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Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f: Resolved

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 27th, 2022
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An unexpected Outlook Error code 0x800ccc0f can create a trouble in anyone’s work. As this, error is very difficult to understand. Resolving such problems without knowing it, is similar to solving mathematics problems. Outlook error 0x800ccc0f can up in any Outlook version like Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This error mainly comes up when we try to send or receive any SMTP based mail. Therefore, we have come up with some common fixes to resolve an Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f. But before that, it is important to know the reasons behind its occurrence.

Causes behind Outlook Error  

Before knowing the solution, it is important to know the cause behind the occurrence of Outlook error message. Out which, some reasons are discussed below:

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Windows firewall blocks Outlook.
  • Antivirus email protection utility is permitted, and it checks emails when they come in from your POP3 server.
  • Improper Outlook Profile settings.

Tackling With Outlook Send and Receive Error

An error with diverse causes are resolvable by using different workarounds. Therefore, following segment inclines an answer appropriate on above-specified error:

  • Fix Network Issues

Troubleshoot the network connectivity as first step in fixing the send / receive issue in MS Outlook. Open the web browser to make sure network connection as well as troubleshoot if needed by rebooting WiFi router or even reconnecting Ethernet cable.

  • Disable Firewall & Anti-Virus

On the Control Panel, go to the Network Connections and simply right click on desired internet connection in usage. In Properties option, simply switch off Firewall from Security tab. Otherwise, you have to manually add incoming and outgoing server names in account by using Microsoft Outlook Account Settings. In the Account Settings, simply click on Change to adjust information given and add server details for profile and finish.

  • Outlook Safe Mode

Disable needless or troublesome add-ins from your profile by simply running MS Outlook in the safe mode utilizing – outlook.exe/safe command in Windows search.

  • Recover Data File

Running repair tool by the Microsoft could possibly prove accurate solution for your case if nothing worked in your condition. As the last resort, try repairing data file using an inbuilt repair utility solution or third-party solution like RecoveryTools PST Repair tool.

Final Words

Discussed above are some possible issues, which may be happening in your case due to of which your email client may report Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc0f. Apart from recommended solutions, if an outcome is not yet received then, utilize third party tool.