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How to Migrate Outlook Express (.dbx) to Exchange Server?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On July 6th, 2022
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Hello! are you facing a problem while migrating Outlook Express to Exchange Server. Don’t worry, here in this article, I will explain how to import Outlook Express DBX files to Exchange Server in easy steps.


I have Outlook Express DBX files in my local storage. Unlike MS Outlook, Outlook Express stores the mailbox information of a folder into a single DBX file. I.e., for the Inbox folder, I have an Inbox.dbx file. Similarly, for Drafts folder, Drafts.dbx, etc. I have such 20 folders DBX file which constitutes around 12 GB of data.

To be honest, I want these files in my Exchange Server account. I have a Hosted Exchange Server account, which is a really concerning thing for me. I can sync my Outlook Express mailboxes to the Exchange Server account using an Outlook email client. But, there is no such Outlook connector for Hosted Exchange Server.

Quick Solution:

So, I take the help of a powerful DBX Migrator tool. The utility provides a direct option to import DBX files into Exchange Server & Hosted Exchange Server accounts. It will only need login credentials of Exchange Server account I.e., Username, Password, Server IP & Port Number. Also, migrate DBX files into other savings like Office 365, etc.

Free download the trial from the below button:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Migrate Outlook Express to Exchange Server:

  • Run the DBX to Exchange migration tool.
  • Load DBX Files in the software panel i.e., Select Files/Select Folders.
  • Select all required mailbox items for the migration.
  • Choose Exchange Server as Saving option.
  • Setup OE to Exchange Server options i.e., (enter credentials, I am Admin option, mailbox folder mapping).
  • Map DBX Folders with Exchange Server users.
  • Click on the Next button to initialize the progress.

Features of DBX to Exchange Migration Toolkit:

DBX to Exchange server migration toolkit is designed with advanced algorithms. There are many benefits that come up with this solution. It will help in simplifying the migration of mailboxes of Outlook Express mailbox folders to Hosted Exchange Server.

  • Batch Convert Multiple DBX Files:

The Outlook Express Classic to Exchange migration tool has a dual option to load data. Choose the Select Files option or Select Folders option to load DBX files. With the Select Folders option, a user can choose multiple DBX files. The batch processing of mailboxes will help in reducing the time & efforts of a non-technical user.

  • Export DBX to Exchange Server with Attachments:

Outlook Express to Exchange Migration software had an option to export emails along with all inserted attachments. It supports the conversion of all types of attachment files i.e., DOC, PDF, XPS, RTF, HTML files, Zip files, etc.

  • Migrate Data with Exchange Login Credentials:

The OE Classic to Exchange application performs a direct migration of Outlook Express to Exchange Server account with account login credentials. Choose the Exchange Server option from the list of saving options & then provide the details of your Exchange Server. Enter Exchange Server Username, Password, Port Number & Server path.

  • Supports both Exchange & Hosted Exchange Server:

The DBX to Exchange Server converter tool supports migrating data into both Exchange Server & Hosted Exchange Server account. Outlook Express emails, & other data can be easily imported without any problem. It has an automatic mapping option of folders with users.

  • Migrate Data to Exchange Admin Account:

A user can migrate Outlook Express data to an Exchange Server Administrator account. The software has a separate I am Admin option, that will facilitate the users to do so. Map users with mailbox folders manually directly through the application panel.

Reviews & Ratings:

Our applications are completely lab-tested before introducing into the market. A team of Industry experts checks its working & then review it accordingly:

I must admit that it is one of the best solution for the non-techie users like me. It completely simplifies the whole process of transferring DBX mailboxes to Exchange online account. Surely recommend it personally.
– Dominic Raab, France

The best thing about this utility is that you can check its working without paying a single penny. The tool provides a free trial version that will allow only first 25 emails. Thank you team RecoveryTools to provide this state-of-the-art solution.
– Marine Lepen, Frankfurt

FAQs on Outlook Express to Exchange Server Migration:

I have 10 GB of DBX files in my database. Can I convert it with the help of your software without any size limitation?

Yes, the software can convert unlimited DBX mailbox items to Exchange Server. There is no need for file size limitations imposed while using this tool.

Do I need to have an Outlook Express email client installed on my PC for the conversion?

No, it is a completely standalone application to migrate your data. This utility can perform its work without any Outlook Express email client.

Does this application preserve my on-disk System folder hierarchy of mailboxes?

Yes, the Outlook Express to Exchange online migration tool will preserve the on-disk system folder hierarchy of mailboxes. The emails from the Inbox of Outlook Express file will transfer into the same Inbox folder of the Exchange Server.

Does your company provide live chat support in case of any query?

Yes, we provide 24*7*365 live chat support. You can connect with us through Live Chat, .



In the above article, I have explained the complete process in a very easy & simple way. We take the help of a professional DBX Migrator tool. Free download & enjoy the trial of this tool.