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How to Import Google Takeout Data to iCloud ?

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Published On June 9th, 2022
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Overview: Are you in search of a solution to upload Google Takeout to iCloud account ? Well, today we have explained the way to import Google Takeout emails to iCloud account. In this article, we learn how to transfer Google Takeout emails to iCloud account instantly. Here, you are going to learn a professional solution to import Google Takeout files to iCloud.

This approach is perfectly suited for end-users who want to upload Google Takeout data to iPhone using iCloud account in an ambiguous manner. We suggest purchasing an effective solution to move Google Takeout to iCloud account. This will make your migration process convenient and useful while attempting the task.

There are many users who are searching for a solution to upload Google Takeout data to another account. Therefore, users want a single platform that provides multiple options to restore Google Takeout data. Apart from this, you will be able to solve the following queries with the help of our suggested solution: –

Hi!!!, My mailbox is filled with 2.5GB of email and the Google mail account is almost full. Therefore, I used the Google Takeout service to download email data from Google mail account. After a few months, I purchased an iCloud subscription. Therefore, I want to upload Google Takeout to iCloud account. Does anyone know how to import Google Takeout to iCloud account ?

Direct Solution: Google Takeout to iCloud Import Tool

RecoveryTools Google Takeout Converter is one of the best applications for transferring Google archive data to iCloud accounts. The software is tested by many professional experts from different corners of the world. So, let’s learn how to import Google Takeout into iCloud using this recommended solution. You can easily use this application on your Windows and Mac computer.

Download the Product with the underneath buttons:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: – The preliminary release of this utility permits you to transfer just 25 messages from every folder to iCloud accounts. On the off chance that you need to move your all Google takeout data to iCloud, at that point buy an authorized version of this utility.

How to Upload Google Takeout to iCloud ?

Follow the below steps to import Google Takeout data to iPhone: –

  1. Run Google Takeout Converter on Windows.
  2. Select Google Takeout files with dual selection options.
  3. Choose required email folders from the list in user panel.
  4. Select IMAP option and fill iCloud details in the interface.
  5. Click on the next to upload Google Takeout to iCloud.

Foolproof Solution to Import Google Takeout to iCloud Account

Follow the given step-by-step procedure to move Google takeout data to iCloud. On the whole,

From that point onward, launch the product on your Windows Computer.

After that, pick the Google Takeout files with double determination choices in the UI.

Thereafter, select the necessary email folders which you need to upload from Google Takeout to iCloud.

From there on, pick the IMAP option in the file saving options to upload Google takeout to iCloud.

iCloud Mail IMAP Settings:

Server Name: imap.mail.me.com

SSL Required: Yes

Port: 993

Username: Enter your Full iCloud Email Address

Password: Enter your App-specific iCloud Mail Password

After that, enter the IMAP details of iCloud account with your email address and email password in the tool UI.

From that point, click on the next button to upload Google Takeout data to iCloud.

Advantages of Google Takeout to iCloud Utility

  • Double Selection Options for Batch Process:

The product accompanies double selection options to choose different Google Takeout files without a moment’s delay. Presently, you can select different Google accounts Takeout files with the help of double selection options.

  • Maintain Email Folder Hierarchy Structure:

While Google Takeout to iCloud process, the product keeps up the email folder hierarchy command structure. The product holds the inner folder & labels structure with messages components during the procedure.

  • Simple to Use and Consistent Interface:

The product accompanies by a basic and simple interface to utilize without any issues. Both specialized and non-specialized clients can comprehend the procedure without direction.

  • 100% Safe User Interface Panel:

The product gives a totally secure interface. It never stores client accreditations in the product database and its interface caches. It will offer a completely secure platform tested by many professional users.

  • Direct Way to Upload Google Takeout to iCloud:

The product gives an immediate Way to upload Google Takeout data to iCloud account. A client needs to put all iCloud account credentials in the UI for the immediate relocation process.

  • Import Old | New Google Takeout Files to iCloud:

The product gives alternatives to upload Google Takeout files to iCloud accounts. Also, the product gives double choice alternatives which permit you to pick old and new Google Takeout files with no issues.

  • Gives Multiple Saving Options:

The product additionally offers various sparing choices to move Google Takeout files. Presently, you can upload Google Takeout information to Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook.com, Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, and so on.

  • Supports All Microsoft Windows:

The product supports all versions of Microsoft Windows releases, for example, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2019, Server 2016, Server 2012, and so on.

General Asked Queries

Can I move Google Takeout emails to iCloud using this application ?

Yes, you can import Google Takeout emails to iCloud using this application without any issues.

Can I install this application on the Mac Machine ?

Yes, you need to download the Mac edition of this application followed by this link: – MBOX Migrator for Mac

Does the software allow me to upload only selected emails from Google Takeout to iCloud ?

Yes, you can select only the required email folders which you want to upload in iCloud account.


The challenges that users face when they upload Google Takeout to iCloud is overcome by the recommended solution. Google Takeout to iCloud Export tool is a Foolproof and independent approach to uploading Google Takeout files to iCloud accounts. In the above article, we have explained the workable method for importing Google Takeout files to iCloud accounts. Now you can try the approach on your own for free by using the software’s trial edition. If you have any further queries, then contact us on live support chat.