  2. It gives three options to choose Mailbird data.
  3. After it, choose email folders from the list.
  4. Select Zimbra TGZ file saving option.
  5. Press Next to convert Mailbird to Zimbra Desktop.

How to Export Mailbird Emails to Zimbra Program ?

  • Download the Mailbird to Zimbra Converter on your computer.
  • It offers three modes to select Mailbird data in the panel. First, if you have Mailbird installation, then you can select mailbox by auto mode. Otherwise, you can choose it by dual manual options.
  • After selecting your Mailbird files or store.db files. The solution loads all folders in the interface. Here, you can select the required folders only.
  • The application has many file-saving options. You can choose any of them or Zimbra to extract emails into TGZ format.
  • After that, you need to choose a resultant path. By default, the software saves resultant data at the desktop location.
  • Thereafter, press the convert button to start the process to convert Mailbird emails to Zimbra TGZ format.
  • Click on the Ok button after completing the conversion or migration process.

Top Features of Mailbird to TGZ Converter

  • Automatically Find Mailbird Location:

The application has an amazing option to find your Mailbird database location automatically. Yes! There is no need to find your Mailbird store.db files locally. It provides an Auto-mode to locate your Mailbird data without any issues.

  • Manual Options to Pick Mailbird Data:

It offers some other benefits to its users to get Mailbird data with manual options. The select files option allows you to pick Mailbird Store.db files from a single location. If you don’t know and are unable to find Mailbird data, but know its folder path. Then you can choose the select folders option.

  • Selective Email Folder Conversion:

After selecting Mailbird database files or Store.db files. The application shows all the folders inside the product panel. Here, you can mark only the folders that you need in your Zimbra client. This way, you can only move the necessary data from Mailbird to the Zimbra client.

  • Several Saving Options Including Zimbra:

The software provides many options to extract your Mailbird data from different platforms. It offers many file-saving options including Zimbra Desktop. You can also select the Zimbra option if you need to convert Mailbird to TGZ format.

  • Choose Destination Location Path:

It is a very basic but needful feature for all the users who want to save their Zimbra data to another location. It allows you to choose any destination path to save your resultant data on internal or external storage locations.

  • Simple Conversion for Windows Users:

This application provides a simple product panel to export Mailbird to Zimbra clients. The software works with all the latest and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows and Windows Server computers. Also, there is no need to install any other application while transferring emails from Mailbird to Zimbra platform.


This write-up has explained a method to transfer Mailbird emails to Zimbra Desktop instantly. After reading this post, you can easily convert Mailbird store.db files to TGZ format. If you want to know the process, then read this post and download the solution. You can also try the solution to export only a few emails from Mailbird to Zimbra clients. If you want more help regarding this product and Mailbird file location or any other, then contact the technical team.