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How to Migrate GroupWise to Zimbra Desktop & Collaboration Server?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 8th, 2022
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Learn how to import GroupWise to Zimbra Collaboration Server. Zimbra is a very good email client that is used by companies all over the globe. The process to migrate GroupWise to Zimbra is very easy & simple.

GroupWise is a very popular email service that was used to manage emails, contacts, & calendars. It has served me for the last 5 years & its service is very rock-solid.

But, now my company has completely switched its email server to Zimbra. The process to import GroupWise to Zimbra client is not easy for us.

Our company system administrator was searching for the solution to migrate GroupWise emails to Zimbra client.

Our search finished on GroupWise to Zimbra Migration software. The application working is very easy & simple for non-techie users.

Quick Solution:

Migrate your GroupWise emails to Zimbra email client with this amazing solution. Try GroupWise Migration Tool, which had a separate Zimbra saving option. Also, the utility will create a TGZ file. Free download the software from the below button:


Quick Steps to Migrate GroupWise to Zimbra:

  • Launch GroupWise to Zimbra Converter & Enter Credentials.
  • Select GroupWise emails to export as Zimbra.
  • Select the Zimbra option from the saving options list.
  • Now, setup GroupWise to Zimbra conversion options.
  • Initialize the process & analyze it in your software.
  • Get the Zimbra TGZ file from the destination path.

Advanced Features of GroupWise to Zimbra Converter

GroupWise to Zimbra Migrator software offers a large number of advantages to its users. It is very easy to use & working is very simplified. Some of the features are:

  • Convert Unlimited Emails:

Convert unlimited GroupWise emails to Zimbra mail client without any problem. There is no file size limitation imposed during conversion. Also, the software is tested with 50GB+ files by industry experts.

  • Migrate Multiple GW Accounts:

GroupWise to Zimbra migration tool have an advanced option to batch export multiple GroupWise email accounts. Also, user can create a CSV file, in which list all GroupWise email username & password.

  • Convert Emails with Attachments:

The software supports the conversion of GroupWise emails along with all inserted attachments. Some emails in your GroupWise mailbox may contain attached files. Also, luckily this software supports conversion of all types of attachment files like PDF files, documents, Zips, etc.

  • Preserve on-disk Folder Hierarchy:

The software is well known for its support to preserve the on-disk system folder hierarchy of mailboxes. GroupWise emails from specific folder moved to the same folder in the Zimbra TGZ file. The integrity of emails also remains intact during the migration process.

  • Fully Independent Software:

It is a completely standalone application without requiring any third-party application installation requirement. Also, you can migrate GroupWise to Zimbra without requiring Zimbra configuration.

Understanding the Working of the Application:

Step-1 Install and Run the GroupWise to Zimbra Migration tool.

Step-2 Select theĀ Batch Mode option to migrate Multiple GroupWise to Zimbra email client.

Step-3 Click on the login button to start loading data.

Step-4 All the emails will started listing in its panel. Select all the required items to export GroupWise emails to Zimbra Desktop.

Step-5 Select the Zimbra data saving option from the list.

Step-6 Setup conversion options like change destination folder path, apply advanced filter settings, etc.

Step-7 Quickly start the process to convert GroupWise Emails to Zimbra. Analyze the process in its panel.

Step-8 Obtain output Zimbra TGZ files from the resultant folder path.

FAQs on GroupWise to Zimbra Migration Process:

Can I also migrate my data from GroupWise to Zimbra Mail Server?

Yes, the software enables the users to migrate data from the GroupWise email account to Zimbra Server. Also, It will create a user on the Zimbra server if the account was not there already existed.

What types of Items will this software supports for the conversion?

A user can convert GroupWise email messages, contacts, calendars, attachments, documents, folders, etc. to Zimbra clients.

How can I troubleshoot any error that occurs during the migration?

The tool will generate a SavingLog report. Read & analyze it to troubleshoot the error.

Does this software support the Novell GroupWise library?

Yes, the GroupWise to Zimbra migration software has an inbuilt function to support all GroupWise library elements. The only necessary condition is that you must log in with an admin account.


A quick tutorial to migrate GroupWise to Zimbra email client. Choose items & migrate only selective GroupWise data by applying filters.

Also, the software comes up with a trial limitation to convert only the first 25 emails. In case of converting all your items, purchase its license edition.

The licensed edition of the Novell GroupWise to Zimbra Migration tool has no file size limitation. Convert unlimited items from your GroupWise account to Zimbra mail client with this software.

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