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How to Transfer Emails from CenturyLink Email to Gmail Account ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 02-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 4 Minutes Reading


Overview: In this article, we will take a user query “How to transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail ?” Or explain a simple procedure to migrate Emails from CenturyLink to Gmail account directly. Here, we will give the most powerful and improved solution for relocating messages from CenturyLink to Gmail. So, let’s understand mode.

CenturyLink, Inc. is a worldwide innovation organization that gives enormous quantities of services like an organization network solution, cloud solution, security, correspondence, voice and oversaw, and so on. CenturyLink is also giving a Webmail service to private ventures, private users, public areas, enterprises, and more.

Gmail is a sort of Emailing platform like CenturyLink webmail. But its created by Google. It totally free where you can Create a Gmail account utilizing the information exchange alternative. Gmail gives many features including spam-detecting, user-friendly and intuitive interface, Email sorting, etc.

But CenturyLink lacks a lot of features that are provided by Gmail. One of them is security. That’s why users want to switch from CenturyLink to Gmail account. One of the old customers sends the same question to our support channel.

As of late, I have begun a new position in an enormous association. In my last association, we utilized CenturyLink webmail for true email communication. Sadly, the current association isn’t used CenturyLink webmail. In this manner, I can’t get my old messages in my present association. So, Can I transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail account ?

A Professional Way – CenturyLink to Gmail Migration Tool

In the event that you own a CenturyLink mail account, you presumably realize that it doesn’t give you an alternative to migrating messages into Gmail account. Then, at that point, you need a professional solution – RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard. It is one of the extraordinary and best applications to handily CenturyLink to Gmail Migration process easily.

Get the Solution:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail

  1. Download & get the product on PC.
  2. Select CenturyLink and enter account details.
  3. Pick CenturyLink email folders in the given list.
  4. Select the Gmail option and enter account details.
  5. Start the CenturyLink to Gmail Migration process.

How to Transfer Emails from CenturyLink to Gmail / Google Mail ?

  • Once downloaded, CenturyLink to Gmail migration tool. Open it on your computer.

  • Now, choose the CenturyLink option and enter your account credentials.

  • Choose the required CenturyLink email folders in the list of mailbox folders.

  • Time to select the saving option in the list of file saving options as Gmail.

  • Put all the details of your Gmail account in the UI panel.

  • Also, get additional filter options to migrate required CenturyLink emails to Gmail only.

  • Start the process by click on the backup button to switch from CenturyLink to Gmail account.

Top Advance Benefits of CenturyLink to Gmail Migration Utility

  • Batch migration of CenturyLink accounts:
  • This product likewise upholds batch relocation of CenturyLink accounts to Gmail at one time. It gives the utilization of the “Batch Mode” choice, which permits you to migrate various CenturyLink email accounts without any problem. To do this, create the CSV record containing the email address and password data.
  • Keep the Exact Email Attributes:
  • When moving CenturyLink email to Gmail, the solution will retain all email elements in their original format. You can rapidly get exact a lot of results in a single process without losing email element data.
  • Reliable and Basic User Interface:
  • The program has a simple and instinctive interface. Both specialized and non-specialized clients can undoubtedly utilize this application with no master guidance. It gives a very simple guided solution for its users.
  • Select Specific CenturyLink Folder Before Start the Process:
  • This application can move only the specific CenturyLink Folder to Gmail which is selected by the user before starting the migration process. Utilizing this solution, you can undoubtedly save time and energy.
  • Keep the Chain of CenturyLink Mailbox Folders:
  • The solution maintains the Mailbox folder structure after complete the procedure. So, you will get the original folder structure hierarchy after complete the relocation cycle from CenturyLink to Gmail.
  • Windows & Mac-Based Application:
  • This is the most expert solution by RecoveryTools for straightforwardly transfer CenturyLink email to Gmail account. Also, this application supports all your Windows & Server machines. You can undoubtedly install the solution on your Mac OS X editions.

Final Words

The above guide insights regarding the complete process to migrate CenturyLink Emails to Gmail account. It is a fast and direct solution for any client who has comes from any background. In few 5 steps, all your CenturyLink messages will be transferred into your Gmail account precisely. You can likewise attempt a demo version of the product to know the working steps. For other information, contact the technical team.