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What to Do If Outlook Junk Filter Not Working? Complete Method

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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Recently, many Outlook users have reported problems with the spam filters in their Outlook accounts bypassing email from their Junk folders, but they still see emails in the Inbox folder. Due to the “Outlook junk filter not working” problem, many users faced a lot of problems, after which many users also expressed their problems on social media.

Although Microsoft claims that they have fixed this issue, many users are still facing this issue. If you are also one of them, then stick with this article, here you will be provided with one such solution, with the help of which you will be able to fix Outlook junk filter not working issue very easily. let’s start the article

outlook junk filter not working

What is Outlook.com Junk Filter and Why Junk Filter is Not Working?

Junk or spam emails often create inconvenience in the Inbox folder of your Outlook.com account and disturb the security of your account. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, you can use the Junk Filter to avoid junk and spam emails. Because when emails are received in your Outlook.com account, it comes with Junk Filter features to evaluate spam emails based on the content of the emails and many different factors.

Junk Filter does not prevent spam emails from coming to your Outlook account, but instead of saving spam emails in the inbox folder, it saves them in a folder named Junk, so that you get to know how many spam emails are there in your account.

If you wrongly set up a junk filter in your Outlook account, then the junk filter is not able to filter spam emails properly and as a result spam emails keep getting saved in your inbox folder. Due to this, you have to face inconvenience and many times due to spam emails, the security of your Outlook account is also compromised. This does not mean that the Outlook Junk Filter is not working or is broken.

As we all know that Junk Filter can work according to the design of the Outlook.com user, just you have to customize it according to their preferences. Use the information below to repair Outlook Junk Filter and its settings if you’re experiencing difficulties filtering emails.

Emails are not adequately filtered by Junk Filter for a variety of reasons. To improve the filter’s capabilities, check the Junk Filter settings and make the appropriate changes. You may learn about the many Junk Filter Options and Lists in the sections below and customize them to suit your tastes.

How to Fix Outlook.com Junk Folder Not Working Issue?

Before fixing the Outlook Junk Filter Not Working issue, you need to understand the Junk Email option because if you do not set up the Junk Emails option properly then you may face a problem. Basically, you need to make three important changes to make Outlook.com Junk Filter work according to your desired preferences. Which we have mentioned below, if you do not want to face any problems, then read the article till the end without skipping any step.

Phase 1: Verify that No Automatic Filtering Setting is Enabled

The default setting for the junk email option is No Automatic Filtering. You may still receive emails in your Inbox even if the filtering setting is set to Low since they are not considered to be spam.

To make the filter function more effective, make sure the High filtering option is chosen. When set to High, the Junk Email Filter is quite precise. You may choose any filter option based on your needs.

no junk filter option

Where is the Junk Email Filter Option in Outlook Account?

  1. Open Outlook Application and then click the Home tab in the menu bar
  2. After that, click the Junk option and then select the Junk Email Option in the drop-down menu
    junk email option

Phase 2: Consider Adding Emails to the list of Safe Senders

If the regularly received emails are going into the junk folder. Consider adding the sites and emails you believe to be secure to the Safe Senders List. By doing this, you can be confident that all emails sent to the addresses on this list will arrive in your inbox. If you are adding emails to the Safe Sender list follow these mentioned steps:

  1. After clicking the Junk emails option, click the Safe Sender list
  2. And then add the email address to which you want to add the safe sender list and lastly click the Add button
    outlook junk filter not working

Phase 3: Verify Your Emails Are Not Listed on the Blocked Sender List

Make sure that your email address is not included in the Blocked Senders list. If so, remove your email address and add it to the Safe Senders list. Because if your email address is added to the block sender list, then your important emails will also go to the junk folder.

outlook junk mail not working

If you do the modification properly by following the above mention steps then we hope that your Outlook Junk Filter not working issue will be fixed. If you face any problem, then you can take help from the support team of RecoveryTools, which will help you completely in dealing with this problem.

As we all know that emails are automatically deleted after 30 days from the spam folder, after which you cannot recover them. If your important emails have been deleted due to this reason or you are not getting any important emails from your Outlook account due to the Outlook junk folder not working issue, then automatic software should be used to deal with such a situation.

And the automatic software that can recover data from your PST file is named RecoveryTools PST File Recovery Software. With the help of this software, if any data has been lost or corrupted in your Outlook account, you can recover it.

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If you are using Outlook.com then you have only a manual solution to overcome this problem. If you do not want to lose your data in the future by getting trapped in such a situation, then you have RecoveryTools Outlook.com Email Backup Software is a must-have. With the help of this software, you can easily keep a backup of your account.

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In this article, you learned how to fix Outlook Junk Filter not working issue. This problem had just come recently, after which the user had to face a lot of trouble and the user had asked questions related to this query to our support team. After which our attention went to this problem and we felt that this is a very serious problem whose solution would be needed by many more users, so then our technical team found a solution to this problem and brought this article to you.