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“OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted” How to Fix the Issue?

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Published On June 28th, 2024
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Summary: Do you frequently encounter problems, when your OST file keeps getting corrupted? Are you looking for immediate solutions? Don’t worry—we’ve put together an informative post that provides all the solutions you need to fix the recurring issue of Outlook OST file corruption.

Microsoft Outlook stands for Offline Storage Table. The OST allows users to work offline. This format helps the users to synchronize with the changes while they connect to the Exchange Server.

However, sometimes, the users confront several types of errors, and your mind is reiterating with the message – “Outlook OST keeps getting corrupting”.

After corruption, some of these files become inaccessible to the users. Several Outlook users often face this problem.

If you are the one who often faces such concerns, it is important for you to address these issues immediately. There are various reasons for this issue that play an important role in decoding these problems.

In this post, we will highlight all the possible reasons along with their easy solutions along with the cause for frequent OST File corruption . Read this informative post till the end to grasp the helpful solutions. But first, take into account a user query.

User Query: I am in a chaotic situation as all my OST files are damaged. Alas, I have been trying multiple methods to resolve this issue, but couldn’t help myself anymore. The message is popping up again and again. I am not able to decode why the Outlook OST file keeps getting corrupting? I need urgent help, please help me to rectify this issue.

Why Does the OST File Keep Getting Corrupted?

The repetitive corruption and crashing of your OST file are due to inherent limitations in its file structure too. Understanding these limitations is an antidote to the problem of “OST files getting corrupt”. But we will try to retrospect the causes for .ost file corruption.

  • Issues with Storage Devices

    Issues with storage devices, files sometimes belong to bad errors or disk sectors.

  • Network Connectivity Issue

    The next problematic concern related to reasons behind OST file corruption are the troubling issues related to the internet connection. Let’s understand it by taking a cue: if there is any error in the router or any other device, it can cause several issues related to damaged files.

  • Oversizing of Outlook OST files

    Sometimes, users need to realize that the Outlook OST files are over-size and the message “OST file too large error” pops up. Sometimes, Outlook emails contain a lot of data and the Outlook OST file keeps growing.The users should note that such a massive amount of data is one of the major reasons behind OST file corruption.

  • Infected OST files

    In case of any virus or malware attacks hitting your device, it may also infect your computer. The corrupted data also includes your OST files. Therefore, as a solution to the problem related to the “Frequent OST File Corruption”, you should seek a way to root out the problem.

  • Power Failure

    One of the prominent causes for popping up of Outlook data file corruption is power failure. Whenever you experience frequent power failures, you are liable to such troubling issues.

  • Installation of Unnecessary Add-Ins

    If you continuously face problems relating to Outlook, and the outlook ost file keeps getting corrupted, one of the prominent reasons in this case is that users might be installing unnecessary add-ins. Due to unnecessary add-ins, at diverse times.

  • Errors in Microsoft Outlook Installation

    Another reason for why the OST file keeps getting corrupting? is an error in the Microsoft Outlook installation. As soon as we confront this error in our system, we are aware of the OST file corruption.

  • Synchronization Issues

    Another factor that is accountable for Outlook data file corruption pop up messages is Synchronization errors. Any change in the OST file is subject to synchronization with the server. Whenever you face this error in your system, one of the reasons is a synchronization error in your system. Therefore, you should solve this issue over time to resolve your errors.

  • Improper Outlook Shutdown

    Whenever we abruptly quit an application, it can have negative consequences. This can impact not only the software but also the associated files

    For example, if you are working in Outlook with an OST file open and you shut down Outlook improperly, the next time you try to open that file, you may find it “corrupting”.

How to Fix the “OST Outlook Files Keep Getting Corrupted” Issue?

Fixing the issue of “Outlook OST keeps corrupting” is extremely essential for all of us. Because corrupted Outlook OST files create a lot of problems for the users. To rectify such issues, you can take into account both manual and professional ways.

First, we will analyze and understand all the manual ways available to us. After using manual ways, we will come to know about its limitations. Subsequently, we will also take a look at the automated solution to help us fix the error related to Outlook data file corruption.

#1: Recreation of OST Files

Another solution that helps us to solve corrupted file issues related to Outlook is a recreation of OST files. Recreating OST files will help you to solve the troubling concerns related to Outlook OST keeps corruption.

#2: Compress Your OST Files to Fix Outlook OST keeps Corrupting

The next solution is to compress your OST files. Large-size OST files cause Outlook OST files to grow. Therefore, you must solve these corrupting issues as fast as possible. Every user should use compact OST files to avoid sluggish Outlook performance.

#3: Turn-Off Anti-Virus

Another manual solution to solve this troubling concern is to turn off the anti-virus. Anti Virus causes corruption issues and inaccessibility. So, you should switch off or else, turn off the anti-virus issues.

#4: Perform Folder Updates to Rectify Error

If you are continuously receiving the errors regarding the OST file getting corrupt, you can perform folder updates as well. In folder updates, you will perform the steps to change the properties of folders. Changing the properties will help you to access the OST file. For performing these steps, take into account the following steps.

  1. Right-click on the folder, and then simply click on properties.
  2. Now, a dialogue box will appear to you, and you can click on clear offline items under the dialogue box.
  3. Click on the “OK” Button.
  4. In the Outlook 2010 ribbon, click on the send and receive option.
  5. Lastly, click on the option update folder to save the required changes.

However, if you are not able to solve the issues relating to this and if the OST file keeps getting corrupted, you can easily count on RecoveryTools OST Repair Tool. This tool will help you a lot to exterminate all the problems related to OST repair of files.

#5: Use the Microsoft In-Built Repair Tool

One of the best ways that help you solve the error related to Outlook repair tools is ScanPST.exe. It is an inbox repair tool that helps you to diagnose the issues related to frequent OST File corruption. This inbuilt tool helps the users to deal with OST and PST file corruption issues.

Tips to Avoid Frequent OST File Corruption

  • Always keep the OST file size under the 20 GB limit. These large files are more prone to corruption.
  • Experts often advise you to install and use UPS to avoid abrupt system shutdown. It happens due to power loss or power surge.
  • If you want to install add-ins, you should perform these add-ins by visiting the Microsoft Store.
  • Never close your MS Outlook account forcibly.
  • Keep on checking the storage drive for low storage or error issues. Also, try to rectify these errors ASAP.
  • Always close Outlook before shutting down the system.


In this post, we have covered all the solutions and the probable causes for Outlook OST files getting corrupted. If manual solutions do not help, switch to the professional ones in order to save time.

To cancel out the worrying problems created by the consequences of frequent PST file corruption, try the above-mentioned solutions. These professional solutions will help you to overcome the troubling concerns and solve the unattended issues for you.