How to Migrate Emails from IBM Verse to Office 365 Account ?

Karen Chard | July 17th, 2021 | How To

Summary: If you are finding for a solution to migrate from IBM Verse to Office 365 account ? Then, here we will describe the method to transfer IBM Verse emails directly to Microsoft 365 account. RecoveryTools software solution provides its users with the best methods to perform IBM Verse to Office 365 migration process with ease. So, if you want to know the process, read this article.

IBM Verse and Office 365 are both cloud-based email services that are accessed only by webmail. These two services store data on cloud storage and users can access these data through account credentials with an internet connection.

So, what is IBM Verse?

IBM Verse or HCL Verse is a cloud-based email and file sharing-based service support focused on corporate work environments. In short IBM Verse most valuable feature is the mail server. But security is very important to us, so this function needs improvement.

Office 365 is a huge service that has been around for 5 years. It is the most popular service in the market that provides access to all Microsoft productivity tools in one place. Microsoft has a large percentage of the corporate desktop OS market, which includes the default set of office productivity tools (Microsoft Office).

Differences Between IBM Verse and Office 365

  • HCL Verse / IBM Verse is a business-based hosted email server while Office 365 is a corporate and personal cloud-based storage.
  • IBM Verse is developed by International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) while Office 365 is launched by Microsoft.
  • HCL Verse / IBM Verse comes with lower-level security features than Office 365.
  • Both services are paid but Office 365 user cost is lower than IBM Verse. We need to pay $9.99 USD per Office 365 user, monthly.
  • The Office 365 solution is fairly intuitive and easy to use, but IBM Verse requires a professional user.

There are more possible reasons to import IBM Verse to Microsoft 365 Account:

  • Cost of per user mailbox.
  • Benefits and features of Office 365 suite.
  • Simple and easy to use place.
  • Productivity tools – (Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • Security Issues.
  • Service Request Time.

A Professional Solution – IBM Verse to Office 365 Migration

If you are ready to migrate from IBM Verse to Office 365 account. Then download the RecoveryTools IBM Verse Backup Tool. This application gives a professional environment to its users to migrate HCL Verse Emails to Microsoft 365 directly. The software is available for Windows and Mac machines. You can download the solution on the below buttons.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: This is not a free version. You need to pay for this. But you can test this application at free of cost. Just download and use it to migrate few emails from IBM Verse to Microsoft 365 account.

Steps to Migrate from IBM Verse to Office 365

  1. Install or run the utility on your PC.
  2. Enter your Office 365 account credentials.
  3. Select the required Office 365 email folders.
  4. Choose the Office 365 option in the list.
  5. Enter credentials and start migration process.

Complete Process with Screenshots – IBM Verse to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool

Follow the step-by-step process to migrate emails from HCL Verse to Office 365 account:

  • Download & install the utility on your computer. Launch it and read the instructions before proceeding.


  • Enter your IBM Verse account credentials in the user interface panel.

enter details to migrate ibm verse to office 365

  • Choose additional options for multiple user account migration.

multiple ibm verse account to office 365 migration

  • Choose the required IBM Verse mail folders from the given list.

folder selection

  • Pick the Office 365 option in the list of file saving options.

office 365 option

  • Select the filter options if you want to migrate selected emails from HCL Verse to Office 365 account.

filter options

  • Now, you need to provide your Office 365 account credentials in the interface.

provide details

  • Click on the next button to start IBM Verse to Office 365 Migration process.

start the process

  • When the process is ended, press the ok key and open Office 365 account.

verse to office 365 migration

Advantages of IBM Verse to Office 365 Migration Tool

The utility has provided a lot of features that all types of users require. Below, we have listed some of the top benefits of this application.

  • IBM Verse / HCL Verse to Office 365 Wizard gives the facility to export mailboxes from Verse to Microsoft 365 account separately.
  • The solution only required IBM Verse and Office 365 account credentials to transfer emails from Verse to Microsoft 365 account.
  • After entering your IBM Verse account credentials, the software starts analyzing process. And after complete the process, it gives the facility to choose required folders from the mailbox list.
  • If you have any issues while connecting with your IBM Verse account. And you want to connect through a Proxy Server. Then the tool provides a separate advance option.
  • One can use the “Batch Option” to migrate multiple IBM Verse / HCL Verse user mailboxes at once.
  • HCL Verse to Microsoft 365 Migration tool provides the “Advanced Settings” option. These options are useful to migrate selected emails from IBM Verse to Office 365 account.
  • This application provides another option to save resultant messages in the default folders of the Microsoft Office 365 account. Or create a common folder to save all messages.
  • After completed the IBM Verse to Office 365 migration process, the software generates the “SavingLog.txt” file. In this text file, the software gives all the details of the migration process.
  • You can install this application on your all-latest Microsoft products including Windows 11 and older versions.
  • The software is also available for Mac computers. You can install it on all MacOS X editions.

User Testimonials – (IBM Verse to Office 365 Wizard)

Really, I required this product to migrate my emails from IBM Verse to my personal Office 365 account. I have used this solution and now I can say that it is one of the secure utilities that migrate all the data from HCL Verse to Microsoft 365 platform. Thanks, guys for the best solution.

– Evelyn William – New York City

En realidad, estaba buscando una solución para importar buzones de correo de IBM Verse a Office 365, ya que es un servicio de correo electrónico de pago, mientras que no podía pagar el servicio de correo electrónico basado en suscripción, entonces mi amigo me recomendó este software. He usado este software y ahora puedo decir con orgullo que es un software muy bueno, muchachos.

– Airam Yerai – Spain

Final Words

There are many reasons why you need to migrate from IBM Verse to Office 365 account. If you need a solution that allows you to go directly from Verse to Office 365 account, then use RecoveryTools IBM Verse to Office 365 Migration Tool. This application is really the fastest solution that migrates multiple emails from HCL Verse to O365 account directly. The best thing about RecoveryTools is that you can contact the technical team at any time.