How to Import Emails from Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird ?

Karen Chard | November 26th, 2020 | How To

Are you one of them who want to know the way to import Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird with all mailboxes items ? Or looking for a solution to export emails/contacts from Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird client ? If yes, then read this article to know the complete process.

In this technological world, no one provides a complete platform for using technology. There is something missing in every platform whether is hardware or software. Almost every user wants to transfer emails from one platform to another.

Windows 10 Mail is an email client application provided by Microsoft with every Windows 10 edition. Or you can easily download the Windows 10 Mail app from Windows Store. Besides, Thunderbird is also an email client developed by Mozilla Corporation.

In this RecoveryTools Blog, we are going to explain the process to import Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird. There are many users who want to export Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird for personal or professional reasons. So, let’s know the complete process.

#1 Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird Conversion Utility

To migrate emails from Windows 10 Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird is not any easier task. Because Windows 10 Mail stores its mailbox data in *.vol formats. And Thunderbird supports MBOX format. Therefore, it is not possible to manually transfer emails between both email clients.

RecoveryTools Windows 10 Mail Migrator Tool provides a direct way to transfer emails from Mail App to Thunderbird. Using this application, one can easily transfer multiple mailboxes from the Mail App to Thunderbird. The software provides a simple and easy to use interface for all types of users. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use this application without any guidance.

How to import Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird ?

  1. First Download the software with the given button.

Read Before Download: – It is a demo edition of this utility that allows you to import 25 emails from Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird. For unlimited migration, you need to purchase the licensed edition of this utility.

  1. After that, launch the software on your Windows machine.

  1. Choose your Windows 10 Mail profiles with dual selection modes.

  1. Select Windows 10 Mail email folders, contacts, calendars from the list.

  1. Choose the Thunderbird file saving option from the list.

  1. You can also select the advanced filter for the selective migration process.

  1. The software automatically locates Thunderbird’s location without any issues.

  1. Click on the Next to import Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird.

  1. The process is completed successfully.

Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird Utility – Features Explained

  • Auto-Search Profile Option: – You can select the Auto-Locate option to automatically load the Windows 10 Mail profile in the user interface panel.
  • Dual Manual Options: – The software also provides dual selection options to manually select Mail App Profiles i.e. select files or select folders.
  • Keep Email Properties: – During the process the software keeps all email properties such as emails, attachments, email addresses, subject, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Advanced Filter Options: – To migrate only required emails from Windows 10 Mail, you can select Advanced Filters options for selective migration.
  • Maintain Folder Structure: – While the Importing process, the software keeps the Mail App folder hierarchy structure.
  • Simple and Consistent Interface: – The software provides easy to use interface for all types of users can use this application.
  • Standalone Interface: – One can easily import emails without any supportable application and plugins.
  • Windows Supportable App: – This utility supports all Windows editions like Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

Common FAQs

Can I install this application on Windows Server 2016 machine ?

Yes, the software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows Server without any issues.

Can I use this application on Windows 8.1 to transfer 8.1 Mail app data ?

Currently, the software supports to import Windows 10 Mail app data. For more information please contact with the technical support team.

Does the software directly transfer Windows 10 Mail app emails to Thunderbird ?

Yes, the software allows you to directly move Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird.

Can I import selected emails while Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird Migration process ?

Yes, the software provides several filter options to migrate selective emails only.

Does this application require any special hardware ?

No, the software works with very low hardware requirements.


In the above article, we have explained the process to import Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird. You can use this application to export or import Emails, Contacts, Calendars from Windows 10 Mail to multiple platforms. Also, you can try this application to import 25 emails from Windows 10 Mail to Thunderbird. For any issues, you can also contact the support team and write us with an official email address.