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How to Migrate Mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird in Few Easy Steps ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On October 26th, 2022
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Are you looking for a solution to Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird? Then, this write-up will help you by providing the answer to your query.

Mac mail email client is the default application in the Mac Operating System. Even though Apple Mail offers good features, but still due to numerous reasons, several users often seek a solution to move or export mailboxes from Mac Mail to Thunderbird easily.

Need to Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Firstly, we should understand why the user is required to move to another account. The answer is at the present time, cybercrime activities are increasing, and attackers effortlessly hack anyone’s web email account and misuse it.

In Thunderbird users can easily archive their emails easily. Also, there are many add-ons available in Thunderbird which allow users to save attachments. These are some benefits due to which users search solutions for how to transfer email from mac mail to thunderbird.

Free Download Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Trial Version: Trial Version: The user can use its free DEMO edition to check the working & functionality of the Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migrator tool. Also, it allows you to will convert 25 items from every folder. Therefore, once you are satisfied then you can easily purchase the full version of the software for importing the bulk of email files into Thunderbird format.

Follow these 8 Simple Steps to Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird

  1. Run RecoveryTools Mac Mail Migrator on your Windows PC.
  2. Browse Mac mail files by clicking on the Select Files or Select Folders option.
    apple mail to gmail migration process begins
  3. Then, choose all required Mac Mail mailbox items which you want to export to Gmail account.choose required files
  4. Now choose the Thunderbird option from the given list of saving options.
    select thunderbird saving option
  5. Then, the user has to set up Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration options like changing destination path, etc.
    browse destination
  6. Hit on the Convert button then instantly start the process to import Mac Mail to Thunderbird.
    Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird process begins
  7. Finally, once the conversion process is finished, click on the OK button to confirm & exit.
    Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird process completed
  8. Run, Thunderbird to see the migrated data.
    run thunderbird

Alternative Solution to Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird Account

The RecoveryTools Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration software directly exports mailboxes from mac mail to Thunderbird in a few simple steps. The tool will enable users to bulk migrate unlimited files easily. The application maintains a complete data folder hierarchy while exporting mailboxes from Mac Mail to Thunderbird mailbox.

The software is especially launching to batch import Apple mail to Thunderbird mailbox effortlessly. It gives freedom to users for choosing saving paths on the software interface with ease. The Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration software allows users to perform trouble-free conversions. Henceforth, it makes it easy to move the mailbox from Mac Mail to Thunderbird in a proper manner.

Furthermore, Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migration utility supports all the latest Windows Operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. It is the best utility that provides 100% real 7 accurate results.

Manual Method to Transfer Mac Mail to Thunderbird

To transfer the *.mbox files for the Mac operating system using the manual method, follow the below-outlined steps:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird for MAC into your system. Tap the box that represents the three-line box on the right side of the screen
  • Navigate to Tools >> Import option from the menu that is displayed.
  • Select the Mail Option from Current Wizard. Hit on the Next button.
  • From the displayed screen, select Apple Mail. To continue, click Next.
  • You will find the Apple Mail Import name folder. The folder has completed the mail data.

What are the Negative Aspects of the Manual Approach?

The above-mentioned method has various limitations method a user always chooses the automated solution to export the mailbox from mac mail to Thunderbird. Some major demerits are described below:

  • It takes a huge time to Migrate Mac Mail to Thunderbird
  • This method is very complex for non-technical users
  • Any mishandling of any step leads to loss or corruption of data, and system damage.

Wrapping Up

At the present time, migration from one account to another is not a simple and easy task. During migrate mac mail to the thunderbird procedure, users have experienced numerous challenges. In the above section, we have discussed a manual process but it is very complex also time-consuming. To overcome these constraints, a user is suggested to use an alternate solution i.e. Mac Mail to Thunderbird Migrator. It is the one-stop solution that can easily import Mac Mail to Thunderbird in an efficient and reliable way. Henceforth, some advantages of the software are also covered in the above section.

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