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How to Import OLM to iCloud using IMAP Server ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 23-12-2021 ~ Outlook ~ 6 Minutes Reading

In this article, we get to be aware of how could a client move OLM file to iCloud to transfer emails & calendar entries stored in it. There is an enormous number of clients who need to import OLM to iCloud. If you are also looking for a toolkit to migrate Outlook for Mac to iCloud or iPhone devices then you have landed at the right platform.

First, we need to see how to trade OLM documents to the iPhone with the assistance of an expert tool stash utilizing IMAP protocols. Outlook for Mac will not permit the clients to directly move mailboxes to iPhone devices hence it has become important for non-technical users to read this article.

Free Download OLM to iCloud Migration Tool:

The above OLM to iCloud Migration software will enable the users to export Mac OLM to iPhone devices. This application is accessible among clients free of charge to download. During the demo form, it will empower the clients to send out first messages from every envelope of Mac Outlook OLM file to iCloud devices.

It is one of the easiest solutions available in the present time as its working is very easy & simplified. There are millions of users who want to import their mailboxes from Mac OLM files to iCloud devices. They consistently got some information about it on different discussions and stages as some of them are recorded beneath:

I have a complete list of over 5000 emails that I had got from various departments. I do not need to supervise them all but have to maintain all of these things. It was wondering how to move from Mac OLM file to iCloud device but does not find any powerful medium to do so. It would be a great help with my business if I learn how to export OLM to iPhone. Can anybody help me to deal with this?

  • Dorje Ling Hoe, Laos

I had decided to change Mac Outlook platform with iCloud devices but the biggest problem which I am facing is now that how to migrate OLM Contacts to iPhone devices. The OLM files are not supported into iPhone to share emails & contacts. Kindly provide me a useful toolkit to export Mac Outlook OLM to iCloud devices in more simpler steps:

  • Helena Mackenzie, Madrid

A Simple Way – Import OLM to iCloud

From above, we can without much of a stretch presume that there are a huge number of clients who need to trade their mailboxes from Mac OLM file to iCloud devices. As we all know that there is no direct approach to do so & hence, we will take the help of a third-party application. One such powerful application is now available for the users for free to download i.e. OLM Migrator, as it will enable the users to export Mac OLM emails to iCloud devices using the IMAP option. IMAP option will only require iCloud login details i.e. iCloud Username, Password, IMAP Host & Port Number. The working of this utility is very easy & simplified as any non-technical user can better understand it in the next section.

How to Migrate OLM to iPhone or iCloud ?

This video tutorial will tell you all the required steps needed among the users to perform the migration of OLM emails to iCloud devices. The step-by-step procedure can also be easily understood just by following these simple steps:

  1. Install & run OLM to iCloud migration tool & read all important instructions.olm to icloud
  2. Click on the Select Files or Select Folders option from the source file path.import olm to icloud
  3. The software will list all OLM mailbox folders & items check all required mailbox items from here.olm file to icloud
  4. Select IMAP to option the list of 30+ Select Saving format list displayed in its panel.olm to iphone
  5. The software will ask the users to set up all the required options in its panel.olm file to iphone
  6. Enter details of iCloud id i.e. Email Address, Password, IMAP Host as well Port Number.
  7. Press on the Next button to start the process & analyze it directly in its panel.
  8. After the change process is done effectively tap on the OK button to affirm and exit from here.
  9. Check your iCloud Mail mailbox folder to see the resultant items in it.

As from above, we can easily conclude that it has become a very easy process for the users to export their mailbox items from OLM to iCloud devices. We use the IMAP protocols to deal with the whole issue as iCloud does not directly support importing OLM files into it. This process can prove to be a perfect choice for thousands of users who want to migrate their mailboxes from Outlook for Mac 2016, 2011 to iCloud or iPhone devices.

Some Highlighted Features of OLM to iCloud Migration Tool:

Some of the major features of this utility are listed below:

  • The product will enable the users to export multiple OLM files to the iPhone in bulk or Groupwise.
  • The toolkit will ask the users to load the OLM files from the source location via dual ways i.e. Select Folders or Select Files
  • The overall working interface of OLM to iCloud Converter software is very easy & rearranged as any non-specialized client can likewise utilize this software without providing problems to its users.
  • It will enable the users to export OLM files to all iPhone devices i.e. iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, as well iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 5S, 5, 5C, 4, 4S, 3G, etc. phones.
  • The OLM to the iCloud backup toolkit is a completely standalone application without requiring Outlook 2016 for Mac installed on your PC.
  • The software will only require iCloud login details like Email Username, Password, IMAP Host & IMAP Port number to migrate data directly from OLM files into iCloud devices.
  • This program will enable the users to export the OLM mailboxes to iCloud drive in a selective way. There is no need of having progressed specialized information for the working of this utility.
  • The toolkit is capable to convert all elements of OLM files. Emails, Inbox, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, etc.
  • The software supports exporting OLM files created with all Outlook editions i.e. Outlook 2019 for Mac, Outlook 2016 for Mac as well Outlook 2013 for Mac.
  • The utility is compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 11 OS editions.

The Verge

OLM to iCloud migration has been a very trending query among the users to quickly move emails from Mac Outlook OLM file to iCloud account. The software comes up as a free trial version which enables the users to export the first 25 items from each folder completely free of cost. Also, its working is very easy & simplified as explained above in quick steps. You can also contact us via email or live chat, if you have any issues while the process.