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How to Restore Data from Symantec Backup Exec BKF File ?

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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Summary: Are you finding a way to restore Symantec Backup Exec BKF file data ? Or while a backup Exec process get error codes like e000e020, e0000f16, e00084ec, e00084af, 1068, e00081d9, etc. Then don’t worry. Here, we will explain the best method to restore data from Corrupt Backup Exec BKF file easily. So, keep reading this post to understand the process.

Symantec Backup Exec known as Veritas Backup Exec is data protection or back-upping solution developed for those users who want virtual storage on a physical interface. One can easily install Backup Exec software on any edition of Microsoft Windows and Server. It also supports to create of SQL Server database or Exchange Server database.

However, there are lots of reasons when Symantec Backup Exec BKF file gets corrupted for unknown reasons. In that situation, you are unable to restore Backup Exec BKF File data and every time get error message codes. That’s why a huge number of users looking for a solution to restore data from corrupt Backup Exec BKF file.

Hi all, please help me!!!. I had done my Exchange 2016 as well as SQL Server database also many files from my local drives to a .bkf file extension. Using Backup Exec 2010 edition. But now, I don’t have the Backup Exec application on my computer. That’s why I am unable to restore data from Backup Exec BKF file. If so, how is it done?

Causes of BKF File Corruption – Symantec Backup Exec Error Codes

There can be other reasons behind the occurrence of the problem which are discussed here along with the ways to solve them respectively. Some of the common error codes of Symantec Backup Exec utility, explain below:

  • Restore Failing with Error: While restoring BKF File data through Backup Exec, there are many error codes appears such as 2850, 2821, 2820, 2810, e000e020, e0000f16, e00084ec, e00084af, 1068, e00081d9, etc.
  • Local File Missing: Sometimes your data becomes inaccessible due to file missing issues. After backing up your data or Windows, the tool creates a BKF file. And the user accidentally transfers these files to some other place. At that point, the file missing an error message appears.
  • Virus Infected: Backup Exec tool used to create a backup copy of important data in a virtual BKF file format. But if a computer is already virus-infected, then the resultant file also gets corrupted due to viruses.
  • Storage Crashed: Backup Exec file corruption can likewise be brought about by a product or equipment glitch. Programming crashes, hardware failure, and so on. Are altogether any potential reasons for BKF Symantec backup Exec file corruption?

What If It Does Not Work ?

Many times Symantec Backup Exec tool will not work in eliminating the occurrence of errors while restoring data from Backup Exec BKF files. In such extreme cases, it is suggested that users use Professional BKF Recovery Tool Solutions to get the required results.

Professional Solution – Restore Backup Exec BKF File

A professional solution allows you to restore Symantec Backup Exec BKF file data without Backup Exec utility. You can easily Explorer/Open Backup Exec BKF File easily without any issues. The software offers dual scanning options to find corrupted data from Backup Exec BKF files. You can extract all items from a BKF file including SQL or Exchange Data without any issues. Also, you can restore backup Exec file of Windows 10, 11, 7, 8.1, 8, XP, etc. Data easily. The software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows and Server machines.

Get the Solution on your Computer Now:

Download for Windows

How to Restore Corrupt Backup Exec BKF File Data ?

Follow the simple step-by-step process to restore data from Corrupt Backup Exec BKF File.

  • You need to install this product on your current computer.
  • After that, choose the Backup Exec BKF file with the Open File option.
  • The solution offers dual scanning options to search data on selected BKF files.
  • You can also select the required data before restoring the process.
  • Now, click on the restore button to proceed next step.
  • Select the destination location path where you want to store resultant data.
  • Press the next button to start the Backup Exec file restore process.
  • When it is completed, press the next button to end the process.

Features of Restore Backup Exec BKF File Tool

  • Dual File Scanning Options:

The solution comes with dual options to search BKF file data without any complications. If your file is corrupted and unable to detect in any application, then you can choose the additional Recovery Mode to deeply scan data without any issues.

  • 100% Secure Way to Restore Backup Exec File Data:

If your Backup Exec BKF is infected with Viruses, then don’t worry. This solution provides a completely secure way to restore data from infected Backup Exec BKF file without any issues.

  • Independent Solution – No External Application Required:

The solution is a completely standalone application and there is no need to install any external application to restore Backup Exec BKF file data. This means it is a completely independent application and the process doesn’t require any plugins or utility to process.

  • Support All Edition Symantec/Veritas Backup Exec Versions:

RecoveryTools solution for BKF file supports all editions of Symantec/Veritac Backup Exec editions such as Backup Exec 2010, Backup Exec 2012, Backup Exec 2014, Backup Exec 15, Backup Exec 16, Backup Exec 20, Backup Exec 21, etc.

  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy & Properties:

The product offers a data selection option to choose only required data to extract from Backup Exec BKF File. If you want Symantec Backup Exec open BKF file, then the tool allows you to choose and view options. This means you can only select the required folders from the list and the tool will extract all data in original form.

  • Operable with All Microsoft OS Editions:

One can easily install this application on any edition of Microsoft Windows as well as Server editions. You can easily install this application on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, etc.

Final Words

In this article, we have explained the complete method to restore Backup Exec BKF file in a few simple steps. If you want to restore data from Symantec or Veritas Backup Exec BKF file, then read this post. In this article, we have used a professional solution that can easily extract data from any BKF file. So, if you want to know the procedure, download the solution right now. The demo version allows you to view and explore Backup Exec BKF file data only. To restore data, you need to buy this product for lifetime use. For more information, you can contact us via email or live chat process.

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