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How to Migrate Gmail to IMAP? Easy Tutorial

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Rollins Duke
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Published On December 19th, 2023
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Summary: Do you want to migrate Gmail to IMAP? Read this article as it drives you to the most effective method to easily move emails from Gmail to any IMAP account you want. Start the article and follow the steps given here for Gmail to IMAP migration.

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If you are willing to move email from Gmail to IMAP, then definitely you might be having an IMAP server email client. It is a common task for professionals who use multiple email clients. Because of the file compatibility it becomes tough to migrate Gmail to IMAP.

You can do Gmail to IMAP migration by yourself without taking anyone’s help. In this article we have explained the best approach using which you can Gmail connect to IMAP account and also migrate contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and other information from Gmail to your IMAP account. Just follow the steps to get started.

How to Migrate Gmail to IMAP Manually?

There is no such manual solution for Gmail to IMAP migration. Hence people take help of special tools that are built for this purpose. One of the most famous tools to transfer emails from Gmail to IMAP accounts is RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Tool. Using this anyone can directly move multiple Gmail emails to IMAP accounts instantly. Here is how the tool works:

Steps to Migrate Gmail to IMAP with Tool?

  1. First, you need to download the tool. You can get it by clicking on the given above. Migrate Gmail to IMAP
  2. Once the software is installed on your computer, type in your Gmail email and App password to Gmail connect to IMAP account. Enter Gmail login details
  3. Now, look at all the folders in your email and choose the ones you want to move to another place. select required folders
  4. From the Saving options on the computer screen, pick “IMAP” Option to migrate Gmail to IMAP. choose IMAP
  5. After choosing IMAP in saving option, you will have to enter the IMAP login details such as email, password, IMAP host and Port number. Enter IMAP login details
  6. After putting all the required details, Click on the “Backup” button, and you’re all done! The computer will start moving your email to your IMAP account.  click Backup
  7. When it’s finished, you’ll see a pop-up message that Gmail to IMAP migration is done. click ok

Why Choose the Tool to Migrate Gmail to IMAP?

The above Gmail to IMAP Migration Tool is a quick and secure application for connecting Gmail account with IMAP account and migrating all it’s data. It helps you transfer your emails from Gmail to an IMAP’s account without any complex external software installation. You have an option of modifying the migration process whereby you set up preferences, specific dates and times, Gmail connect to IMAP account or use other advanced settings in line with your needs. This tool converts your email messages to IMAP so that you can easily migrate Gmail to IMAP in real time. Now download the reliable, quick, and secure IMAP backup for Gmail that meets the current demands.

Feature-Rich Application for Maximum Benefits:

  • It is an affordable application that suits many different migration cases especially when one desires to transfer Gmail information to IMAP.
  • The interface of this software is user friendly therefore, installation of additionally for the conversion process is not required.
  • It’s the best tool for moving your Gmail to IMAP in bulk.
  • Using this users easily multiple Gmail connect to IMAP account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Is there any prior step to migrate Gmail to IMAP account?

A1: The Gmail to IMAP migration is done with no special requirements and without having to install anything. Therefore, Without using any additional installments, you will easily turn Gmail mailboxes into IMAP mail.

Q2: Can I migrate emails to IMAP from Multiple Gmail accounts?

A2: Yes, the tool facilitates migrating emails to IMAP from Multiple Gmail accounts. In order to accomplish this, activate the “enable advanced mode”. you will need to create a CSV file which includes credentials of all Gmail accounts. This way, upload your CSV file here and let the tool handle everything else.

Migrate Gmail to IMAP for Free with this Tool

For a demo, simply download and run the software on any Windows PC. This is a two-phase demo that allows you to convert the first 25 data items from your Gmail accounts to IMAP. You can then go ahead and upgrade to buy the full version which possesses limitless mailboxes to IMAP migration capacity if convinced by it.


In this article we provided you the best way to migrate Gmail to IMAP. If you were tired of trying several methods and still could not move your emails from Gmail to IMAP account then the article definitely might have helped you. Make sure you follow the instructions wisely. However the tool we explained in this post does require you to make any effort, even a beginner can easily do it. This is the best software for Gmail to IMAP migration by professionals around the world. Also you can test the tool by using its trial version, once you are satisfied you can purchase the full version of the tool.